The Office PickUp Lines

You always remember that quote, which tells about the forbidden love between an employer and an employee.
But that’s inevitable, especially if your superior is the most beautiful person that you have ever seen in your life.
Love is much more dangerous since you always see each other every day of your lives unless one of you finally resigned or retired in the time being.
Would you bother be breaking the unspoken law for a special office romance or would like to stay as colleagues like the one in the American sitcom? Maybe it’s up to you or even when you try to use one of these pick-up lines that will make your work much less boring than ever.

You might like to watch ‘The Office’ but I liked you much more than that American sitcom.

I think we are a pair of soup snakes who would love to dance all throughout this lovely night.

We should celebrate this beautiful moment and call it like as a Pretzel Day for the both of us.


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Let us start our love affair like Michael Scott started a sentence and let it go where it wants.

Love is like starting a sentence that goes nowhere and just hoping to find it along the way.

It’s a casual day like Michael Scott thinks, but I think this is a very special day for both of us.

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Oh my God, it is happening, and I am falling for you tonight so please calm my heart down!

I love gazing at your wonderful beauty much more than watching the cool sitcom ‘The Office’.

I’m not superstitious about this love between us, but I am a little stitious about our little affair.

I don’t consider myself as a part of this society because I always think that I am a part of you.

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Would you like to become Dwight and let me put something in your Jelly-O through the night?

I suggest you blink once if you want me to pull my plug and kiss me several times for tonight.

I want to watch your eyes twinkle like stars as much as I love to watch the sitcom ‘The Office’.

Airport PickUp Lines

Let us just own a decommissioned lighthouse and travel to space where we can live forever.

In our wildest fantasies, we are in hell where we run the bed and eat breakfast with the devil.

I talk so much that I just learn to tune myself out, but I bet you might fall for all of my charms.

Life is short, so we should drive fast and leave a sexy corpse over our love through the night.


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I hope you watch ‘The Office’ and love it as much I love gazing at your magnificent beauty.

Did I stutter when I try to talk to you and beg you to dance with me for the rest of our lives?

I have many questions now such as number one: how dare you make me fall in love with you?

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It is every parent’s dream to make us children happy and they would feel it if we become one.

I knew just what to do but in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do with our love.

I will wait for your affirmation in my love like just waiting for another season of ‘The Office’.

There are lots of beauty in usual stuff, but I think you are a beauty out of the extraordinary.

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Your real name is probably Ryan since you started this fire in my heart where love started.

Like Dwight Schrute, I came from the long line of fighters, so I would also fight for our love.

I want to acknowledge this sitcom ‘The Office’ or I would remain a senseless person for you.

You should let us feel to be more terrified of how much we would love you for all of our lives.


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Men are also like wolves who must be cared, so this animal like me deserves loving from you.

The only bad failure I consider other than the spelling contest is how I finally stop loving you.

I think that you are a bit funny and adorable tonight like the American sitcom ‘The Office’.

Here I am being Jim Halpert, confessing my love for you, and wanting more than friendship.

Like Michael Scott, I love inside jokes and it must be better to wish to be part of one someday.

I love you like there ain’t no party like Scranton party because a Scranton party doesn’t stop!

I hope we will always be together or it will feel like someone drops a bucket of boiling tears.

Let me adore your witty thoughts and enjoy this little conversion like a sitcom ‘The Office’.

Like what Dwight said it when a seed is planted into the ground, I will plant my seed into you.

We are in the same time zone, but we might feel like we are far from one another right now.

Would you like to have a man meat with passionate kisses and warm embraces as side dishes?

Let’s do it tonight and drop our sucker selves into the ocean where we can find our paradise.

I want to watch our little conversation become as lovely as the sitcom ‘The Office’ for tonight.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I am just going to copy one of your lovely smiles.

I will wish for a lady like you with this coin in the fountain for falling for a cool guy like me.

All I ever wanted is laying on a beach with you and sharing delicious hotdogs for our snacks.

I think that my love for you is as immeasurable as the actual ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

I would never take you for granted in a million years and I would always love you forever.

We should ask Powerpoint for help, but you are the beautiful presentation tool in this party.

Michael Scott might declare bankruptcy, but I will just declare all of these feelings for you.

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It’s funny how we don’t realize ’til Dwight pointed out that the eyes are the groin of the head.

We should make love with the most powerful fire that we could also burn Utica to the ground.

I hope you would adore me for the rest of your life like the amazing sitcom of ‘The Office’.

I would run through the sliding door just for your smile like I would hear the ice cream truck.

Man, I would love to burn your candles like how we would make love all through the night!

I want you to become my little baby who can nourish my lonely life and feed my beautiful soul.

My perfect crime won’t be stealing jewels in Tiffany’s, but when I steal your beautiful heart.

Toby might not think it is illegal to put caprese salad anywhere but stealing my heart does.

My ideal date is either watching the crowd go wild or get crazy with the sitcom ‘The Office’.

I want to wrap you now in my warmest embrace because I am a black belt for wrapping gifts.

I want to find your precious heart like Dwight when he searched for the organs in a dummy.

Many ideas were not appreciated in their time, so we should confess our love to each other.

American sitcom ‘The Office’ makes me laugh like the way you would move your eyebrows.

I have never doubted for a second that you are the woman whom I want to spend my life with.

I would also choose you again to be mine like Dwight would choose brown and gray balloons.

I want to become as funny as Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ so that I could win your heart.

I’m too excited to sleep when we finally met each other’s gorgeous eyes in the noisy crowd!

I can affirm that this very moment is like a modern day Enchanted and this is like a fairy tale.

Okay, we can somehow know that we are on the same page now and that is absolutely great.

Whenever I hear your name, I feel so happy like I have watched an episode of ‘The Office’.

If you ask what I would really want to do at this very moment, I just wanna marry you tonight.

I hope that I would dance with you tonight and whisper several times that we are soup snakes.

I hope I will always be devoted like I will wait for every season of the US sitcom ‘The Office’.

Believe that we did not discover the perfect moment because today is about just having today.

Just know, what eats a large amount of my day are naps and imaginary moments about you.

I will wait for you no matter how long it takes since I know I am already waiting for my wife.

You are the beauty of the world while I know that I am always the face of the silly jokes.

I will let you make me happy like every time I will watch an episode in the sitcom ‘The Office’.

Someone said that we have to pick our own battles, so I will choose to fight for our dear love.

Let us laugh until we start rolling on the floor, like a good laugh from the show ‘The Office’.

My ideal date night is either jiving to the beat of the drums or losing my mind on ‘The Office’.

We should create our own paradise out of this place and name it as the wonderful Tube City.

I want to propose to you like what Jim did for Pam in the American sitcom ‘The Office’.

We should watch the show ‘The Office’ until we can make our love much funnier than ever.

I want to make you my soup snake like what Michael Scott has said to Holly in ‘The Office’.

I want to make you much happier than you would feel when you watch the show ‘The Office’.

Though I have made empty promises before, I will love you with all my life starting right now.

Would you like to try tasting the rainbow right now?

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