Yoga PickUp Lines

Yoga is one of those things that are craze right now.
With all those crazy poses, people are totally loving it.
There is something about yoga that makes people feel more at peace and feel more comfortable with their inner self.
With that said, there are still so many ways in which someone can actually pickup girls and some of them would be with yoga related ones.
If you plan to take those girls now with great pickup, here are some yoga pickup lines that you might want to try out.

You say you have a lot of yoga poses, well, girl, I can take you on any pose you want.

You must be a teacher of pranayama because my breath is being taken away when I saw you.

Are you trying out that Ananda Balasana or are you just jumping with joy as you see me?


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There is a universal flow within me, can you feel it flowing inside you?

The first moment I saw your pants, I knew I have to get it off you and see what’s inside.

We can practice every pose that you want and I can show you a good time in each.

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Hey girl, wanna take yoga classes together with me, I bet I can make you stretch real hard.

Go ahead and do your practice, I will full wheel with you every second, don’t mind it.

Every single muscle in that body of yours is truly spectacular to see.

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You must be Sirsasana because you are turning my world inside out.

I know a good way to make planking more enjoyable, want to see it for yourself?

I can see how flexible you are, I bet you’d be really good in bed as well.

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The way you are doing yoga right now, I bet you are really flexible in bed, let me see that.

I have tons of poses we can try and I promise you’d be sweaty in each one of them.

You are going to get some good stretching tonight so be ready to tackle that.


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I improve when I am bare, can you feel me inside you right now?

You really like that pants since you wear it all day, I’d give anything to take it off from you.

They say that yoga can relax people, how about trying to relax this monster in my pants?

If yoga can bring me peace, well, I’d want to get a piece of you now, baby.

Oh, you seem to have a lot of energy, let’s put that to good use now, babe.

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We can both be doing pigeons or we can try planking, I’ll come either way.

I will try my best to go across that bridge of yours, just wait for me on the other side.

Any day you are free, you can put that chakrasana here inside me.

You can Chataranga me any day you want, just let me know!

Funny PickUp Lines

Those yoga poses are really hot, woman, they are definitely making you look sexy.

I used to be a gymnast so if you want to do some great stretching, I can help out.

It feels hot inside the Bikram studio, damn, it might be you since you’re so sexy.

Do you have a mat inside your pants or are you really glad that I’m here?

I would down dog with you anytime you are up for it, babe!


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I am willing to do all those great poses with you, anytime!

Yoga is one of those things I would definitely like to try in bet, want to join me?

I have a secret pose called Cobra but I am not the only one rising, my thing is too!

My member wants to go inside your cave, maybe you can teach it some great poses?

We can stay in bed all day, practicing the dog and see how far we can go.

You must be a yoga teacher, because you are definitely taking my breath away.

Should I stay here or can you go home with me, I’ll show you what real peace is.

You think this camel is amazing? Just wait until I show you my snake, girl.

We have synchronized breathing pattern today, I can’t help but actually notice that.

You have those hot pants on right now, what should I do to get you out?

You can do yoga and be happy or you can just see me and feel all the same.

They say you have energy within when you do yoga, I bet you can make mine flow to you.

We can try out that downward doggy pose tonight, you want to take a bet?

Together, you and I, we can balance each other’s inner chakra, you want to try?

I hope you can feel that chakra I am letting flow into you right now, babe.

Now that I am bare, I do hope you can feel me inside of you.

We are not even doing hot poses but I can still make you sweat.

You bought your yoga pants at 30% off? Well, I can make that a 100% off on my bed tonight.

I do not see the point of inner peace if you are not here with me.

You breathe out and I’ll put my digits in you, then you can breathe in too!

Should I help you in extending your stretches tonight, I’ll show you some good time.

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Your flexibility would look really good spread on my desk tonight.

I bet you like yoga. Well, I hope you know I can do any position with you all night long.

Those hot pants of yours makes me want to eat you out, can I have a taste?

You can do some planking on my desk tonight and then I will take you on to a ride.

You are in the state of actually becoming but then again I am coming as well!

Be ready, I’ll be pushing all my inner chakra as I thrust in you one last time.

I bet you would like me, babe since I am very good at yoga, I can show you flexibility.

It’s coming, I can feel my chakra wants to flow inside of you.

We can put good use to your hands, make it feel the center of my body right now.

You are flexible and yet you are strong, I can’t believe my eyes.

You are doing these amazing poses that I can’t imagine how good you’ll be in bed.

We can try every yoga pose that you know, see if one of it suits us most.

Yoga makes me feel relaxed but I want to be a bit adventurous with you tonight.

You do look amazing on that mat but I bet you’d look better without those pants on my bed.

You can tell your mantra to me and I will show you inner peace, darling.

You have a good posture to you, maybe you can show me your flow too!

A good ass is what I can see when I stare into your hot pants, wow!

You’d make your teacher real proud, I’ll attest to how flexible you are in bed.

Go ahead and do your yoga practice, I am coming soon, baby.

Can I be in the advanced class today? I can go really hard if you want to.

Do you come here that often because I can make use of you in some good way.

I can’t touch even the tip of my toes, so can you handle the flexibility part?

I am going to increase my core strength, exercising with you today.

You have this sexy moan that I can hear when you are stretching, can I hear more?

All that yoga you do is hot, girl, I love watching every moment.

I will meditate on naked thoughts of you, do the same for me.

We can start by stretching you from the inside, want to try it out?

You are in my class now, I will show you what stretching is all about.

You should take those pants off you, I don’t like their look, you’d do better bare.

You must do yoga because you are turning my world in reverse since day one.

I’ll do some meditation tonight but I would rather do you.

Do you work out, those core muscles must be real tight, babe.

If you want Mr. Right, forget it, I have great strength in my cores, I can show you!

They plank in yoga, want to see me do that with both legs lifted?

I’d love to learn some yoga, can you teach me in private sometime soon?

After deep breathing, should I make you come panting?

You have all these weird breathing techniques but they all sound like moans to me.

Want to work out with me, I swear I can make you feel pleasure, girl.

My warrior is really good, should you try seeing it for yourself right now?

We can try the lotus position tonight, maybe I’d be able to pollinate inside you.

I can think of something that will make you sweat more than yoga, wanna see?

You’re doing poses tonight? Well, let me help stretch you out first.

We should get naked then get in touch with our inner spirits tonight.

Those are some really great poses, we should try them all on my bed.

Your presence makes me feel like I am hot and aware.

You would get a salutation in my pants every morning.

Those yoga seems like a good cushion as I am pumping into you later, girl.

They say you can be really flexible when you want, can you show me how much?

Your ass is looking great in those pants, I want to take a pinch of them.

That yoga mat should go and so should your pants because I am coming.

I hope you are into yoga, because I’m gonna stretch you real good tonight!

I have considerably improved my yoga, want to take a look in my room?

I love your yoga pants but I bet they’d be more lovely off you.

We should go through all the yoga poses tonight, I’ll make you come in each one.

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