Vegan PickUp Lines

Do you know anyone who loves vegan food the same way you love them? If yes, that is amazing! Because there are only a few people who is into this same passion as yours.
Grab that chance and strike up a conversation immediately with that person.
Have some fun in choosing from the pick-up lines below:

Girl, I love you more than I love vegan and that’s saying something.

I have been here a number if times but my food suddenly became a lot tastier because of you.

I would love to get a taste of you because you look delicious than this vegan food I am eating.


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I love vegan, I do but this food tastes a little dull because I am not eating it with you.

I honestly think that vegan food is lovely but darling, you are lovelier than these.

Dear, you have the ability to satiate my hunger more than any vegan food can.

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You intoxicate me with your scent which is way better than the scent of vegan food.

You always heighten my senses like the way vegan food does to my system.

Does vegan food give you comfort? Yes? Because I am a vegan and I want to comfort you.

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Do you want vegan food? Because I would like to be the one who gives you your comfort.

Next to vegan food, I think I know what I love next and that is you-only you.

You look 100x yummier as compared to my most favourite vegan food in this world.

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Did I already tell you that you are my favourite vegan in the world?

You make me feel like I am always full, like I do not need any food to survive.

This is my favourite moment-having you over, sharing vegan food, and cuddling.


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I promise I won’t ever get tired of you like I’m never going to get tired of eating vegan food.

Let us talk about our favourite food over good food because we both like that.

I do not remember this food tasting this good. Oh maybe it is because you are here with me.

Vegan food is not boring and neither are you. In fact, you make my life spicier than ever.

If you are sauce or a spice I would love to drizzle you on my food in a generous amount.

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Girl I don’t care if you’re healthy or unhealthy; I’d like to consume you like food every day.

I am sorry but I want to grab you badly like I want to grab vegan food right now.

It’s okay. You can be honest with me. If you want to eat me like a vegan, you can do it.

I do not putting together vegan food for you as long as you spend a long time with me.

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I badly wanted to hold myself back from you but I am failing like I am failing to be a vegan.

A world without vegan food is horrible but without you is a disaster I do not want to know.

I can handle eating only vegan food than risk losing you in this lifetime.

All these vegan food looks fine and delicious but you’re more fine and delicious than these.

You can combine all the vegan food in the world but when the time comes I’d still choose you.


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My vegan heart and body belongs to you and only you, always.

Never thought vegan food tastes this good. Can we do this again tonight? Or forever?

I want to stuff myself of these Tofu but I’m afraid my stomach’s full. Can I stuff myself of you?

Have you ever tried Zucchini? I bet you haven’t. Come over at my place tonight?

I would love to toss some sald for you tonight that is if you would come over at my place.

If you would let me I would love to taste those soybeans you are talking about. Tonight?

Food is life but have you tasted my marinated tempeh yet? No? Then, don’t just stand there.

Lack of protein? Hmmm. I think I can help you with that problem. Of course, if you’ll let me.

You are missing cheese? I know a food that tastes like cheese. Want to try that?

Girl, if you ask me, I would definitely give up meat in a heartbeat just so I can be with you.

I do not miss meat at all because you are more than enough meat for me.

Nope, you do not look like a vegan to me because you have all these meat at the right parts.

The only meat and protein I miss is standing in front of me right now.

For you, I would invent good veggie recipes that we can eat together.

Do not worry love because I only eat organic food too so it’s safe to eat me.

Want us to be partners-in-crime in criticizing all these food in front of us?

Baby, I have just discovered this agave nectar. Want to experiment with them?

I honestly think that you’re the sexiest vegan in the whole wide world. You’re that lovely.

Want to try this veggie meat I prepared for you? Go on and feast on them, then I later.

I honestly think that you cannot stay on this diet long because you would want my meat.

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I love your passion for staying on your plans. Do I get that same passion in the future?

I’m lucky I get to be an option in your menu for tonight. Because I know you hate meat.

If I am going to cheat on being a vegetarian your meat is what I am going to taste.

I am a vegetarian but you look so, so damn appetizing. Do you mind if I get a taste of you?

Never knew vegetarian tastes this good. You have got me craving for you all night long.

I will let you in because you make the greatest vegetarian food I’m searching for.

Search no more, girl because I make the tastiest vegetarian food in this place.

After a taste of you I’d be lying if I’m going to say that I don’t crave for you anymore.

Let’s go to the grocery store and read all the labels. Do I get to know our label too?

Girl, you could melt all the sugar in the world because of your hotness.

Veggie girl, I’d give you a generous tip because you have been generous with me tonight.

I only eat vegetarian food but you are enough feast for me for the next couple of days.

For you tonight everything will be special, from food to wine as well as the table cloth.

Every day I want you to be my Today’s special but I promise I won’t get tired of you.

I don’t mind going on adventures to find vegetarian food, we’ll go to restaurants to satisfy you.

You are like an exotic vegetarian dish but definitely delicious I would like to eat every day.

Girl, I’m okay I don’t think I need appetizing because you have done that earlier.

Girl I would totally transform into a vegan just for you.

Girl I heard you only eat organic dishes. Want to try something new? Want to try me?

Girl my day is not complete without getting a taste of you-my favourite ingredient.

Girl I promise I am 100% organic and got no preservative.

Girl I am homemade and that is what people want right? Do you want that too?

Is that the effect of being a vegetarian?Because you’re smoother than anything in this world.

Girl just as peppers need to be ground to make it tastier, I bet you need to be ground too.

Your scent is sweeter than a sugar being caramelized. Is that the effect of being vegetarian?

Girl I baked a vegetarian cupcake for you. Do you want to try one and be my cupcake?

Oh now I only want vegetarian food because of you because maybe they will taste like you.

You deserve to be treated like a Queen tonight. I’ll cook you the best dishes I can make.

I do not mind being your cook forever if that meant being with you in that span of time.

Boy, I think even without marinating you’re going to be the sweetest and juiciest meat.

Girl, those vegetarian buns of yours look so much better than that bread you are holding.

Darling, just the memory of last night can make me go red immediately like an apple.

Girl, I never liked vegetables but for you I will gladly eat them today or in this lifetime.

I never expected you to be sweeter than sweet potatoes.

What is your favourite dip for these veggie fries? Because right now mine is your lovely lips.

I will send you a bucket of veggie food tonight. Can I send myself in as well?

I think you will go nuts over this meat I brought you. I know you miss this.

Girl, want to spice up everything between us? Come with me tonight at my house.

I do not think I will ever crave butter because you make my life butter.

I will not ever need this sauce because this tastes a lot better when eaten with you.

You go well with every veggie food I eat. You make them taste better.

Girl I would love to make you a variety of sandwiches everyday if only you will let me.

Girl, I assure you that I am fresh, delicious and organic. Try me.

Woah! Upon tasting you, dear it is as if I died and get a taste of organic heaven.

Veggie girl what do you want for breakfast? I will cook for you; this is not just for tonight.

Damn baby girl. You look cuter than a cutecumber I have seen earlier in the market.

No, eating and swallowing are different. And because I’m a vegetarian I’ll swallow.

I like Tofu but I would like to taste your kind of meat, my favourite fellow vegetarian.

I do not know about you but we have to talk about this common thing about us over veggies.

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