Walking Dead PickUp Lines

Walking Dead is one of the most famous zombie related television series of all time.
It has a lot of seasons and it is still not finished.
If you are a fan of zombies and you wonder what you are going to do when all things are not going well, when the world is infested with them, you might as well try your best to do some research of what you can say to a partner who is also interested in zombies.
Some Walking dead pickup lines may be your best option to impress that someone.
Here are some walking dead pickup lines that might help you out for now:

Look girl, the walkers are right behind us, so would you go out on a date with me tonight?

I just escaped being eaten whole, alive at that too would you please hold me tightly right now?

If we’re going to live thru this zombie apocalypse, we might as well try dating some more, okay?


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I have never been with anyone before but I would love to try some things out with you my boy.

You must be Daryl on the walking dead for if I have some arrows with me, I’ll penetrate you.

I have some needs rising inside me that cannibalism alone cannot seem to satisfy, that’s true.

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You can bite me all you want if you promise you will give me one good time in bed tonight.

Hey girl, want to watch a marathon of walking dead together with me tonight, in my room?

If you happen to be into people who have necrophilia, we must try things out some time, girl.

You must be Michonne’s cat baby because you are truly a gorgeous woman I can see that too.

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I think that you are too tired now for you have been going through my mind the whole time.

Is it okay to have my zombies watch us while I do worldly things to you, what do you think?

The walking dead series is pure zombies and human would you be my other zombie baby girl?

I’m into women who gives me dirty looks, can you try putting that on me as of this moment?

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With that look in your eyes, I think I will have to rewrite that Zombie plan so it includes you.

It must have hurt you when you fell out from the heavens and landed on my sharp stick, babe.

I will be the zombie to your heart I will walk to you all the time like in the walking dead, babe.


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Did you do your makeup yourself or were you auditioning to be an extra zombie somewhere?

I’m really into necrophilia, would you like to try it out with me as well, I have the time, honey.

Come and let’s go to the woods, let us try and be busy in there about now, what do you think?

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If you were like a zombie in the walking dead, I would not shoot you, I will love you instead.

If you want, we can go to the barn and have some great time in there, what do you think of it?

Don’t forget to give me some call in the night and we’ll think of great ways to do ourselves.

Hey, darling, I would love to try out some of your wonderful brain, it looks delicious to me.

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I feel so hungry, want to come to dinner with me, we can eat anyone near our vicinity, babe.

You must be Rick from the walking dead because when I saw your badge, I kind of fell for you.

I think you will look cute with some twist in your legs and one eye off of you, let me do that.

I hope you do not mind if I just took one bite out of you, I’d love to try to taste you out some.


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Just how many walkers do I have to kill until you give me your number so I can take you out?

I have this aquarium filled with the heads of zombies from the walking dead wanna see it too?

I like doing the deed like how I kill those walkers, all quick but dirty as mud, let’s try it out.

I hope this don’t sound too forward as I barely know you but I want to be with you tonight.

I want to be a walking dead walker so that I might be able to take your heart away with me.

The truth is I love tasting some toes, would you do the pleasure of letting me taste yours now?

I really love to have a date with a girl who has brains, no worries, I am surely not a zombie.

I think that you are really delicious, I mean you are really beautiful, let’s go out, okay, girl?

If you do not want to be some zombie on the walking dead, you can start off by dating me now.

I am more than willing to sit down with you and just have some good old talk in this barn.

Baby, I have lost all of my children by this time, I hope you can help me create new babies.

I used to be a lawyer before this apocalypse happen, what did you use to do back in the past?

There ain’t much I wish but that I can become with you like walkers in the walking dead, girl.

I think I would love to try doing the deed with you, the world seems to come to an end anyway.

I would kill all the walkers that would try to take you away from me, I promise you, I would.

If you say you’ll do things with me, I would go to the nearest store and grab some condoms.

I would lower my weapons if you would do the same to yours, let’s have a go at each other.

You must be tired from all that walking dead marathon today let me give you a good massage.

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I would definitely make you scream during our first night together, I am telling you that, babe.

I just have to say this out before it’s too late and you can’t accept it: I am a biter there you go.

Just letting you know that I think you are the right kind of person for me, I’m so dead for you.

Just like on the walking dead I would love to hide with you somewhere private right now babe.

There really ain’t much choices we can select from, so let’s just try on doing some good too.

I may be missing one eye like Carl but I can assure you I can see right through your feelings.

I have been watching you for quite some time now through my scope, you look really good.

Should I have my phone with me along with some of my fingers, I would ask your number out.

Want to go somewhere like the forest, we can hide from the walking dead and have fun too!

If I ever get turned into one of those walkers, I would definitely be coming after you first now.

When there comes a time I get to become a zombie, I would surely get a taste of your beauty.

If I decide to wear an eyepatch and look cool, would you try to sleep together with me, now?

If I wasn’t a walker and my lungs work, they would stop working the moment that I see you.

You could use some leg massage right now as you’ve been running from the walking dead.

Those must be some maggots in your pocket else you are just too happy seeing me right now.

If this is how the world ends, we might as well have some good time while waiting for that.

Is your name Glenn just like the one from the walking dead? Coz I can’t live if I see you dead.

I have been locked up for quite a long time, I’m excited to feel alive with you again, my baby.

Honey, I think this is my lucky day, you are truly gorgeous, although drop dead as well, sadly.

It is so hot in hear, we better start to take our clothes off and just get naked all day long, now.

I love it when you watch me with those dirty eyes on your walking dead binoculars, my baby.

Be glad that I don’t have my hand right now, else they would be on your butt or your boobs.

The first time I bite you, I will make sure that I will infect you with some of these love I have.

My right hand is no longer there but I assure you my left works real magic, believe me on it.

If you were a walker like the ones in the walking dead, I would never run away from you, boy.

My wife is now a zombie so technically we can date for I am now a single man, once again.

You have some nice ribs, I would surely love to get a taste of it, come out of your clothes too.

I am going to prove to you I am not a zombie but then I’m very interested in your everything.

I see you cleaning those swords and I just get so turned on, you can feel me getting harder.

Even when you look like the walking dead, girl, I would still love to try things out with you.

I think you must know some cure for your beauty, you are too hot for me to even start looking.

We should go into town and then try to make out in a quiet place right about there, think of it.

Want me to teach you how to use a gun, I bet we should really try that one out as well, right?

Hey, I’ve seen a walker from the walking dead, let’s run away together tonight, dear girl?

All these bodies decomposing does not shy me of getting hot for your beautiful body, my baby.

Darling, I’d be willing to go anywhere with you, except for the set of the walking dead, okay?

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