Women PickUp Lines

Women are such amazing creatures and it is really them who makes the world more colorful than ever because they are wonderful.
With that said, it is important to show them just how important they are to your life.
It is necessary to show some appreciation to the things that the women in your life have done or has given you.
If you ever want to do just that, here are some pickup lines to try and show some appreciation to the women in the world.

I love eating up great Mexican food such as tacos and it seems your taco is wide open for me.

I know what would look really great on you right now, want to take a guess? Yes, it’s me!

Women should have clothes sale all the time, so that they would be off too, I’ll see you good.


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If I am a candle, would you blow me out like all the other women gladly wood, dear woman?

My hot dog is just waiting for some buns to be filled out, if you got them, you’d show them.

You are too sexy for your own good and I feel like my thing is crying to just get inside you.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You seem like other women to me, how about you prove how different you are in bed, baby?

Every women out there serves their purpose, and I feel yours is to be with me tonight, baby.

That lipstick shade looks good on women, I can help you test it out if it’s really kiss proof.

Car PickUp Lines

Women usually likes footlong, I have one in my pants if you want to try tasting it out, baby.

I have always wondered how women’s body look like, would you care to show me now?

If you work at Subway like I do, I bet you would love footlong too, care to suck mine, babe?

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I have been with a lot of women but no one has charm like you do, come home with me, lady.

You are so feminine that I want to let you taste a bit of my masculinity, would you care to?

Women, I’ll tell you my name now because you will be screaming it tonight, that I can bet.


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You seem like a good driver and I bet you can drive this stick of mine really good, baby.

The sight of you is so lovely I bet it would be lovelier without those pajamas on you, babe.

Let’s remove the complications between us and tonight let us just have all the fun we can get.

You are no longer a girl, you can be taught better things now, I can teach everything to you.

Women loves French kisses but I’d show you an Australian one where you go under me.

PickUp Lines

You seem to be made up of spice and all that comes along with eat, I want to taste you now.

I want to be the one who will show you the difference between a girl and a grown woman.

Your nakedness will mean the world to me and I can show you a lot of pleasure for sure, babe.

How would you like for me to eat you up real good and make you feel a whole lot better, baby.

Math Pickup Lines

You got me all heated up and in the mood to taste women of all kinds, I’ll do you up first.

Some women has a lot of things to say but you got me heated up with your body, let me see it.

I can appreciate women in my own simple ways like enjoying their nakedness as I will yours.

Oh darling, I bet you can suck some great deal, should I call my friends right now, my dear?

I will give you an out of this world sensation if you would let me do you tonight, how about it?


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Women are hard workers and you seem like one, do you want me to fill you up in that hole?

Often women know about beavers and their love for wood, would you care to see mine?

Should you try being a fairy and I try being an ogre and I shall eat you up real good, honey.

When words fail to communicate, it is with actions that I will show you how great I really am.

You can definitely handle this tool I have woman since you seem to work right at Home Depot.

I am like a candle that keeps lighting up, I bet you can take the challenge to blow me out, girl.

Baby, those bosoms of yours are looking really soft now, can I rest on them for a minute?

I see that women have some great buns, I can show you some meat to put in between, girl.

You should come to my bedroom and I can show you what it means to be a lady, nowadays.

For me you are like a burger and I would stick this meat of mine right between your buns.

You must be a French Horn because this Trombone of mine would like to see you right now.

I hope you are feeling like a dog right now because this bone of mine cannot help itself out.

Crafted by the hands of God is what you women are, and you’ll reach heaven tonight, babe.

I will help you know your seafood since I can check your mussels and fill your clams up.

Come, hold my thing and tell me if you think that it is still fake as you claim it up to be.

I am a taxidermist and I sure want to try to stuff your kitty up if you would let me do so.

I hear that your kitty is crying right now, I’ll rub my hand up to comfort it, don’t you worry.

I am a certified nurse and I have learned to give bathes to people there, want to check it out?

I have some great skills with my hand, I used to be a therapist, let me do you real quick, babe.

I have this rocket inside my pants just waiting to launch, tell me when you want it up yours.

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There is something so perfect about the way you curve your lips and swallow, I love it a lot.

You seem to have the curves in all the right places, I can’t help but wonder how I’d fit, baby.

Would you handle this package that I brought you? You seem like a UPS worker to me, girl.

Come give me that V card you are holding, I would treat you real nice, I promise you.

You do not seem to be wearing socks at all, I bet you have matching underwear, right?

A normal body has around two hundred six bones I have an extra one, want to see it?

You seem like a storm has gone through your body because you are soaking wet, babe.

I will be the hurricane that will take off all that clothes on you in a hurry, watch out.

I have been with some women but you are the only one who has gotten me all heated up.

Will you warm up to me if I tell you that you are lovely like all women before you?

Look at this suit I am wearing, it is slowly becoming on me, I’d appreciate if you would too.

I heard you like nice guys, then you would like me a lot, I have nice hands as well, woman.

It feels so wet here right now and I am betting that is because of you, am I right or am I not?

You sure do look like a spy to me and I bet if I come inside you, I would not if I am right.

I have this very nice package waiting for you to unwrap it, help me up here, would you?

You look like you do not have a gag reflex, should I shove my stick inside to find out?

I seem to have left my keys on my bed, want to come back with me to check it out right now?

You have a very nice shirt, it looks like a real girlfriend material, woman.

I will ring your doorbell, and I hope I can come inside you if I want to.

Suffering from amnesia has it advantages, now I can use all my tricks to you over and over.

You seem different from other women, you have got really good pair of legs, let’s use them.

I want to fill you up with my warmth and I would if you let me, women of these world.

Women are important part of society, they can be really great in bed if they want to!

Let’s hook up real easy and real quick, I have tons of women waiting for me still, my lady.

Most women have soft hands but yours seem to be made to do some job I think you know now.

Darling you have the most beautiful pair of hands I have ever seen, let us put that to work.

Honey, I want you to know that I care for you a lot and so let us go now and multiply, okay?

I have often wondered what becomes of women but here you are walking into my realm.

Do you know how many women I wanted so much? No one else but you, come be with me.

Come with me and I will show you how to be a real like all the women I have taught before.

Would your favorite animal be the bunny because if they are, we should learn from them, girl.

Let us be together, you and I for I think we are meant to be together until all eternity as well.

Let me show you a wonderful time that you and I deserve for you matter a lot to me, baby.

Who would have known that I would settle down for your type when I never looked your way.

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