Vampire PickUp Lines

This is not Halloween, but the people seem to like dressing up for that occasion.
You felt out of place with your suit and tie when you suddenly saw an angel in front of your eyes.
You hoped she will not fear you, so you started to fix your appearance while wishing you won’t look like any monster in the 80’s.
You gave her a smile, hoping that you won’t look like you have fangs and a snake-like tongue.
Why not try these pick-up lines, so you would probably have a chance for a night of sucking anything other than blood?

I felt like a vampire, but I am not hungry for your love and instead I want your beautiful heart.

You can suck for my love if you are still thirsty from drinking these lovely cranberry vodkas.

You may feel like a hungry vampire if you are suddenly thirsty for love and passion right now.


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I want to be the mighty Dracula in your heart and you will be my master for the rest of my life.

You can suck my soul and you can have everything that I have because that’s how I loved you.

I may be like a hungry vampire who just wants to suck the blood out of your bleeding heart.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I want to see the blood of our ancestors and dance through it with you for the rest of our lives.

I see the redness in this love, the way that I expect for our blazing love all through the night.

We should never forget the time when we can finally suck one another other than our blood.

We are like magical vampires who want the love for one another and the blood in our hearts.

Airport PickUp Lines

We should dance like the blood-sucking people and feel the raging music pulse into our veins.

We can feel this love like how blood-sucking people would feel the essence of their victim.

I will forever wait for you in this corner even if we will be turned into vampires for tonight.

Your beauty is like a vampire: glorious, powerful, ethereal, illustrious, magical and immortal.

Angel PickUp Lines

You should dance along with my own hungry eyes for your glorious blood and beautiful heart.

I will forever gaze at your eyes like a glorious vampire waiting for this lovely maiden’s heart.

Even though I seemed like a scary Dracula from the 80’s, I still want to dance with you now.


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I won’t ever forget the beautiful smile of yours that took my heart and ate it much gratefully.

I will let you suck my love as long as I can take away your heart and protect it from everyone.

Let us dance with the beauty of your eyes and the swift movement of the blood-sucking people.

Doctor Who PickUp Lines

You might be the most beautiful vampire who has stolen my heart when we met here tonight.

I want to sing my heart out here, but I hope you won’t steal it later and eat it for your dinner.

I hope that we are going to be glorious vampires who will be longing for each other tonight.

Let me sing the vampire song that we can dance with the hundreds of fireflies and crickets.

Bookworm PickUp Lines

I hope that you will be my Bella and I will be your Edward for a thousand years of our life.

We can feel the music in our ears like we can hear the mad sounds from miles and miles away.

Your gorgeous smile is like a vampire who has stolen my heart and protect it as a treasure.

You should listen to the song of the bloodline and the careful heartstring in our own fangs.


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We should find the way that we can fight the werewolves and protect our own hearts tonight.

I realized that we were both vampires who just desired for each other’s blood and hearts now.

I am waiting for my Carlisle and then I finally found you, my blood-sucking lovely creature.

Maybe I can listen to the sound of the wings and manage to find your bleeding heart to cure.

I want to dress up like the mighty Dracula and steal your tiny heart like you have stolen mine.

I think you might want to suck my blood out until we can finally fly to our beautiful paradise.

Let me conquer your heart like you will like to take my heart and keep it your treasure chest.

Let me sing the lullaby of tomorrow and feel this song succumb us with our ancestors’ blood.

I will keep your heart and protect it from the vicious monsters and blood-sucking creatures.

Let me fly across the world and be a vampire who will forever be your protector for your life.

I want to dance with you all through the night while the blood-sucking creatures serenade us.

I wonder how I can manage to fly across the world with the sound of your beautiful heartbeat.

I want to gaze at your beautiful eyes forever like a couple of vampire gems in your lovely face.

You can feel the song in your veins like pulsing heart and glorious feeling from our dear love.

We can dance all through the night with our vampire eyes hungry for more than blood.

We should dance with the music about own hearts waiting to be stolen in front of our eyes.

Let me fly like a vicious vampire and I will be blinded with your glorious and sunshine beauty.

I will forever wait for you like Bella will wait for her Edward for a thousand years more.

I want to take your hand right now and fly across the night sky like a couple of blood-suckers.

We should let ourselves suck this blood and feel the warmth surge into our veins like our love.

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I hope that you can become a vampire, so you can take away my heart and protect it forever.

You should sing with the song of the blood-suckers and raise the blood-stained white flags.

You must not forget to love me with all of your heart and sing the lullaby of the blood-suckers.

I went to sacrifice my heart to the vampire, as I wished to take your tiny heart forever instead.

I want to see your beautiful smile forever even though it felt like it always sucks my soul out.

We should fly and go on a journey where there is a beautiful paradise for sucking blood.

Let me conquer the world and sing the faithful song of the blood-sucking people for tonight.

Your beauty is a glorious vampire who suddenly decides to play the grand piano just for you.

Let me conquer this world like I would let you take away my bleeding heart for you to keep.

You should never forget to fly with the blood-suckers and sing the lullaby of the tomorrow.

You should suck my blood so that you could see the love and passion that I felt just for you.

You can fly away from here with me and look for the blood-suckers who will protect us both.

Let me hear the serenade of the fireflies and listen to the blood-sucker song for the both of us.

We can go to the dance floor and feel like we are back into the 80’s with our vampire outfits.

You should never forget to dance through the night and fly with the blood-suckers for now.

I will sing the serenade of the blood-sucking people while we will give our hearts as a price.

Let me dance like a hungry vampire looking for the delicious heart of his poor innocent prey.

You should dance like a blood-sucker with your bleeding heart and one of your sunny smiles.

I don’t want to become a vampire who will forever be blinded with your sunshine beauty.

Let me fly into the corners of the world and sing this cute song with my bleeding love for you.

I don’t want to become a vampire who will be forever scared with your lovely radiant smiles.

You should fly with the sunny smile and not this bleeding love that we always feel every time.

I want to see your most beautiful radiant smile that can burn all my vampire mind and soul.

Let me conquer your own world like I want to be conquered with your bloody sunshine smiles.

Take my hand and let’s fly to the edge of the world where no blood-sucking creatures exist.

We can jump into the roof where we can protect ourselves with our beautiful radiant smiles.

I will fly into you like a glorious vampire and protect your poor innocent heart at all costs.

You should have this lovely feeling that we can finally protect each other with a sunny smile.

Let us fly away from here like vicious vampires on the run from the bunch of werewolves.

I want to jump from this roof and protect our poor hearts from the blood-sucking creatures.

We should dance together now along with the sound of the sucking blood in this starry night.

I want to let my powers out and fight all of these notorious vampires who will steal your heart.

Let these vampires lurk around here as I know we will just make love for the rest of our lives.

I want to become a vampire with a power to protect myself from your beautiful radiant smiles.

We should dance with the music of the sucking blood and peaceful rhythm of our own hearts.

Let us go into the vampire house and sing the lullaby song that will wake our bleeding love.

We can go with our lovely radiant smiles and we cannot be touched by these blood-suckers.

I will sing the lovely song of tomorrow and speak about this bleeding love for the both of us.

Let me conquer the starry night and feel the night suck our own blood from our pulsing veins.

We can go into the beautiful paradise where the melancholy and blood-suckers do not exist.

We can dance all through the starry midnight with our vicious smiles and our bleeding love.

Let me sing the heart containing this bleeding love and cure it with our radiant smiles.

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