Volleyball PickUp Lines

Volleyball is one of the most famous ball games in history, especially since you can play it anywhere that you want to.
It is also the easiest game to play with a ball whether you are in a pool or in the beach.
Volleyball is something that almost everyone enjoys and everyone loves.
There are so many volleyball players all over the world that loves playing volleyball simply because it is volleyball.
If you want to hit on a volleyball player or a volleyball fanatic, here are some volleyball pickup lines that you might want to try to use.

Hey girl, want to play volleyball, and see if I can hit you in bet as hard as I hit the ball?

Am I looking at a defense specialist because if so, you can totally dig me anytime you want.

You must be the perfect set because I hate seeing that so I’d have to smash you real hard.


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You look like a tight set to me, I might want to loosen you up a bit, want to see me do that?

You must be a tip because you are certainly making me go on my toes, aren’t you, baby girl?

I think you must be what they call top spin because you got me on the floor faster than anyone.

You must be the ball because I’d love to get my hands on you all over you anytime of the day.

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You must be a volleyball because baby I just want to dig you right out on this court now.

I have to tell you that you light up the place wherever you are in it, you are so hot and wild.

I love the outfit you wear in court, maybe next time I will get to see it on the top of my bed too.

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I hope you play ball because you are going to be receiving my serve any minute now I tell you.

I heard that you like receiving balls, I have extra two, would you mind receiving them tonight?

In volleyball, you must be the hitter because I can slowly feel you hitting on me, am I right?

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I love the spandex you wear to court, it makes your butt look better than usual, it does too.

You must be wearing a SPF 25 because damn, you have blocked me so seriously tonight!

Want to make a pass with me, I promise I would not hurt you one bit, you have my word on it.


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If you like playing volleyball, you would love playing with the two balls I have with me now.

Whenever I see you dive, I get turned on, would you mind doing that for me once more, baby?

I heard that you get around the block, is it real or do you just really like playing the ball out?

It may be considered illegal but girl I want to touch you so much more than three times now.

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I’m a utility girl and it means I am willing to play this game with you for as long as you want.

I’d love to watch volleyball reruns with you if that can get you to come to my bed tonight.

You want to see more balls because you love them? You are in for a treat, I got two more!

If you happened to be the ball, you should be glad because I would then call you mine then.

Hilarious Pick Up Lines

I’m a bit on the short side which is why I hit it from the back most of the time, that’s just it.

I don’t play for the national team but I am much too flattered that you actually thought that.

If you want a bobsleigh, we can do that on my bed, be it a volleyball night or not, honey.

You happened to be a libero? I swear I will hit at you really hard all day long, believe me.

If you happen to be an overpass you do not have to worry because I promise I’d hit you too.


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You seem to have great knowledge of that swing block, want to try swinging with me as well?

You look like a setter to me so it seems I cannot take you on any double date tonight, I guess.

I wish I can be the volleyball so that I can roam around people without any attachments.

I would really serve my heart out to you if you will be willing to get it from me too, will you?

You must be a pass because girl, you are just so damn perfect in every way that I can see you.

The look you have in your eyes tells me you need something more than me hitting up on you.

Should I slide straight into those spandex of yours and just let it all out, I would love to do so.

We’re not allowed to touch the volleyball more than three times but I’d love to do that to you.

I see you are number two says your jersey, would you be interested in being my one and only?

You have the sass, I can see it in your hits, would you give everything you have to me now?

Tonight, let us celebrate the fact that we have each other, that we are here for each other now.

Why should we set and even spike if we can just bump away all the uglies we’ve been through.

I may play volleyball really short but I promise you that I can go into the deep end to, babe.

I would get on every knee pad there is and then service you real good you forget your name.

You look good on your knees I bet you give a nice hand job too, let me see that for myself.

You are so tall I bet you play with the ball, I bet you’d love to test it out with me, right away.

I am a really good volleyball player because I can hit hard, want to see how it’d hit your ass?

You want to test the durability of the net, we can do so tonight and see what happens next.

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Hey girl, want to play with me a one on one fight, we can go all the way, right now, tonight.

You’ve got big feet, is it true that your feet is the shaft too? If so, I would love to see it now.

You saw how good I am at receiving a volleyball, I bet I can do so with your balls tonight.

Hey, want to be my partner for the rest of your life, I guess I can manage that somehow, babe.

I think I can set something up for you in the future, should we go in for the dive now, baby?

You bet I can serve as good as I can go down on my knees for a hit, want to see me do that?

You seem to be good at volleyball and good enough to go on your knees, can I try it out.

You want to play with a ball tonight but I can have an extra one for you, want to see it now?

I would love to go to bed with you and watch you play like I am not there underneath you?

If you were the ball I would be walloping you right now in more than one position, believe me.

I figure you like balls so I am giving you a treat tonight to two, just come into my room, girl.

They say volleyball players have a lot of stamina, should I be the one to test your limits, babe?

You want to try I campfire? Well, you are indeed hot and I do want some more of you, honey.

Darling, I love watching you play because your boobs juggle as you try to hit the ball, it does.

I need someone to show me the ropes to volleyball, would you be my guide for the day, babe?

That was some mean volleyball skills of serving it out, can you serve me your number too?

We can go back to my place this night and just have fun reenacting the play you just had.

I would hit on you all day and pound in you starting from tonight, look forward to just that.

I see something flickering in your eyes when you saw my balls, is that something like lust?

If you are into volleyball, I would love to wear your shirt any time that you want me to, babe.

I need someone to service my balls, would you like to try and apply for the job yourself, girl?

They say you’re good on your knees, would you mind having to service me as you’re on them?

You can take me back to the bedroom if we can watch some game movies and mull them over.

I would touch you way more than three times if that is what you want me to do right now.

Baby, if you were a volleyball, I swear I can hit you up in so many positions, believe me, girl.

I may not know much about this game but I’m pretty sure you are doing exceptionally well.

You can do anything you want as long as you will give me a kiss after your game, okay?

Give me something to be happy about besides you winning the game, I’d come to get it now.

They say you like giving rewards to the players, would you mind giving me one yourself?

I am good at handling volleyball, how about you, want to see for yourself what I’m on about?

If you are a volleyball, rest assured that I am willing to dive for you any time you want me to.

You must be wearing something good cause my volleyball does not get blocked that easily!

Hey volleyball girl, want to do something to pass the time with me, let’s try something new.

In volleyball, you have to warm up first before the game but you look hot enough not to do so.

I want to lock you up inside my bedroom and watch you volleyball all day long, that’s right.

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