Wedding PickUp Lines

Weddings can be great or boring at times so if you want to make it interesting you have got to find something or someone interesting or funny enough to entertain yourself.
And if you hit it up with someone some of the pick-up lines we have created below might help to know her/him better so pick up your line and use it wisely!

Damn girl, you sure know how to shake that thing of yours. Want to shake it with me tonight?

The next wedding you and I would be attending would be our own, I am pretty sure of that.

Girl, the next place I want to see you shake that thing is in my hotel room. Come with me?


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Can I have this dance? And the next, and the next, and the next?

You look lovely. Is it too cliché if I utter a pick-up line right at this moment just to know you?

I have seen all the ladies in this ceremony and I think you are the most gorgeous of them all.

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Your dancing is awesome. Do you mind if you teach me how to dance like that?

They say wedding lasts a lifetime but I want to spend more than a lifetime with you.

Weddings make me lonely. Want to have some kind of fun in my hotel room tonight, darling?

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Weddings make me want to find my one true love. Maybe you are my one true love huh?

Weddings give me hope that I can still find my partner maybe I am looking at her right now.

This is a great event. You and I, when are we going to start planning about our wedding?

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What is your surname? We are not in any way related right? Because I like you.

You and I both hated weddings with passion. How about we both get out of this event already?

Boy, your dancing is sexy. Want to sexy with me in a private room?


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You sure love chocolates. I have got tonnes of them in my room. Want to have them too?

The only thing I love during weddings is food too. Guess we have that in common.

I only attended this wedding because I know you’ll be here witnessing your friend get married.

It will be my pleasure to let you get first on that chocolate fountain.

Girl, you are looking at the best man of this wedding. Want to try what I am best at?

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I am currently the best man of this wedding. Want to be my best girl/lady?

You’re looking at the best man of this day and if I were to choose the best lady, I’d choose you.

Girl, I would like to take you home like that bouquet you’re going to take home with you.

The night is still young, Dear. We still have a chance to end this boring day on a high note.

Funny PickUp Lines

Your future is looking bright, dear. Because I want to marry you right here, right now.

Hey girl. I heard you are looking for your groom for your wedding next year? Here I am.

Hey! You look like the groom I dreamt of countless times already. So dream come true?

You’re familiar with this place right? Because I can’t seem to find my way towards your heart.

I just met you but somehow I don’t want this to be our last meeting. See in our own wedding?


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Do you mind if I stay here? Because back there is boring at least here I have you to look at.

These people do not know how to party. C’mon I am going to show how to party real hard!

Dear, I’m the best man and I have got access to the best room in here. Want to check that out?

This champagne tastes shitty. Want to taste the best champagne I have in my room for free?

Can I cut in? Because I want to dance with the most beautiful girl we have in this wedding.

You have got body coordination I am looking for. Want to do that in my room with me tonight?

Hey girl. The next song that will be playing is my favorite song and I want to dance it with you.

They’ve got beautiful story, haven’t they? But I bet ours will be more beautiful and enchanting.

Sure, you’re not the most beautiful bridesmaid but I still like you. Do you have a problem?

Your smile is currently brightening up this place and the wedding itself.

The wedding champagne is intoxicating but your beauty intoxicates me more.

I noticed that you keep on staring. Is there any problem or you just like staring at my face?

Your last name combined with my first name sounds cool. Did you consider a beach wedding?

How do you find the idea of quitting and be the subject of a fellow wedding photographer?

You and I both love weddings. How about we talk this same passion over coffee or dinner?

At the moment, I can’t think of a cheesy pick-up line about weddings because you’re lovely.

I’m already weaving our own story from this moment to our wedding day until we have kids.

I heard you are part of a charity group. Want to make me happy despite this boring wedding?

Marriages usually end in divorce but I would like ours to last a lifetime and if possible beyond.

Your mother says you are looking for your future groom? Here I am in flesh and oh so ready.

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Why are you in here and not out there in the wedding party? Oh well, being with you is fun.

Are you the best man? Because boy, you do look like the best man in here.

You look like you want to go home already. I’m heading out. Want to go put with me?

Are you the wedding coordinator? Because suddenly everything felt right when you walked in.

Your eyes are lovely and more enchanting than this event.

Hey lovely! You really look like my soon-to-be wife! Amazing!

After a couple of minutes staring at you. I find myself drawn to you. Want to help me with that?

Hey, lady! You intrigued me. Want to satisfy me by answering some of my questions?

Hey, lady! I hate sitting at a single’s table too. Want to fix that problem right here, right now?

How do you like the idea of our faces in a wedding cake?

You like my family right? And I like yours too. Let’s get out of this wedding and get married!

Can you be my buddy during this event and the next the bride and groom will be organizing?

We’re going to see each other a lot ‘cause we’re their friends so better get to know each other

Can you guess how many weddings I have witness? 11 soon to be 12 if you will say yes to me.

If it weren’t for wanting to spend more time with you I’d be ditching this ceremony already.

I like your dress but I would like it better on my bedroom floor.

How do you feel about the idea of us on a wedding photo together?

Congratulations! You’re the bride right? Oops sorry. Guess I still have a chance then.

This doesn’t look like a party to me. Want to head out and do some real partying?

You do not have to catch the bouquet to get a groom because dear, I would love to volunteer.

Do you mind dancing with me? I just want my friends to know that I danced with a pretty lady.

You and I are both single and lovely people. We should go have a baby fast!

Do not just stare in space, have some fun and dance with me! You’re wasting your gown!

Aren’t you tired of just staring into space? Want to know an interesting person that is me?

You’ve got the ability of putting together words to make a story and that my dear turns me on.

Baby, if I am going to get marry, I want to get marry with someone like you.

I heard your speech and you sound like you are a funny person and I like funny people.

You’ve been dancing for hours. Now, there’s no seat but I don’t mind if you sit on my lap.

We have an open bar right here but if you want to get drunk some other day I’m willing to pay.

I am hearing the wedding bells just by looking at your beautiful face. Can we do that soon?

Wouldn’t it be nice if parties have taco bars as well in addition to the usual?

Dear, if you are a drink in the open bar I bet everyone is going to want to get a taste of you.

I cannot wait for us to get to know each other, get marry and have babies of our own.

Darling, if I am going to be your groom I’d make our event more magical than this.

I cannot wait to grow old with you and cherish every day and every moment with you.

When you walked into the room I knew already that you’d become special to me.

If I become your husband I am sure as hell that I will not find another love other than you.

You know I am not fun of small talks. Want to head out and have real conversation with me?

I’ll ditch this party but I don’t know the way to your house. Do you mind if you lead the way?

I will tell you a secret-I am not ever going to get marry if the girl is not you, dear.

There is something about you that makes me feel we are connected or maybe I am just drunk.

If we ever get marry I promise even our fights would be funny and entertaining.

If every we are not allowed to get marry. Can we runway together instead?

I do not believe in marriage but for you I will go through that kind of ceremony.

I like you that is no secret right so maybe this ceremony would make you realize you like me.

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