Video Games PickUp Lines

Both girls and guys love some good video games. Video games are just the thing to live for. They are the thing to do when you are bored or just when you do not feel like doing anything at all. Some video games are for keeps while other video games will make you feel bored. If you have someone who loves video games then you should try out these video games pickup lines that will surely have them hooked with you real good. Here are some video games pickup lines that you should definitely try out.

I heard that you like video games, want to video all the games we’ll play at my room tonight?

I bet you would love to see my hidden blade, I have it right here in my pants, babe, come here.

I think Flash must be somewhere near since time stopped the moment I laid my eyes on you.


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You must be Donkey Kong because I would surely love to ride you one of these days, boy.

Hello, honey, I want to make sure if you’d let my patrol enter up into that Hidden Valley.

I would jump all over how many barrels there is if I get to have you on my bed tonight, babe.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I guess you want to rig out something, you can do that to the shotgun in my pants, baby.

They say video games can be quite addicting, I say that I am already addicted to you anyways.

I think you may need to put your phoenix down because baby you are truly gorgeous, darling.

Pizza PickUp Lines

I want to summon up Shiva but I can’t because baby you are way too damn hot for my tastes.

I am more than willing to take you all over the world if that is what you want, in my airship!

You look so beautiful and also pure, I am betting all that I have your name must be Aeris.

Superman PickUp Lines

Hi, my name is Cloud and I bet you should know that my hair is not the only one that’s pointy.

If you get down with me tonight, I’ll make sure that you won’t need any limit break anymore.

You should be able to guess what Ifrit and you are going to have in common baby, believe me.

Girl, you are as hot as those video games characters, I want to see if you feel better as well.


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Do you prefer to have your base invaded or just blown off, let me know when you choose to.

I have that bronze bed that you can definitely use, come and visit me on my house for it, babe.

I think that I must have lost that link shell of mine, would it be okay to have yours tonight?

Your name must be Tifa because you are surely a hell of a beauty and a sure bombshell to me.

Car PickUp Lines

We can breed some chocobos in a good old fashioned manner, just you and me, my dear babe.

Like your own personal Umbreon, I am more than willing to evolve with you this night, girl.

Video games are the key to a boy’s heart, I would like to test out if that I really the truth, boy.

I just want you to know that babe you are truly one of my final fantasies, believe me on that.

Pokemon Pickup Lines

I bet you are just the aeon and that you must have answered my all my prayers from heaven.

I have myself a good tail, want to see what else it can do beside wag itself? I can show you.

I bought you some video games to play with, want to see it for yourself right about tonight?

You must be some great care package because I swear I saw you falling from the heavens.

If you want, you can come over to mine and see if you want just some small co-op, you and I.


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I have a really long barrel in my pants in the case that you want to check it out, my dear.

This lobby is surely great, I bet you met a lot of players here, let’s go somewhere private, girl.

There is never enough video games but I bet I can also never get enough of you, my darling.

No matter what you are wearing, even ghillie suit, I bet you would still look as beautiful, girl.

This nuke was certainly the loudest I have ever heard and I bet you that you are the bomb.

We can meet around the Underpass and then I can tactically just put some insert on you.

I think if you want something deeper to penetrate you, I can then again use some metal jacket.

Just how many damn points do I need before I get to the part of unlocking you, right away?

Honey, those video games are not going to go play by themselves like you do, let me help.

If you were one of those map packs that they sell for a price, I would buy you in an instant.

The odds of having to meet someone like you is like a chance to meet a rare Pokemon, babe.

You should watch out because my missile is aimed directly at you, waiting to blow you out.

I wonder what you are using because whenever I press the select button, you are the one I see.

You have KO’d me in an instant, I bet it is because you are just too damn beautiful for me.

You are a wonderful person and I bet you have some nice video games just as well, babe.

Let me know as soon as you are close enough to me as I would use a blast shield to you.

We can work out just about the next montage at my room, whatever game you wanna play.

You must be some sort of high tech wii because I love that joystick inside of your pants, boy.

Can I just have the video games you have right now, I’ll show you my special move, baby.

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You must be an Alienware because baby you bring me out of the world that I am in, always.

If you want to be an Xbox, I can assure you that I can go about 360 all year long, baby.

Believe me, I would want to wear you like I do my headset and it’s a Razer at this point, boy.

I am a hunter for treasures and it seems to me you are hiding a lot in that chest of yours.

There is not much I know about video games but that you try to defeat the boss, teach me, boy.

You do not even have to worry about a thing because I am a gamer, I’m good with everything.

These fingers of mine has won me so many games, I assure you that I can win at your thing.

If you ever need an extra heart, come to me because I am more than willing to give you mine.

I kind of need some experience points so I am really wondering if you would help me out, girl.

I can show you a trick or two in these video games, just let me know if you want it out, girl.

I would really raid out your dungeon if you would let me know, because I’d want you now.

I would gladly slam you up into the wall like I would do so for my controller, that I would.

I only have one heart left but it is surely beeping out right for you, would you believe that?

You have a really beautiful skirt, would you mind telling me what the drop rate really is?

Come and let us play some video games tonight, I bet you would like a taste of that, girl.

I am a good player and all that I can ask is that you would be the player two with me, babe.

I can surely make a side quest with you, if you want, if it is heading to the bedroom, baby.

Between you and I, girl, I bet we can form some great alliance, something really great too.

You are as hot as lava and I cannot help but want to climb up to you and just ride the flow.

I would be willing to play video games all night with you if we do it in my bedroom, babe.

Your body is but one open world to me, something that I never want to explore, darling.

Do you know Gordon Freeman, because when I am with you I feel speechless just like that.

You must be my somebody because I would want nothing else than be one with you, darling.

Honey, you must have casted an aeroga coz you are starting to just sweep me off these feet.

Did you cast that spell called blizzaga because ever since I met you I have been frozen.

I’ll have you playing video games on my bed by the end of the week, mark my words on it.

No one, not even the great Namine is going to be erasing my memories that are full of you.

I would gladly share my paopu with you any given time of the day, that’s how precious it is.

I never thought I would find the girl of my dreams, even in games, until I finally met you.

Girl, without you, I think that I am lost in a world I have never even been in, that’s the truth.

You might just be heartless because I believe you have stolen what used to be my heart, babe.

There ain’t no going back, I am taking you straight up to Dreamland, just call me as Kirby.

I think we should head straight into a safehouse, would it be yours or should it be mine?

You must be some sort of Deku Nut coz whenever I see you I find myself just stunned out.

Are you a part of the so-called Triforce because you seem to be the missing link I’ve searched.

I don’t have much video games but I can keep you entertained, I promise you about that.

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