Twilight PickUp Lines

One of the most popular television show that is related to vampires would be Twilight.
Twilight is a movie series which is all about vampires, love, death and life.
There is also a book where the movies are based form.
After all, people love a sparkling vampire along with some beautiful werewolves to choose from.
Twilight features both and shows how wonderful, cold but also beautiful vampires are and how vigilant, united and strong packs of werewolves are.
If you know someone who loves Twilight, you should try these twilight pickup lines and see if it is any help.

Hey girl I promise I would not get bored with you if you watch Twilight, give me your number.

Here is a stethoscope, you should listen to that heart inside you and just get together with me.

If you want, we can play doctor, my heart does not beat but my thing would be hard for you.


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You must have been drinking before I met you or else was it me who was intoxicating you?

I think what you need is a mechanic for you have truly a fine tuned body I can see that as well.

Want to see some of the battle scars that I have, I would love to show them to you some time.

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If you were going to be Jacob from Twilight, I would love to go on a date together with you.

I have this private island in the middle of nowhere, want to go there and run away with me?

We can just go anywhere you want, girl, I would be there for you, I have a thirst for you, true.

I know nothing about any monsters nor vampires but I have one here inside of my jeans, babe.

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Is your name Edward, coz you look just like a vampire like he was in the movie Twilight, boy.

I can give you all the love you need if you promise you would give me your name after tonight.

If you want some pain along with the pleasure, you have come to the right person indeed, girl.

Baby, I can be anyone you want me to be, just say who and I will start to tell you about it all.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Honey, there are voices inside my head and all of them told me that I should be talking to you.

I can definitely feel some love vibes coming from you tonight, want to share some of them too?

Hey girl, pleasure or pain, I can give both of them to you if you would come with me tonight.


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I have heard that hell ain’t going to be that bad if I have an angel with me so, come along?

With a face like you have, I think you must be on the wrong movie, Twilight is for vampires.

Let me guess what you are feeling tonight, I actually have ESP, I’ll prove it to you right now.

Beach PickUp Lines

Wait, I am getting a vision of the future ahead of us, and there you are, together with me, girl.

Baby, I know how you feel right away, want to know how I am feeling about you, would you?

Your smell got me wanting to kiss all parts of your body, care to do the honors of undressing?

Girl, I know you like Twilight, I’d be willing to be in character if you tell me your name, ok?

Game of Thrones PickUp Lines

Yes I am strong, but I guess I am not that strong for I just can’t seem to resist you by this time.

I do not even feel my heart beating, I must be undead, would you share your warmth with me?

Tell me whatever you want and I assure you that I can do it want to try that out together now?

Sweetie, I have a lab coat on, and yes I would not mind bringing it home to your place, okay?


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The people on Twilight prefers brunettes but I really prefer blondes, after all, wanna try me?

I know what part I like the most about you and I know that you like that I’m not legal, ever.

I have been roaming this earth around for centuries but I would give everything up for you.

Never have I tried human blood but I have tried other fluids that they seem to excrete, babe.

I think I must be addicted to you, would you be the heroin to my story and be with me now?

Twilight is the epitome of a good movie, I want to try things out with you under the tree too.

My sister is able to see the future of people, she sees you and I together, baby, come on now.

Miss? Don’t faint in front of me please, sorry, I cannot seem to help but dazzle everyone too.

I have a twin brother, want to double the fun with us, we can double your pleasure as well.

My sis has psychic visions and she sees me having your number later tonight, how about that?

I’m from Twilight and I tell you that you would not like to see me angry neither horny at that.

I can definitely crush a boulder, if it means I get a step closer to you right about now, baby.

Bella from Twilight smells really nice and so do you, I want to grab and get a good taste now.

My hands have been trained to save people, would you like how good they are in bed as well?

If you want to cuddle I have a house near here, want to get together tonight, just us two, babe.

We can play a game where I am the wolf and you get to be the girl chased by me, what of it?

Twilight shows everyone how fast one vampire can move, should I show you how fast I am?

Do not be afraid, babe, you can show me everything, you need not be scared, I’m a doctor.

You know the saying, right? Once you tasted black, you will never be able to go back after.

You look cold to me right now, should I give you a bear hug to keep you warm all night long?

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You are shivering! It must be that you are cold, don’t worry, I will keep you hot tonight, babe.

There ain’t much I want you to do but will you let me get to third base on this Twilight now?

You seem a bit tense are you afraid of my fangs? don’t worry these won’t hurt you one bit girl.

Your lips may be telling me no but I can see your endorphins are reacting the opposite way.

I may have to put my imprint on you by tonight, I would love to get a good taste of you as well.

I am just like a grizzly bear when it comes to girls I like them running and then I tear them up.

Just like in Twilight, we can run away and just have some great time before I send you home.

Unlike what most people think, my gentle face is a façade, I am going to eat you right here.

We can’t have children but girl how would you like to be the mother of all puppies we’ll have?

I would fight any war if that means I would get in between your sheets for tonight, I tell you.

No need to be shy about it, I already know you think I’m sexy, go ahead and say it out loud.

The moment I saw you walked inside this bar, I knew you were going to be mine by tonight.

I would definitely love to see how many rooms we’d be able to ruin back at my place, baby.

I must be really dead by now if I am seeing an angel in front of me, that’s you, my honey pie.

Twilight talk of vampires, but I am my own type of it, want to try me out and see for yourself?

You do not want me angry, I tend to have a very strong endurance on bed, want to try it out?

I know a monster and it is hidden inside of my pants, would you care to see it right away?

Are you saving yourself up for later, do not worry, I will completely ravish you in bed then.

You take your pick, whatever it is that you like, I would surely love doing anything with you.

I am Edward from Twilight and I can be your worst nightmare or your best dream, choose.

These red eyes of mine are only for you, you have this wonderful smell, good enough to eat.

I play field sometimes too, tossing and hitting balls around, I hope I can hit home run tonight.

I will do anything you want me to, if you give your name and your number to me now, baby.

I do not have any weaknesses, or so I thought, but then I met you and your smile undid me.

Would you like to take me with you home tonight, I am very strong indeed, handle me up.

I would go and have marathon of Twilight with you if it means that you will be with me too.

I really hate fussing over anything but if it’s you I’m more than willing to try out new things.

I just wish I am strong enough to resist your temptation but I’m not so let’s just go home now.

We should see for ourselves whether you can handle me and I can handle you on bed, okay?

There are so many reasons to get away from me and still I see you are getting nearer instead.

I would love to see what you got under your clothes, I find it very intriguing since a while ago.

Are you hurt anywhere, I can hear your heart beating fast under my stethoscope, honey pie.

Sugar, I can take this lab coat off if you want to do some other things at this point, do tell me.

There ain’t words enough to tell you but you dazzle me or maybe your skin does that for you.

Please tell me that you would love me like Bella loved Edward in Twilight, date me now?

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