Valentines Day PickUp Lines

Valentines Day is just around the corner, it is something that should really be celebrated all year around.
There is something about Valentines day that should be treasured, the experience of celebrating heart’s day with the one who owns your heart, someone who you know treasures the love that you have to offer.
If you ever find yourself single on Valentines day, do not worry because here are some pickup lines that will surely help you out to get someone to be with you and celebrate some great night on Valentines day for sure.

I wanted a dozen roses and I only have eleven until I look at you and saw the missing rose.

I lost my beloved bear last night, can you replace him for a while during I actually can.

I must call my mom now and tell her that I have met the woman I want to marry in the future.


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Valentines Day is just around the corner, I’d get you some chocolates but I’m really sweet.

Roses are red but you can be assured that my lips are even redder, can I have a taste?

I do not know about you but I could really use some great loving tonight, can I have you?

60 Best Pickup Lines

I bet you and I would look really good together, should we try out so we would know of it?

Should another star get to be seen in the sky for every thought of you I have, we’d have tons.

You are like a beautiful flower and I hope that I can be the bee that gets to taste your nectar.

Car PickUp Lines

I think I might have scraped these knees of mine trying to get to you coz I fell for you, girl.

At first sight, I thought I have been fooled by cupid but it turns out you are the one, baby.

I’d like to come home with you tonight, I will show you just how great I am in bed, babe.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

Do you think you can hand me a map because I got lost in your eyes the moment I saw you.

You are like the sun for me, when you are gone, I am surrounded by darkness, lady.

Here comes cupid once more trying to ruin Valentines Day, I’ll be your very own cupid.


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You had the brightest smile in the room and I am glad I came with you to your room, lady.

If you are having some tough times, come with me and I will give you some good time, girl.

Will it be a crime if I brought you into my room tonight when you look so edible, dear lady.

You shine so bright and you look so beautiful I think you might just be the sun in my life.

No one in this world looks prettier than you do, can I get lucky with you on this day of love?

Hilarious Pick Up Lines

You have that hour shaped body that makes me want to see what it seems under your clothes.

Every time I see you, I feel like smiling, you must be a camera I can’t help but to look at.

You, baby are a piece of art and I am indeed a painter, should you show me some things?

There are two ways in which you can celebrate Valentines Day, with me or with me, choose.

Soccer Pick Up Lines

You have these pair of orbs that are bluer than the ocean itself, it has me all hooked up, girl.

The more edible you seem, the more I want to eat you up, do you think I can do that today?

I can be a great organ donor, I hope my heart fits right up in yours, I do hope it does.

I knew you were a masterpiece in the making when I saw you, I want to hold you tight.

I see cupid’s arrow in your pocket, right in time for Valentines Day, am I right or not?


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Your father must have been a thief because those stars in your eyes, he must have stolen them.

I bet you are an angel in disguise, what time should I bring you back to heaven’s gate, babe?

There may be a lot of fish in the sea but you are the only one I have got my eyes on, baby.

I was tasked to write an essay about my V day, would you care to be in it, darling?

You are the epitome of perfect except you are lacking something: you need my last name.

Should you wake up tomorrow in a room with walls in red color, you must be in my heart.

You are the weiner that I need the most in my buns right on this Valentines Day, baby.

Every time I see that you are staring at me, I want to tell you that you have the best pair.

You are so cute that I think you must not have any bad angles at all, should we check it out?

When you stare directly at my eyes, all the worlds fade out, baby you need to come with me.

I tried to get as close to you as possible but I keep on losing track of a lot of things lately.

You are such a sweet person that I think I might get cavities because of you, that I think so.

I think you are good enough to eat, better yet to devour, would you give me the pleasure?

Be mine right on this Valentines Day because I see that you really are one fine lady, babe.

You have the sweetest smile and I would love to take you on a ride in my car some time.

What would you like to drink with me this Valentines Day, coffee, chocolate, tea or just me?

I just hope that there is a fireman near us because you have got one smoking hot body, babe.

You must be good at football because you have this tight grip on my member, darling.

If you change your mind would you tell me if I can hit some home run with you, my baby.

I bet I can touch you in all the right places and change your mind about some things in life.

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Your body is a piece of the sky that has fallen and I would like to give you another shot.

Valentines Day was when cupid asked me if you can kindly give me my heart right back.

Do you want to know how I want to spend this night, come with me and I shall show you.

The best memories I have are those when I met you, you looked so lovely I wanted you so.

I hope it did not hurt you that much when cupid shot you with an arrow on Valentines Day.

There is this desire inside of me that has been ignited by your presence, take care of it.

You want to have a job, you can blow me up and then swallow when I actually do, girl.

If I was Ash then you would be my Pikachu because I have been loyal to you since day one.

I can be as loyal to you as you want me to if you just give me the chance to show it to you.

I am not a hoarder, I have never been but right now all I want to be is be with you, baby.

You satisfy me so much I think you must have put Snickers on the chocs on Valentines Day.

Whether you are from China, I still think that I am made for you, let me show you tonight.

If you have something in mind, tell me and I will do my best to make every wish come true.

Babe, you can show me all that you’ve got under those heavy dress and we can enjoy it.

I can’t seem to survive without you, so why not give me a chance to try to prove myself?

There is that gleam in your eyes when I first saw you and I knew you were the one for me.

Valentines Day is here again and I bet you want something sweet, I’ll give myself to you.

To be able to sit next to you is a great honor already, to be able to see you is even more.

You are named something and I heard all the beautiful ladies are named that same way.

You have my heart in knots and I cannot seem to untie a single one, that is the truth of it.

Sweeping you off your feet was not my intention, it just happened to me when I met you.

I may not have a credit nor a library card but hey, I wanted to check you out, it’s different.

I think you are going to be let out of this building coz you make others look bad, that you do.

You have a fine booty that I would love to see on this Valentines Day, care to show me?

Valentines Day is fine and for the menu tonight, that would be solely you, how about it?

Should I show you what it means to be my heart, what it means to have complete control, girl?

Valentines Day are for couples and if you get together with me, we can have a nice time.

I want to show you dominance, I want you to succumb to the temptation that I can offer you.

Listen to me and do not be disobedient or you will suffer some unwanted consequences, dear.

You look so sweet I bet I can sell you up for Valentines Day, what do you think about that?

Valentines Day is for flowers and chocolates, but you are the epitome of sweetness, baby.

I was originally planning to give you some sweets on Valentines Day but you already are.

I hope you like cats because I will take care of your pussy on Valentines Day, I would baby.

Come and join the fun, join the band wagon and the party I will have later tonight, my lady.

Should I teach you some manners on being a sub on the fourteenth day of February, my dear?

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