Tinder PickUp Lines

Tinder is an application most of the young people are using nowadays to meet new people.
So to leave a mark on your match it is recommended that you use a clever pick up line.
So below are some of tinder related pick-up lines we have created.
Enjoy reading!

If you’re looking for your right partner I don’t think you need tinder because you have me.

If you need a hook up girl you do not need to find someone on tinder because I volunteer.

What’s a smart and beautiful woman doing on tinder? Are the boys around you blind?


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I do not think you deserve to be treated like the boys on tinder usually treat their girls, baby.

I don’t need a hook up darling. I just need some good conversation with a person I don’t know

Do you want hook up or just cuddle because I can be whatever for you baby girl.

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Get ready darling because I would definitely steal your heart in a heartbeat.

I can steal your heart with just my words and my personality. So get ready darling.

I know you do not believe words much. Give me your number and I’ll prove to you my love.

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I would indefinitely swipe left just so I could talk to you again, girl.

I would swipe left repeatedly just so I could find you again, babe.

We did match! That is saying something baby. Want to celebrate with me tonight?

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We matched! See I told you we’re really meant for each other, personally and here on tinder.

Can I be your prince charming Tinder-ella?

I would risk opening my heart to you because I like you already after a few exchanges of chat.


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Want to take this relationship on another level like outside tinder, baby?

Are you ready to take a risk and try if this will work outside tinder, woman?

I think I am already in love with you even though we have only met for only a few hours.

I can make you fall in love with me here on tinder and persuade you to take a risk with me.

I think I beli9eve in love at first swipe because I am in love with you already.

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I do not mind if you picture me naked right now baby but you don’t have to, not anymore.

No matter how many miles apart we are I think I will brave the road to get to know you.

I do not mind travelling for miles so that I could spend time with you today and tomorrow.

There is no distance that is far enough that can stop me from wanting to see you.

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We are match! Wait then for the spark darling because it will definitely come.

Wait for the spark to come baby. I promise it will come just give me a chance.

I told my parents we matched and they cannot wait to meet you girl.

I do not believe in love at first swipe but suddenly I wanted to because of you.

Tinder is for meeting people right? So can I get your number already so that we can meet.


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Suddenly I wanted to plan our wedding because you say all the right words darling.

My heart leapt upon looking at your angelic face and I want to plan our wedding right now.

I think your face is not the only angelic, your personality too.

I want to know if your body is as angelic as your face and personality.

Girl you are the hottest Jessica I met on tinder in the entire time I use tinder.

The next step after the hook up is the wedding right?

Boy I do not want this to be just another hook up. Want to risk with me?

Bo9y I just wanted to be bad even just for tonight. Want to help me with that?

I just want to know if you are committed on our tinder relationship so that I won’t be hurt.

I bet you cannot spend time with me outside tinder. What is your bet darling?

My password is your phone number so want to tell me your number right now?

I would like to exchange meaningful conversations with you forever.

You are the best conversationalist I met here on tinder.

Do you mind if I use your number as mine?

I do not think I will ever be the same after this talk I have with you.

Suddenly I want to live, love and grow old with you darling.

You fill this void that I have been searching what to fill for years now. Thank you, girl.

I would like to turn your pain into something beautiful if you let me?

Want to give ourselves comfort tonight?

I like that your eyes have the same personality as yours.

I like how your eyes looks so strong but vulnerable as well.

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I cannot think of a good pick up line right now because you seem to be better at that than I.

You are funny I bet you are sad inside just like me. Am I right?

I will only consider you smart and attractive if you give me your phone number.

I do not mind taking this on the next level outside tinder because I bet that would be fun.

Girl I need to know if you are going to be naked with me after our conversation ended tonight.

Be a risk taker for once and say yes.

How can you look so beautiful and smart at the same time?

I do not think I would be calm if I meet you personally because you are amazing.

Are you ready to swap body fluids with me because I am, anytime, anywhere.

I do not think there’s wrong with using tinder because I get to meet people like you.

I admire your being open-minded. Want to be open-minded with me?

Go ahead and dive with me in doing all the firsts we could tonight.

I think we are bound to meet even outside tinder because our personalities clicked.

Do you want to go all the way with me? Because I am willing darling.

I want to know the way you smell after we have done that thing all people are talking about.

I think your shirt looks good on you but my imagination thinks your better without it.

I do not think you deserve to be courted on tinder only.

Want to have an experience in riding my pet tonight darling?

I am grateful that I have got you as a much because you are so much fun to talk to.

Your personality and my personality clicks. Want to do something about that?

Will you let this opportunity pass or will you take the risk with me baby girl?

I am seriously curious of what your taste tastes like. Want to quench my curiosity dear?

Tinder or no tinder I swear I would do everything so that I could find someone like you.

I love how optimistic you are of this tinder app. And with that yes, I will go out with you.

Want to fulfill my fantasies of you or should I end this right here, right now?

Want to build a fantasy world with me tonight?

Want to know how hard you are making me right now even if we are just talking on tinder?

Want to try something new such as this meat I have tonight?

Do you need some pumping girl because I would like to give you just that and more.

If you can just give me your real name and number because I want to marry you already.

Do I have to grovel so that you would give me your number?

You have got the prettiest smile I have seen on tinder and the most expressive eyes too.

Girl tell me how do I get you to trust me?

Just tell me what to do so that I could get through the walls you have built around.

I would like us to meet outside tinder darling because we deserve a chance.

Why don’t you loosen up and have fun? This is just tinder baby.

Want to fulfill your fantasies with me tonight at my place?

Loosen up with me even for just one night. I promise it will be fun.

I have a strong feeling that your name equates to trouble but I would like to risk it.

My last name is trouble and I bet you are trouble too. Want to be partners in crime?

I have a very good idea to make your night a bit less boring. Meet in 10 minutes?

I hate tinder but if that is the only way I can talk to you then I will risk it.

I love tinder because I met you through that application.

Girl I know most of these profiles here are fake but I promise I am real.

My love for you is more real than all the profiles here on this application.

If I can make time for this application then I can definitely have time for you.

I think I am the one you are searching for based on that list of yours.

If you like assholes then I am definitely the one you are looking for.

I do not like someone who is too serious. I like bad guys like you boy.

I can make you really feel special but if that is if you give me chance.

Your face and body compensates for not being interesting enough. Don’t worry I got us.

Did you know girl that even before I met you I have a huge crush on you already?

Oh boy you should know that a guy like you is that one I am looking for, for years already.

I can definitely find a way through your heart even if I started at the bottom.

Can you be my wife for this lifetime? I promise I will serve like a real man.

You do not know how thankful I am for this application because I’ve had a chance on you.

Want to make out and smoke somewhere far?

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