Travel PickUp Lines

It is nice travel with someone, to be with people who can understand you or just hang out with.
If you want to appeal to nomads or to people who likes travel, then you might want to use some pickup lines to capture that person’s heart.
Since we all want to travel to somewhere to meet someone new or use this moment to travel and get to know ourselves better and travel in order to forget, here are some pickup lines that you can try out.

If I can travel as fast as speed, I would surely be next to you in a heartbeat.

I want to show you the tower because I am Eiffel-ing for you right now.

You look like a Vietnamese to me, and I want you to know that I’m doomed to pho for you.


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We may have just met right now but I can already see that I will learn to Cairo ‘bout you.

If I was a body scanner, I would never get tired of you, for sure.

I am going to be so Laos if you are not around, do not leave.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Udon know it right now but I think I like you a lot, babe.

I want to flip your body over Andover again until you get satisfied, darling.

Basketball PickUp Lines

I may not be in China but it seems I have gotten to China town when I met you.

It feels like luck is on my side to have met you here in this bar right now.

I cannot help it I want to keep on Czech-ing you out because you have got a really hot body.

Girl, do you want to travel with me? We can easily go to my bedroom at this moment.

Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

You have a really good shape, I bet you should come to me and explore the new territory.

I had a really good time dancing on that dancefloor with you can I Dubai you something?

You seem to be from England to me, because every time I see you I get Brighton up, babe.


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There is Norway I am allowing you to leave me without giving me that kiss, I’ve waited for.

Do you like to travel? You look like you are named from a tower such as Eiffel.

You are such a cute girl and you are also the Swedish one I have ever seen in my whole life.

If you are planning to leave for India, I’d come because I’m willing to Goa with you too!

You seem to be from United Kingdom, is it your accent? Well, listen, I like U, okay?

Chocolate PickUp Lines

I have been trying to be India undergarments but you are giving me a hard time!

I just hope you do not plan on being a monk, I want to go do dirty things to you right now.

I feel that you are the missing piece of my heart, maybe you’ve been my Seoul-mate all along.

Can we travel to China right now, because I China trying to get your name right now.

Harry Potter Pickup Lines

If you notice my eyes travel your body because you look so pretty damn hot, baby.

Can we rest for a bit and just lie down because you Jamaican this heart of mine beat fast.

I can say that you are totally a babe and you are Equador-able, that’s the truth, babe.

Everything has been perfect, everything made sense ever since you Cayman here with me.

We may Bali get to know one another in this trip but I can make your life worthwhile, girl.


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Maybe if we get to be together for tonight, I would not feel like I’m in Lonely planet.

Irish that you would spend the night with me in my house, because you are so lovely.

You have caught my Dublin heart and I promise that I will never let go of this hand.

Are you an African? You seem to be pulling me towards a dark room right now. I love it.

I Havana thought about the two of us, alone in my room, tonight, wanna try that out?

I think I am falling for the way you love to travel, can I get you an airport seat on my shaft?

You Cayman into this room and everything feels a lot hotter now that you’re here.

You have really Mozambique my attention and now I can’t take my eyes off of you, baby.

I think you might have lived in Paris before since you have been making me feel in-Seine.

I can travel with you, girl and even give you a first class seat here on my lap, do you want it?

I Jakarta live without you now that I have gotten to know you better, baby.

You Cayman into this life of mine and I swore you have caught my heart since day one.

I shall go to Paris one day and then maybe I can have a chance at driving you in-Seine.

I bet you are real good when it comes to bed, I have heard Africans are, prove them true?

Every time I hear the world travel come out of your mouth, I want to suck it so badly, baby.

Wanna see my Florence, I bet you would like it, it tastes as good as it smells, I assure you.

I wonder Ha long it is since we last met, I feel the same attraction to you still.

Who needs any map when I can look in your eyes and see the world, right my babe?

You look like you want to travel, shall we get right into my house and just do the deed?

I have fallen in love with you in first sight like I had when I went to Paris.

Lively Travel Pick Up Lines with Photos








I have been Rome-ing around but I haven’t seen anyone whose beauty can compare to yours.

I know we have just met in this course we travel but I feel like I care a lot about you already.

You Belize me in ways that you would never know, would you go on a date with me today?

You never cease to Belize me, would you like to roll around your house tonight?

I’d travel anywhere with you because you are the Hongkong to my China.

I can show you some good time in bed tonight, forget about travelling and all that.

I have high standards and a lot of koala-fications but you seem to have met them all.

Travel with me and I will show you the wonders that each country has to offer, babe.

The way you locked eyes with mine, I knew without a thought I would never leave again.

I have Rome-d your body a lot with my eyes, I can’t wait to be using my hands this time.

I want you, okay? I want your face, your body and I want to travel my tongue in there.

Who needs anyone else when you have caught me by your eyes already, no maps needed.

I think you must have been from Australia since you pass the koala-fications to my heart.

And if you want to travel, that is fine too, we can do everything you want to do, babe.

When our eyes Interlaken, I just knew we are meant for each other.

I will shout to the world that I love you even though it might Costa Rica me.

Did you check in your travel bag, I bet I can fit in there as well, bring me along with you?

I feel that I must have been just Kuwait-ing for you this whole time, probably my whole life.

I can Kuwait for you no matter how long you want, girl, just let me know.

Do you have a penny, I would travel the world with it with you in my mind.

I can be your travel buddy, I will care for you, so would you like to keep me?

Your body Israeli hot and I want to try tasting it real bad, would you let me?

You can overstay here in my house, you seem to be very ‘fine’, I’ll keep your visa.

I see you have kept your Visa in you, let me be the one to steal it tonight.

I just want to call my parents right now, tell them I have met the woman I wanna marry.

Keep me with you when you travel and I assure you that you will have a good time.

I could really Lisbon to your beautiful voice all night long, that’s for sure.

The moment I first learned that travel is relaxing, I knew I was gonna met you, babe.

They say Irish people knows how to party, would you show me?

Darling, let us travel the world, you and I, I bet I can keep you satisfied all year around.

Don’t go and Belize me here, I want to be with you tonight.

I can definitely see that I have some Lucknow since I am with you.

I can get lost in your body, Udon know what you are capable of, baby.

I can stay lost in your arms, who cares about maps anyways, I certainly don’t.

And through the night, as we travel, I will show you some good time to keep you happy.

I have been checking out your body all day, I think you can check-in your hotel now.

If I toss this coin in my hand right now, do you think I can get a head?

Google tells me you are everything that I have ever searched for.

I’m telling you we can travel the world, hand in hand, you would never get bored, honey.

Can I tie you up so that you would never succumb to your wanderlust?

Your wanderlust is so attractive, I want to eat you up today.

I have the heart for travel and your melons seem to tell me they like my hands too.

Do you want to travel with me to a magical place called my bed?

We can travel as we please, as I reach your ultimate spots that will make you scream.

Let’s be friends, you seem like a good travel buddy, and other types of buddy too!

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