Trump PickUp Lines

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States has surely won over the media with all his lines flashing here and there.
Trump can be thought of as a model, someone people follow, a trendsetter, that can also be used to describe Trump.
Trump, with every word he says is someone that people like to copy.
If you like the way Trump speaks and the way Trump deliver his words, you might as well try to check out these Trump pickup lines that will let you get more acquainted with Trump speak and how you can do it his way too.

You like Trump, baby? I can speak like Trump, I am better in bed than him too, wanna see?

I like building walls, baby but I promise you that I would never build a wall between us, okay?

If I was asked who I would most likely do a sexual assault to, baby the answer would be you.


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Your panties are like a Jeb Bush to me and so I am going to be dropping them as fast as I can.

I also think that I’m probably the most beautiful person I have seen in my life, how ‘bout you?

I may look like Trump right now, but I assure you I can be better than Trump believe me on it.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You are not Mexico so can I just ask why there is a wall preventing me from getting onto you?

If your name is going to be Mexico I would oppose any wall that they’d like to put between us.

You must be one of the resident of heaven and I am sorry that they have deported you to here.

What that is, is Yuge and I know that you will surely love it, I am telling you ahead of time.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Your last name must be Trump because you look exactly like Trump does, it’s a compliment.

If you date me, I promise you that I would name one of the buildings I’d built after you, okay?

I am only one bad call away from being called Charlie Sheen, wanna be with me when I do?

Baseball PickUp Lines

Do you think that you can help me to make my dick great once more just like before, darling?

You have such wonderful taste especially on that dress but I’d love to have you out of it, girl.

You want to taste of what Trump is made off? I think I’m the next best choice after Trump girl.


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You can tell every friend of yours that you have been on the top of me, they’ll be impressed.

I think that you must be one of those refugees from the wildlife and I wanna taste your liquids.

Believe me, I am telling you that you will never ever meet someone in your life the way I am.

You can go searching the world for someone like me but you will never find anyone to par.

Doctor PickUp Lines

We can make it happen if that’s what you want, you can be Trump while I get to be him too.

I want to take a dip on those wetlands of yours and see if they taste as good as they look now.

If you tell your friends you have been on top of me, I bet your friends will really like you then.

You have such a nice figure to go with that dress, now let me deport you from that clothing.

Call of Duty PickUp Lines

I think Trump must be sleeping in right now, maybe I can substitute for him for a whole now.

I would tear every piece of cloth in your body if you want me to, then sexually assault you.

If I were to pick whom I would most likely to assault if given the chance, I’d pick you always.

You look like an angel, I wonder if you are the same way when you are in bed, let me see it.

Everyone loves me so I have to say that I bet you will love me too after we get together now.


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You say Trump has big hands so you just assumed he has a big shaft too, you should see mine.

Everyone loves me, you’ll get used to it, darling, well I do hope you learn to cope really fast.

I would name every building after your own if you would give me the pleasure of a date now.

I think you look like an angel, are you the same in bed or are you the devil in bed, baby girl?

Want to run a bet on whether Trump will really get all the girls or not really depends, boy.

I’m telling you it’s really huge and I hope that it will fit you just fine, let’s try it out, okay?

We can always try fitting it in and if my shaft is too big, we can use some other holes, right?

I can treat your clothes like they are Jeb Bush and I will not just drop them but rip them apart.

Your idol is Trump? Well, my friends say I am better than Trump, wanna see for yourself?

I can see that a lot of things should be done to you, dirty and bad things, I would do them all.

You must be feeling tired by now because you have been running away from me, all this time.

Enough foreplay and let us just get on to it, let’s go to the bed then I’ll tear your clothes down.

You must be CNN coz I look at you most of the times & I can’t even figure out if you are real.

I can see that you have a lot of potential, we can do bad, bad things to you and you’ll like it.

I can assure you to delete whatever it is you thought of Trump and just focus on me tonight.

If you like mining for gold, you are a good candidate in being my wife, would you like that?

I bet you are tired by now because you have tried running away from me all this time, babe.

I think you are CNN because sometimes you are just too good to be true for my mere eyes.

I wanted to know why you are running away when I am giving you all that you have wanted.

Mining gold is just a hobby, I’m sure but that makes you a good wife for me, want to try it?

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I cannot help but notice you have some nice ass just like Trump does it is so amazing you do.

You need not worry a thing about getting caught, baby because I’ll make Mike Pence say no.

We can tell Mike Pence to just deny everything he sees so do not worry about anything, babe.

You have an ass to par with other girls and I might as well have to build one wall around it.

Looks like I would have to build a wall around you so that only me will get to ever see you.

You can vote for the pro team as long one of them is to date me instead of dating Trump out.

Once I build you a wall, one that is around you, you will have to pay for it, believe me on it.

You have such plump ass and big boobs, you can’t go walking around without a license on it.

Do you have a permit because those pair of ass is truly fine-able, believe me on that, baby.

Trump has a great humor but I bet he sleeps as good as anyone you think so, I wanna be here.

You turn me on and that takes a lot of seduction so I might as well keep you in for myself.

I think I going to have to buy a ring and put it on you, but you have to pay up for it, honey.

If you think you are ever going to get out of being with me, you need to think once more, girl.

You are an illegal alien in the state? I am going to have to deport you straight to my bed, girl.

I will dress up like Trump if it means being able to sleep with you on the bed for tonight, babe.

If you are a drinking water to a native tribe in America, I will have to put my pipe in you, girl.

If you are not my daughter, I am more than willing to go on a date with you, so are you now?

I want to put my pipe inside you and wait for you to scream out loud and have water gushing.

I have a nice collection of women’s bathing suit, you want to try some and model for me, girl?

If you want, we can hang back into the room and just chill out together, you and I baby, ok?

You like Trump that you dream of him then I will be your helper and make them come true.

We can do some roleplay, you can be Putin and then show me how a leader should act then.

We should go to my room and drink some champagne then you can show me who you are.

They say who people are in bed is who they truly desire to be, can I see who you wanna be?

There is nothing more I would love right now than to be in charge of everything in here, you.

I may look old to you but I still have a lot of stamina, check it out for yourself on the bed.

I love nasty woman, I am willing to try making you submit to me on the bedroom from now on.

Just like what is called global warming, you are too hot and beautiful to be considered real.

I heard that you have kept Trump in your heart, how about giving me a bit offer, I stagger.

Are you something like an angel because I am going to send you back to heaven in bed, girl.

You must be thinking I am old but girl, I have got great stamina on the bed, I’ll let you see.

You can be as clumsy as you warm up to me, I’ll take good care of you, Trump fan, girl.

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