Wrestling PickUp Lines

You might start to think that you are Dwayne Johnson or Andrew Clark.
With these huge muscles, you are sure to think that all the girls might start falling for you.
It might be effective to some girls, but in other cases they won’t even bat an eyelid for you.
They are likely to fall for someone with a muscle brain or someone who can hurt their stomach for too much laughing at the punch lines and the jokes.
To spice up any conversation, you should try these pick-up lines so that you would not wrestle your way out of the ring without any lovely companion for tonight.

I might look like ‘The Rock’ but I am the sweetest person with the biggest heart just for you.

I will try wrestling my way out of this situation and make you fall in love with me once again.

I will make the best of this life and I won’t ever battle myself for staring at your pretty eyes.


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Our love might be more interesting than any wrestling match or mixed martial arts battle.

Let me love you like the way I want to fight all the vicious monsters and the mischief deeds.

I am John Cena and you might never see me falling in love with you for the rest of our lives.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Falling in love with you is like joining the wrestling match and never finding out if I won it.

I should remember that my fight of the century is just defending myself from confessing to you.

You must know that I will do anything for you and I will fight the things that go on your way.

Let me fall in love with you like the way that Andrew Clark starts to fall for Allison Reynolds.

Airport PickUp Lines

I am willing to join any wrestling match with my heart and become honest with my feelings.

I want to be remembered as the single soul who started the fight for the beautiful girl like you.

I want to attend this wrestling match, so I can get some moves to protect your gorgeous smile.

Your smile is so goddamn precious and so innocent that I am willing to protect it at all costs.

Angel PickUp Lines

I want to win this fight, so just stay behind me and I will protect your beautiful heart tonight.

Remember that I am the Andrew Clark in your life and I will never forget you forevermore.

I want to join any wrestling match with my reluctances and I will fight those urges for you.


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I will never forget to know you more with this fight and the fire that I started inside my heart.

This is a fascinating wrestling battle whether I want to be a man or a naughty boy for tonight.

Let us give each other the urge to fight our feelings and instead go for it all through the night.

Lacrosse PickUp Lines

This is the wrestling meet where we can fight for our love and win each other as our trophies.

Just remember that I will never forget the way that I want to fight our love with all my might.

We should dance together through the night without resisting any of our wishes and dreams.

I will be your Andrew Clark who will defend my love for you and never ignore you in this life.

French PickUp Lines

Let’s never ignore our wishes and keep falling in love with me for the rest of your happy life.

This is a wrestling match for me between just dancing with you or confessing my love for you.

I will never resist any urges for you and I will keep dancing with you for the rest of our lives.

I will fight with all my might for you and I will promise to protect your beautiful heart forever.


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This is a wrestling meet where I must decide if I should confess my love for you tonight or not.

Let me dance with you and sing the wonderful song of never giving up the fight on us tonight.

This is the best fight of the century which is never giving up believing in this beautiful love.

This is the best wrestling match, but I would just let myself fall in love more with you tonight.

I want to attend this wrestling meet tonight and I want to win our love in your beautiful heart.

My love for you is much bigger than Andre the Giant who is the famous wrestler in the 1980s.

I want to confess that my love is the wonderful things that I won’t ever resist in my whole life.

This is an interesting wrestling meet where we can fight for anybody who goes on our way.

I am torn between confessing my love or letting go because I can’t resist these urges anymore.

This is a good wrestling match for folks like us who wanted to move our love to the next level.

It is wonderful how we can dance all the night without fighting our urge to love one another.

Let’s start a competition and call it as ‘who will be the one to fall in love first?’ for tonight.

I am deeply amazed at your talent and beauty to make me fall in love with you in an instant.

I can start a wrestling match for my brain just to stop my heart from beating so much for you.

I wonder how I can ever stop myself from smiling so much like the constant battle in my life.

We should never avoid the urge to make us fall in love with each other all over again tonight.

Just let me fly across the night and start the fight of the century to win your beautiful heart.

This is an interesting wrestling meet where I can never know if I can confess my love for you.

We should never forget to just join the constant battle in our minds and our hearts tonight.

This is the wrestling meet where we can start the fight of our love and let our hearts win it.

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We should go dancing with the stars and let them join our battles to win our desires in life.

This is a wrestling match where we can win the fight by letting our hearts fulfill our wishes.

It is so amazing that we can join the competition and win the most significant part of our lives.

I am better than John Bender now when I say that I want to join and win any wrestling match.

I love how we can become Andrew Clarks or John Cenas in this world full of John Benders.

This wrestling meet of winning your heart is the fight of the century and I won’t miss it now.

Let me be the Andre the Giant who will conquer the ring and fight anything just for your love.

I will be your wrestler who will fight everybody who will try to ruin your hopes and dreams.

This wrestling match of getting your gorgeous smile is the thing that I cannot afford to miss.

You might never know but this is a constant battle of stopping myself from kissing you tonight.

Let me be the one to break the ice and take you to the beautiful paradise in the city of lights.

Let me engage in this wrestling match and do all means to win your beautiful heart for you.

Let me love the way that you smile tonight and fight the urge to kiss it with all of my heart.

We should dance together without any hesitations and any impulses all throughout the night.

I want to dance with you all through the night and fight all the urges that can hinder our love.

We should join the wrestling match where we can win our love with our dance of the waltz.

I know that this is the most interesting wrestling meet because I have fallen in love with you.

Let me the Andre the Giant in your life who will protect your beautiful heart in any situations.

I felt like a winner in a wrestling competition because your heart is worthier than anything.

This is the fight where I loved being the loser because it is amazing to fall in love with you.

I want to win your heart just like being David engaging in a wrestling match with Goliath.

I may look like Dwayne Johnson and scary for you, but I am the gentlest man in this world.

Since the night that we met, we are in the constant battle between friendship and romance.

This is the best wrestling meet if we manage to fight for our love and win greater happiness.

Let us fly across the world and engage in the constant battle of these hesitations and urges.

We are the champions who have won ourselves in a competition of love and friendship.

We might engage in this argument battle, but I’ll let you win for that’s how much I love you.

I would like to be the Andre the Giant in your life because I want to be the gentlest for you.

I would even join any wrestling match as long as you start giving your gorgeous smiles to me.

Let me engage to any match where I can learn the moves that I will use to protect you forever.

Are you a member of the MMA team because I have fallen for you for knocking my heart out?

You would never notice but my heart seems like it joined wrestling match ever since I met you.

I want to be John Cena now although I wish that you could see the way I loved you ever since.

I always hope that you could be the one who will keep fighting for our love against all odds.

I wish that my heart will be a good wrestler, so it won’t be tired of beating so much for you.

This love is like a constant battle of protecting our hearts and listening to our deepest desires.

This is a fascinating wrestling meet where we can show our feelings for each other tonight.

I am your Andre the Giant who would love you with all of my heart.

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