Thanksgiving PickUp Lines

Thanksgiving is more fun when celebrated with pickup lines on your pockets just so you could use them immediately when you found someone interesting that you want to talk to.
We are pretty sure thanksgiving will never be dull with these lines we made for you!

Do you mind basting my turkey for me, dear?

I want to celebrate the coming of your presence in my life like thanksgiving, girl.

Do you mind popping my turkey timer for me, baby girl?


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You and I have the hots together for a long time that can melt a pile of cheese, babe.

I like to melt with you tonight darling. Would you mind?

Boy, I would like to make your Plymouth the hardest it can be.

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Want to know the best part of thanksgiving? It is definitely when you stuffed me dear.

I love thanksgiving because it’s the time of the year I get to lose my belt for you and for food.

I just checked your thermometer and damn your bird is hot boy but I can make it hotter.

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Want to know my wish? To be with you in this lifetime and beyond, girl.

Want to get to experience riding my mayflower boy?

I want to taste your food you are cooking in that casserole and I also want a taste of you.

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If you choose to pull the wishbone with me tonight, I promise I will let you win.

I like your taste more than that marshmallow on a candied yam.

It is not only the food that you are cooking that is making my pants burst darling.


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Want to see my corn that is wearing a husk right now?

I would like to compare your taste to this pumpkin pie darling if only you would allow me.

I do not need any gravy boat because your taste is more than enough.

Want to have thanksgiving with me? I promise I will cook good food for you.

If you don’t have anything to thank about yet this thanksgiving just remember my name.

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I want to stuff your kind of something good tonight. Are you ready dear?

I would like to admire how far you can spread tonight at thanksgiving darling.

The food’s not the only thing that makes me want to come home for thanksgiving, there’s you.

I think with you around I always have to wear my oven mitts because you are that hot darling.

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I would like to see your own version of pop-up timer tonight at thanksgiving.

I always lose my head over the food you prepare in thanksgiving and that you are still pretty.

Want me to help stuff your turkey darling? Because I would love to do that for you.

It is thanksgiving! Want to try something new such as this dark meat?

Those breasts look juicy. Want to come home with me and cook for thanksgiving?


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It’s a fact that once you tie the legs together the insides will be moist. Want to try that girl?

I crave for you like I crave all the food in a thanksgiving dinner.

Want me to pump your pumpkin pie lady?

I can make you really feel special not just because it is thanksgiving.

I can make you feel like it’s always thanksgiving because I sincerely am grateful for you dear.

You do not have to ask darling. You can definitely butter my biscuits right here, right now.

I can eat you alone or I can eat you with cranberry and that darling is my choice tonight.

I want to save you for dessert because you are my favorite.

Can I have you for dessert darling? Because you are still my favorite.

All these desserts in front of me and all I want to eat is you.

I would like your taste to be the one that is left on my mouth so I’ll eat you last.

I am pretty sure you still taste better than this pumpkin pie you cooked.

Do you mind if I gobble you up like a thanksgiving bird even if it is not thanksgiving?

Your cooking is good. Do you mind if I invite myself over Christmas?

I am now imagining all the amazing food you will serve and I feel myself delighted already.

I do not need amazing thanksgiving dinner because for me you are more than enough.

Want to know the secret of getting my turkey moist? Come with me in my room.

Want to know the secret ingredient of this recipe? Then spend time with me in my room.

You deserve the best so I cooked the best thanksgiving dinner I could muster.

Boy you can take seconds, thirds, or fourths of my turkey anytime and anywhere you want.

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I love thanksgivings because I get to spend time with you over good food.

And now I have to unbutton my pants because I cannot take your teasing using all these food.

I think I am about to burst. Do you mind if I burst on your pumpkin pie?

Do you like to make my thanksgiving happy? Then spend it with me over dinner baby girl.

After tonight I am going to make sure that you feel oh so nice and all stuffed.

You make the best butterballs. Want to taste what my butterballs taste like?

Do you want to see my skills in basting? Then come with me at my house darling.

I want you to gobble on something after thanksgiving dinner darling if you do not mind.

I’d do everything in my power just so I could get a taste of your version of cranberry sauce.

Do you mind if you give my kids a good thanksgiving tonight? For a change?

I do not mind cooking you and your kids a thanksgiving dinner because I like you.

Let the pleasure take over. Let us not speak until we have had enough darling.

Do you prefer the breast or the thigh? Or I could give you both my man.

I will willingly give you the breast and the thigh part because I love you that much.

Want to take a drag before seeing your family over thanksgiving dinner dear?

In my opinion you have the nicest breasts in town darling and I am thankful for that.

Want to know what I am thankful for? You, always you.

I think you would not be full for what I am about to give you tonight baby girl.

Do you want the breast darling? Because I would willingly give you that and more.

I will stuff you with everything you need in life darling. I promise.

Girl I will never get tired of your taste even after this thanksgiving dinner tonight.

Do you want me to carve you? For a change?

Are you ready to be carved tonight darling and feel a different kind of feeling?

The turkey is not the only one I am going to undress tonight darling. You know what I mean.

Why did you bother to get dress when I am going to undress you tonight?

Baby, I do not think you need any more basting because you taste damn fine already.

I’ll give you every wishbone in the world to give you a chance to make your wish come true.

Do you even need a wishbone? I am already here darling no need to wish for me.

How about we eat later and enjoy our desert darling?

I would like to enjoy this desert I prepared for you tonight darling.

I need to be stuffed some more. Do you think you can do it right now, right here?

I hate turkeys but because you cooked that I will try to eat.

I hate thanksgiving dinners but because you prepare this I’ll go through this with you.

Do you want me to spread some cranberry on your skin? I heard that’s good for you.

I think I am going to lose it if I do not get a taste of you and your food right now.

Do you want a meat stuffing for your thanksgiving dinner darling?

Girl do you want to admire my version of turkey leg tonight? At my place?

Thanksgiving for me has never been this fun. Let us do this again tomorrow?

If you will let me I want to stick something in your cornucopia.

Want to watch as I baste my turkey baby girl? You can help me out too!

Do you like to try my own version of pumpkin pie? I promise it is delicious.

Curious about the taste of my turkey? Do not worry darling I got you.

The only thing I love about this dinner is the thrill of having you here beside me.

Would you like to spread for me baby girl?

I crave the kind of spread you are about to give me.

Are you the dinner for tonight? Because I am picky, you know that already.

I am only going to eat the food prepared by you love.

Wherever I go, I will always come back home to you during this season.

I crave your touch just like the way you touch that turkey.

I do not think I will need cranberry sauce darling because you taste fine already.

Is it time to put my turkey in? Or are you not moist enough?

Damn I hate when I am stuck in having dinner with my family but fortunately I have you here.

Do you like me dear to add some gravy on your mashed potatoes?

Can you be the main ingredient of what I will be cooking tonight?

I made all of these for you with love.

I do not think I am going to sleep after this because you certainly deserve a reward for this.

You did great on this dinner darling! Do you want a taste of what I prepared only for you?

If I am going to choose between this dinner or you. Of course! I will choose you!

Girl maybe we need some cooling before the dinner because this certainly is exhausting.

Want to do something and cool down with me?

I know a great way for us to cool down dear!

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