Warcraft PickUp Lines

Warcraft is certainly an entertaining game especially if you enjoy being a team player.
There are so many players all over the world that is addicted to Warcraft.
There is a magic in playing Warcraft that you just have to know firsthand in order to figure it out.
There are so many things that you should know about Warcraft that will make you realize that it is indeed something to play when you are feeling sad or lonely.
Warcraft can easily cheer you up.
If you know someone who loves Warcraft or can be hooked up through Warcraft, here are some pickup lines that you can use in order to get that Warcraft lover in your hooks right away.

I heard you like playing Warcraft, how about teaming up right away, you and me in my room?

You have some nice 2-handers right there, I sure hope that you can use them wisely tonight.

Baby, I bet that Tier set of yours would look really good on my flying carpet at this moment.


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I am a druid and the good news for you is that we are really known for the longevity on bed.

I have a hawkstrider here that you can take for a hell of a ride, provided you ride good, babe.

I love Warcraft as much as the next person and I can show you some good tricks here, baby.

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I hope you like some gem because you can socket mine up your throat if you wanted to, girl.

Do you have the king of snake inside of your pants or are you just glad that I am here now?

I am looking for one group that can help me win this game right away, I hope you are here.

Babe, Warcraft is loaded in my PC, want to go for a dive, just you and I tonight in my room?

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My resistance is really low right now that you can seduce me and I would easily give in, girl.

The blue of your eyes are totally reminding me of those stam gems I wanted to have long ago.

Baby, you can summon that imp of mine any time that you want, just tell me and I’ll give it.

There are tons of reasons why Warcraft is the right way to start the day, laying next to you.

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You can suck on my Imp but you can also ride it out, you decide what you wanna do with it.

The best thing about you, girl is that you always make me feel like quivering in delight, babe.

If my heart should be a BOP, you are the Need that I have been dying to find, come with me.


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You must be the raider in Warcraft coz girl, you have got an epic ass, I wanna taste you now.

It seems to me that you are going for the hunt, well you can surely chase after me if you want.

I may not be Kobald but you can go ahead and pick up my candle from me anytime you want.

Great PickUp Lines

My attraction to you is just like my arrows, forever and endless, come join me on my bed too.

You would look good as a white mane and I would love to ride you right away, now and ever.

If you would be so kind as to give me a preview on Warcraft can do to me, I’d do you tonight.

Just like some Tauren, I am totally hung, you should take a look at my thing yourself, baby.

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If you are with me, you’d know how Paladin casted that Divine shield, you won’t last 10 secs.

I sure hope that I can be at least the end of your Journey, the one you’ll always end up with

If you can tame my beast, it is yours for the rest of our lives, want to try it out and see it now?

Should Warcraft be the key to your pants, I’ll play it with you until you finally open up to me.

Oh, I am so glad I have tamed a cougar like you, I’ll put you up into good use, no worries.

Baby, I am so ready that I can go twice if not thrice this night, let’s put you to the test too.

I have been tracking around just looking for someone to call mine, and then I found you, girl.

I am so glad I have been picking things apart that I do not know what to do with you if not.


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There shouldn’t be any problem with me playing Warcraft so long as I can please you right.

I have this cute pet turtle you can bring on your journey together, want to see it in my pants?

My beast would come out right away so be ready with that snake trap of yours, okay, baby?

I have around three of those wyrms and they are all of different sizes too, I hope you like ‘em.

I bet you can play Warcraft while riding on me if you truly are a professional player on this.

I am a ravager that you will surely appreciate sometime soon, come and be with me tonight.

My arrows are certainly not the only thing pointy that I have brought with right now my baby.

Wanna have a bet on Warcraft? If you lose, I get to sleep with you, if I lose, I’ll please you.

My serpent won’t sting you one bit so baby you have got nothing to be worried about at all.

Don’t worry, I am not healing just yet, so just relax and keep on going, I can do one more.

If you checked out my specs, you can see that I have the maximum endurance so come baby.

I have improved my shot, it is now accurate and steady, you can even try it out yourself now.

In Warcraft when you have a molten core, you must raid it, can I raid yours right away now?

If you have a shot with you, I would take it to the next level if you wanted me to, come now.

You feel right into my trap, maybe you should try to see it for yourself right now, my baby.

Honey, I can make you feeling all thorny should I want you to, so might as well go for it.

Now my Warcraft arrow is pointed at you, there is no way you will ever get to escape me, girl.

I think you left a totem inside of your pants, or you are just happy that I saw you once more.

Boy, I am into everything and anything, you can try me I would never judge the likes of you.

You certainly look stunning tonight, I wanted to see what you are truly made of right away.

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I just lost the Warcraft duel simply because your beauty truly distracted me right away, baby.

Would you mind me stealing a kiss right now, I think I needed it somehow, I need you now.

I need nothing, not even a stun lock, to just keep you here with me without running away too.

My purpose in life is to just please you and make you feel like you have never felt before, girl.

My Warcraft staff has an enchantment that is bound to have you on your knees so long after.

Me? I like playing in the shadows and just having the time of my life, come play with me too.

I need no pickup lines now as long as I can use my stun lock on you any time that I want to.

I may be what they call as a common thief but you certainly stole the life out of me as you suck.

Baby, Warcraft is the deal for me, you can dress up like one and I can show you a good time.

I think you need a good healing touch in this Warcraft game, I have a good touch, my boy.

You may not see me right away but I assure you that you will be able to feel me somehow.

I am but your average spell caster but I have got more stamina than him, I can assure you.

I noticed that you were sitting there all alone and thought you wanted to just be with me.

You have on these nice Warcraft pants that I would love to get off of you, right away, my baby.

I may have some dark side in me, I am searching for someone who would love to straight me.

You should not stand too close to me because I do not know what I might do to you, right now.

I wanted to eat your soul for the longest time and then you go ahead and stole this heart, girl.

If you ever decide that Warcraft is not for you, I’m always just right here, baby, pick me now.

I hope you are into leather because, girl, I have a fetish for them, make my dreams come true.

You have the stamina and I see you’ve got the intelligence too, let’s go and hit it out, now.

If you know that I am a druid, you would be pleased that we are not doing it in that wild now.

I can give you a nice hot bath if you promise me you’ll forget all about Warcraft for tonight.

I may be in tree form right now but you are surely making me hard and forgetting everything.

Baby, let us cast some spell right now for stamina and endurance so you can perform well.

I have a record of coming for 4 times in one go, want me to prove it to you tonight, honey?

It’s either you play Warcraft or you play with me now, you choose and decide what to do.

I have a trunk hiding in my pants, I can show it to you if you wanted me to right away, babe.

Boy, I’m better than your Warcraft characters, I can make you come more than 5 times, then.

You must be a Warcraft vendor because you have some really nice goods on that chest, girl.

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