Tennis PickUp Lines

An enthusiast of that sport? Or just a fan of the sports and you happen to know someone who is also a fan and you badly wanted to strike up a conversation but do not know how? Then, below are some of the pick-up lines we have created just for you! Pick your line that suits your personality and pick that guy/girl! Enjoy reading fellow enthusiast!

Darling, you don’t have t worry whether my racket is functional or not because it is great.

Dear, I heard you are an enthusiast of this sport, want to see my special racket at home and try it?

I heard you are into this sport. Want to play the game with me or play with me? Got it?


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Hey darling. I have got lots of balls at home. Want to come with me and try them?

I have been looking for a perfect doubles partner all my life. Finally, I found you.

Darling like I always tell my doubles partner in this sport, I have got you covered… Always.

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Girl, even if you are not my doubles partner I always got you. Don’t worry.

I have shown you my balls. Would you show me yours?

For you, I will always let my score be love because I love you.

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This is the best match I have had in my entire life. Want to do this again in the future?

Dear, I will let you win match after match if that would make you happy.

Save your time explaining technicalities because I know this sport. I just want to spend time with you.

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I can balance things perfectly, see I can still hold your hand while my other hand is holding the racket.

If I can make it through match after match of tennis I am sure as hell I can prove my love for you.

I do not have a match today but my energy is so high. Want to help me burn some energy?


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If you will be the price for this tennis match then I would definitely do everything to win this.

I feel like I have just been hit with a tennis ball when you walked into the room because you’re lovely.

I do not mind fetching all these balls for you just so I could spend all these time with you.

Do you want to watch a demonstration of what a good match? Watch me tonight?

Tennis is not only the game I am good at. I am also good in that game your thinking. Want to try?


Girl, do not hold back because I’d definitely catch all those balls for you.

Worry not my dear because I am good at catching balls and people too.

I will fight my way in into your heart like the way I fought my tennis matches. With persistence.

After countless times of hitting balls after balls in my tennis matches, I’d like to hit a different ball.

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I am so used with the thrill these tennis matches bring. I’d like to experience a different thrill with you.

You know I always crave action. Can we do a different kind of action aside from these tennis matches?

Want to talk about one thing we have in common over drinks? Our love for the thrill and tennis.

I think the probability of me winning over your heart is pretty high because we both love tennis.

Do you want me to give you my racket and ball? Because I am more than willing, baby.


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For you I will push my limit doing everything in my power to win every tennis match I have.

I am looking for someone who shares the same passion as I have to tennis. Would you be my buddy?

Darn boy, you look so hot in your tennis clothes.

Hey want to hit some tennis balls and lose some sweat with me?

I would push my limit every tennis game just to get your attention.

Hey want me to teach you tennis and get to know me a little along the process?

My love for you is greater than my love for winning every tennis match I have.

Go on and hit me with those tennis balls but I won’t budge because I love you.

I will not let you get hit around like a tennis ball because you do not deserve that.

I’ll walk with you as you fulfill your goals and get that 1st price in your tennis match.

Even if I suck at tennis you can still be sure about my love for you.

This is such a wonderful thing-watching tennis match with you.

You drive me crazy like only the world’s best tennis matches could.

I will take care of you like I take care of my tennis paraphernalia.

One thing that leaves me sad aside from missing a tennis match is missing you.

I will treat you like a match I have to win; I will give you my blood and sweat-my 100 percent.

I love you like a tennis player loves his tennis ball and racket.

I bet you and I will make a good doubles partner if you will just risk it.

You’re addictive and I’m only addicted in this kind of matches and that’s saying something.

A slow progress with you still feels like scoring in a hard to win tennis match.

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If I have got stamina for the entire tennis match then I have got enough for you tonight.

Want to know my religion next to tennis? Making you fall in love with me.

All this time I was aiming for you to be your favorite match.

Baby, you are like a match that is able to push me to live longer and harder.

You drive me insane like I feel after watching matches of my favorite players.

I will make you feel a lot of emotion like the way I feel upon witnessing a great match.

I would love to play match after match with you. Just lay down the rules, babe.

You’ve got me diving and bending and spinning, tripping and falling just to hit your heart.

I won’t settle for scoring just a point on you, I want to win you over, baby like I win matches.

You are a match I am not willing to lose because you come in life only once.

Seeing and being near you make me feel excited and I’m usually excited only for a match.

I am bending, diving, tripping, and falling for the balls you hit. Will you break the fall?

With you I always feel like I am winning match after match, baby.

Doesn’t matter if you lost in that match because I’ll give you a game you sure could win.

I failed at winning the game but I am always a winner because I always have you-win or lose.

It is okay to be kicked and passed like that ball if that means getting your attention.

I always get excited when I play this game but I am more excited when I get to see you.

I miss you harder than I’m missing playing a game. Want to do something about that?

I am not good at this game but I am willing to learn to finally get close to you.

Put your defenses down because I am not a match you have to win. You are already a winner.

If only have a couple of minutes to win you over I bet I could.

I do not mind being treated like a ball by you tonight. You know what I mean?

Boy I’ll be cheering you on during your game until my voice becomes hoarse to show my love.

Girl I will love you more than the duration of these matches.

Oh darling. I have overcome match after match and I’d be willing to overcome more for you.

I would be the most aggressive attacker if you want and need me to just like in my matches.

I would smash every boy who looks at you in a funny or dirty way because I love you.

I love playing match after match with you on the court and outside of that.

You want unlimited lets? I am sure as hell would give you that just tell me.

I promise that even if I am bad at serving I will serve you like a Queen.

Girl, I would do every play I know just to satisfy you.

Girl, if you want me to pretend that I can’t handle your shot I would definitely do that.

I will take shot after shot you have got if you would take my shot tonight, baby.

Are you crazy? Of course I will not let you ace me but I would because I like you.

Watch me win all these games and let me take you as my price tonight.

Let me assure you that even we are still in the training ground I will give you my best effort.

I’ll perform every skill and trick I learned in this sport to make your thrill seeking-self happy.

Do you have time? Want to have some rally with me? I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Damn, I have never seen such a perfect form as yours until tonight.

For you I will hit an inside out forehand winner. No matter how difficult that is

A bye does mean something in this sport right? But I do not want to say bye to you baby. Never.

Girl, I promise I will prioritize you like I prioritize this sport.

My desire to play a match with you tonight is like my desire to play this sport every season.

Do not worry girl I will every only play with you when we are in court but outside I won’t promise.

Do not be too defensive girl because I am trying to win you over along with that heart of yours.

I will let you win match after match that is if you give me a chance to know you better.

I have a couple of your shots pass but this time I am going to make you love me and return those.

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