Wine PickUp Lines

Sometimes we can see love like the aging of wine since as the time goes by.
When they nurture it and took care, the love becomes deeper and more mature than before.
The sweet and bitter mixture of the taste is like made of those happy and sad memories.
In this party, you can drink all the contents of the bottle, but you can never forget the beautiful face of this woman in front of you.
Why don’t you try to win her heart with these pick-up lines and taste the tannins of this love?

Your flawless beauty is like the wine in a bottle and still better than ever at this very moment.

Your golden eyes are like the sparkling mead that shines brighter than the sun and the stars.

Let me drink your soul like the Margarita cocktail and make me fly all throughout the night.


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I want to get lost in the scent of you that make me remember all those vodkas and cocktails.

You are the greatest sparkling wine in this world that I want to taste for the rest of my life.

We should dance along with the bitter taste of the wine and the pretty glow of the starry night.

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Let us feel our heartbeats and get drunk with our pleasure and passionate love for each other.

I want to sing you the lullaby that can make us fly to the paradise and sozzled with our love.

Teach me how to drown into your company and feel our own love like the beautiful paradise.

I want to drink this cold wine and just get lost with our wonderful love for the rest of our lives.

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We should dance tonight with the shining stars and our wine glasses in our sly little hands.

Let me hear the wonderful song of the night and dance with the fluttering sound of our hearts.

We should dance with this beautiful glow of the candlelight and drink until we become one.

I want to drink this wine until I will forget my name and take yours as mine through the night.

Angel PickUp Lines

I am now deeply amazed at your exquisiteness and how it ages so beautifully as time goes by.

Let me take a sip in this wine like how I wanted to taste your beautiful lips through the night.

I love how the color of your dress is suitable to your hair like a fine drink in a golden goblet.


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I want to touch your face and feel your heartbeat like I am gripping the glass with a drink.

We should let me feel your love like the droplets of the drink around the brim of the chalice.

We are the steak and the alcohol drink as I just think that we are really meant for each other.

Valentines Day PickUp Lines

You are the mead and I am your steak because I know that we are really meant for each other.

Just looking at your beautiful lips always bring me to soaring while drunk across the world.

I will never forget the exquisiteness in your eyes and your lips while we drink our honey mead.

Feel this taste of happiness while I drink your beautiful love like a cold drink in a goblet.

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Drink these wine bottles until we get drunk and begin to confess our feelings for each other.

Let me dance the waltz with you through the night and drink all loads until we get smashed.

Your sexy lips are like the color of the Cabernet Sauvignon which I wonder how it tastes like.

You are the sweet Chardonnay who is suitable for the most delicious chicken salad like me.


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I want to taste your beautiful soul like we wanted to drink this Zinfandel in this wine glass.

You are the exotic Zinfadel who is really suitable for the beef broccoli like I am now tonight.

Let us drink tonight while we wait for the dance floor to waltz for us and show our own love.

You are the cool Cabernet Sauvignon who is suitable for the aged cheddar cheese like me.

I wonder how we can dance through the night with the exquisiteness of our shoes and drinks.

Wear your comfortable shoes because we are going to drink loads of wine and dance tonight.

Let me jump like crazy while we drink these wine bottles here and smash ourselves all night.

We must wait for the time to dance tonight and drink these darlings until we forget our souls.

I want to keep dancing with you while we let the world and our bodies be cleansed with wine.

Sing me the la vie en rose song tonight and I will keep drinking for you until you fall for me.

You are the wine glass with a Chardonnay that I have been waiting for in my whole life here.

Whenever you want to feel my love, just keep your gorgeous smile and drink your honey mead.

You are the Pinot Noir who is much suitable for a chicken ensalada like I am now tonight.

It’s wonderful how your gorgeous smile suits this sweet Sauvignon Blanc right in your hands.

You are always the sweetest wine who can blend your colorful life with a steak like I am now.

You are the Chenin Blanc who must be mixed with the wonderful taste of beef steak like me.

Let me dance all through the night with the beautiful scent of the Cabernet Sauvignon drink.

I might get drunk faster with your love and beautiful gaze than all these bottles combined.

I want to keep dancing with you while we hold our wine bottles and forget our souls tonight.

I want to keep drinking so that I can confess my admiration in your wonderful exquisiteness.

I am the Beef Levrier who wants to be paired with the sweet Chardonnay like you are tonight.

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Your wonderful beauty is not even comparable with the beautiful taste of the Sauvignon blanc.

We should taste this glamorous wine called love and let all my feelings conquer your heart.

Maybe we just have to keep dancing and become amazed at the beauty of our own feelings.

I want to keep drinking these wine bottles until I begin confessing all my love and emotions.

Sometimes, I hope I have become a Merlot instead because I can be much suitable for you.

Let our love like the fresh grapes transform into the most delicious grape wine in the future.

Let me keep dancing with my hands tied and drinking these bottles until I fall further for you.

Let me drink this Chardonnay so that I can begin confessing how I admire your beautiful soul.

Wine can make us look so sophisticated or super drunk that we begin to look unsophisticated.

I want to keep get drunk not by drinking this lovely treat but by looking at your beautiful face.

Let me take a sip in this drink while fighting the urge to wash my heart with this lovely treat.

I’m allowing you to see me tonight as the finest wine drink that can drink all the way down.

You are the Cabernet Sauvignon that I want to keep always by my side for the rest of my life.

Let me say your name and whisper it to your ear while I have Pinot noir in my beautiful lips.

We will keep living in this world with the huge smiles in our faces and the Syrah in our hands.

Let me drink the wine until I would not be sober enough to tell my love and feelings for you.

We can build our paradise if we will keep drinking this Riesling and take us away tonight.

I am a Sauvignon blanc who just wants to be paired with the sweet cheddar like you are now.

Our love is like the sweet cocktail of our hopeless dreams and passion for each other tonight.

Your beauty is the sweetest drink that can take me to the most beautiful paradise in the world.

I love how your beautiful smile lingers inside my mind and ages like red wines in the barrels.

Tonight, we are going to travel the world and let our drink take us to the beautiful paradise.

Let me take a sip in this love while I expect to be drunk with happiness and greatest pleasure.

You are the Sangria wine whom I want to spend the rest of my life with you starting now.

I wish that you are my Malbec whom I want to keep drinking whenever I feel strong emotions.

When I finally see your face here, I thought that you are the Cabernet Sauvignon of the night.

I might expect your beautiful lips either taste like the Milky Way or the cool Burgundy wine.

Maybe we can drink Shiraz while letting our heavens build our own paradise for tonight.

You should know that I am the wonderful monarch butterfly and the Merlot in all occasions.

You need a Burgundy wine because your gorgeous smile is a much suitable pair for the drink.

You may want Cabernet Sauvignon, but I just want your warm embraces through the night.

The warmth in your exquisite smiles are like the sensation down my throat whenever I drink.

I want to dance with you tonight like I want to drink Zinfandel and this delicious chicken dish.

I expect that when I drink this wine now, I will forget everything except my feelings for you.

I am deeply amazed at your wonderful beauty like the finest class of cocktail drink in the pub.

You are the loveliest Sangria wine now tonight which I want to taste with this cheddar cheese.

I will take care of your heart forever like the viticulturists do to wine bottles in vineyards.

Whenever I talk to you, I feel like drinking the sweetest Chardonnay and tasting beef steak.

We both know that we belong to each other like the best pair of raw steak and Zinfandel.

Let us dance all through the night with our hearts in our sleeves and Merlot in our hands.

Your smile is as exquisite as the Zinfandel and as fine as the constellations in the galaxy.

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