70 Worst Pick Up Lines of All Time With Funniest Pictures

There are just some pickup lines that are too terrible to use and that is just for your own good.
Here are some of the worst pickup lines you can ever use.
This is a reminder of what not to use when you are trying to flirt with someone or get hooked up with somebody.
Take note of these so that your date would not be disappointed in you.

You truly do look like someone from heaven, except it seems you fell down and hit the pavement. Am I right on point?

You know what? You are so beautiful, you are almost like my sister, and that’s illegal, girl.


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You look so much like my sister, so how do I take you out to dinner, then? That’s so bad.

Your eyes are like mud, they are so brown and dirty but I can’t help staring at them, really.

You certainly have a beautiful head, I bet it fit right into my collection in the freezer, baby.

I bet you have never seen a 2-incher in your entire life, so do you want to see it tonight?

So tell me, just how much a 20 dollar bill will get me with you, or maybe just show it to me?

60 Best Pickup Lines

What can I ever say to you but that I am a great driver and I will drive you crazy like no one.

I think I might have lost my virginity, so can I possibly have yours? Or is that too rude to ask?


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Do you want to take a ride in my truck? We can test ride it first or you can try me before that.

Well, I am a man and you are most certainly a woman so you might as well do the math now.

Good Pick Up Lines

For a fat chick, I am trying to say that you really do not sweat too much it is just amazing.

You really do have a pair of very nice legs, so tell me the truth: what time do they open?

There are so many different ways to reproduce among mammals, how about we try it out?

I certainly did not expect any inquisitions today but here you are right now, in my pants.


I think that heaven must be missing an angel because you look like one, shame that you certainly do not act like one though.

The word for this day should be legs. Now let us move to your house to spread it on your bed.


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The shirt you are wearing looks very ugly, I think you should most likely take it off right now.

This rag that I am holding really smells like chloroform, would you smell it for me to confirm just that?

Baby let me show you that burger king is not the only one that has a king sized offerings.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

You must be from Netherlands because you are certainly a dyke, at least I think that way.

I think that you really have some nice shoes and that we should get together tonight.

I personally think that you are pretty and that the shirt you are wearing would look really great on the floor of my bedroom tonight.

So, I may not be Fred Flintstone but I can assure you that I will make your bed and life rock.

PickUp Lines

If I swear I will not videotape you while you are sleeping and sell it, would you let me watch?

I will tape you but for my own use, I will really not market it in the net, so can I really now?

I am going to do it with you tonight so is it possible that you would be there to watch it?

I kind of made a bet with my friends that there will be some live action tonight, so how would you like to spend their money together?

I am really clingy with my friends but I certainly want to cling on you so bad at this moment.

Girl, you have a body greater than my great great great grandmother and you know it, girl.

Do you have a pen on you right now? Why? Nothing, really I just want to get laid tonight.

You should most definitely get out of your life and get into this bed of mine, baby.

I never knew you like it so rough, if I had known, I would have shown you my room of chains.

I need a spouse so I can go for a green card but the immigration wants some proof that I really got to the honeymoon phase, so can we?

Oh no, I think I might have creamed inside of my pants again, this is happening more often.

I have this rare disease and it will kill me unless I get laid in the next hour, so can we do it?

You want to know what you really look like right now? A swan with skinny legs, that is it girl.

I am a member of the secret service and I was tasked to do a full body search on you, ma’am.

Oh no! I am so sorry I thought this was the men’s side. But hey, we are still alone here…

You know what? If I had a dollar for each time I tried to pick up someone, I would be poor.

Girl, you are smoking hot, you are even hotter than my daughter and she is already hot too.

Did you know that I have a magical watch? Yes! And it told me that you do not know who I am at all, could it possibly be right?

You have so many bones in your body but if you want one more, I can definitely give it to you.

Sure I am not the hottest nor the most handsome guy in this room but I sure am the only one talking to you right this moment.

I think I may have been a Rubik’s cube in my past life, play with me and I will get harder.

I think I might be the force. So might as well just close your eyes and let me flow in you.

Wow, this here is a really warm table for massage. Oh, wait, I am sorry, I guess that was you.

I lost the key to my apartment and I am going to be locked out. Can I go check your pockets?

Could you possibly be a slave, girl? Because you would definitely look hot being one. Want to be my slave for the moment just until you find your master?

So are you free for this night or will you charge me? Just tell me your price and I will give it.

I have a gun with me so go there and get your coat, we are going to take a ride, no just you.

I want to be a sniper for sure because they get a lot of head. So do you want to take that shot?

If you didn’t know, sperm contains around two calories. Perfect for a diet, don’t you think so?

Girl, do you possibly want to go and sharpen my pencil? I think it might not be sharp now.

I think my bloodline comes from Native American, how would you like riding this totem pole?

You want a job, girl? I will give you one but I am afraid that it is going to blow, is it okay?

Can you check my math homework? It says I have to add a bed, subtract some clothes, divide the legs of a girl then pray that she would not multiply. Is that wrong?

Have you ever experienced being nomed before? If not, I will show it to you right now.

You must work at the post office, am I wrong? It is because I saw you checking my package.

Funny 10 Worst PickUp Lines With Pictures For Guys and Girls

My member just died right now, can I go bury it in your ass? If you are okay with just that.

If you have not realize it just yet, screw actually rhymes with us, you know, me and you.

If you want to know your chest size, I would go and gladly measure it for you, baby girl.

I think I might have lost my underwear in the crowd. Can I go and try to check yours out?

You should definitely have a license because you are a walking madness, if you know it.

Girl you are setting my insides on fire with that look in your eyes, let me extinguish that fire.

You are so hot, I get burn when I touch you, are you sick or do you have skin allergies?

Well, I certainly did not like whatever you just did, now go and suck me or else I would tell the police right now.

Hey, I caught you shoplifting, now what do you think is the punishment for naughty girls?

Girl, whenever I see you, I remember my grandmother and it is really horrifying and I hate it.

If possible, can you move aside a little, I wanted to stare at the lovely girl behind you.

That moment when you thought the person is staring at you but is actually looking behind you.

They say that you should make your dreams come true so I guess I am going to lock you in a room right now and make you scream in pleasure.

If there is a chance that we can get together, what possibly will it take for you to be mine?

If you like flowers, I know this really nice shop and they have a bedroom in the back.

Do you like astronomy or stargazing? I love feeling up the person next to me in the dark, girl.

There is not a chance I am going home tonight without you so might as well come with me.

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