Sweet Pickup Lines

When you are trying to get someone to talk to you or sweet talking someone into hooking up with you or get into a relationship with you, pickup lines will definitely come in handy.
To make sure that it is clear that you are looking for some romance, sweet pickup lines will definitely do the trick.
Here are some of the best sweet pickup lines that will surely show you how to get the person you want.

Do you carry some bandages with you? Because I just hurt myself when I fell in love with you.

I was wondering if you have a map because I could stare at your eyes and get lost in them.


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I love your eyes as it is bluer than anything that I have ever seen, even the sky and the sea.

You had me at hello the way you said my name and the way you stared at me, like no one did.

You have my heart and you will always have it as long as you keep loving me, my dearest.

Would you give me the pleasure of erasing your past so that we can write the future together.

You are so beautiful that every time I look at you, you always seem to be shining, all the time.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Everything is so perfect and it will even me more so if you give me what your name is, girl.

I think that you are a magician for I cannot see anyone else whenever you are with me, dear.


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I can probably die now and be happy because I have met a person like you in this lifetime.

My mother told me that there are a lot of fish in the sea but the only one I want is you.

Good Pick Up Lines

I would be happy to give you this heart of mine if you wanted it, just tell me that you do.

Really sweet pickup lines

I think that our hearts were one at birth and I was born searching for you still, after all.

Some days, I wish we can stay together forever so that I would never have to leave you ever.

Has anyone ever said to you that you have the smile that can kill and you are killing me now.


You have the most mesmerizing eyes, the one that I can keep looking at and never get bored.

One night, a tear fell down my cheek and I knew I must have remembered you once more.


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Your smile was the best thing I had ever seen on you so I hope you would always wear it.

Tell me that you love me and I will show you what love truly means, what love truly is.

Is there such thing as loving someone so much you feel like you just want to be together?

Smooth Pick Up Lines

Be with me, be with me through eternity, through fire and tears, through everything else.

It is not my fault that I fell in love with you because you were always so kind to me, dear.

When I saw the rainbow, I thought it was the loveliest thing until I finally met you today.

Your father must have been a thief as it looks like he stole stars to put in your eyes.

PickUp Lines

I think that your lips are the reddest one I had ever seen in my entire life, can I suck on them?

What beautiful face you have that I just want to stare at you all day long, girl.

I wished for rain but the sun came out, I wished for water but the drought came, so if I wish for you, will you come?

I want to be able to hold you tight every single night of the year, would you let me?

There are so many fish in the sea but the only one I want is you and no one else, baby.

Sweet pickup lines for girls

Baby you are so hot you melt chocolate that is subzero degrees! I can’t even touch you.

I actually thought happiness starts with the letter H but mine certainly starts with U.

Everything about you is certainly perfect except for your last name, let me change it to mine.

If you want to imprison me in your heart, I would come to you with open arms and let you.

If one day you find yourself in a room that is red in color, do not worry you might be in my heart, being thoroughly loved.

If you let me be the one for you, I would show all those other girls what loving you is like.

I would forever be loyal to you if you let me, I will hug you and care for you every single day.

Did you catch what I said? I just wanted to remind you how beautiful you are. I love you.

There is not anyone in this world that can amount to what you mean to me, baby.

There are a thousands of reasons why I love you and at night I begin to count them all again.

I will steal your heart so go steal my heart and together we will commit the crime of love.

I promise to love you, to kiss you, to hug you, to love you, to care for you and be there for you.

I always play the field because if there is a chance I can hit a home run for you, I’d take it.

You want to know what my biggest secret is? When I fall for someone, I do it over and over.

If one star would fall every time you cross my mind, there would be no stars left anymore.

You certainly do look like an angel, could you have been from the heavens above?

The moment our eyes connected in the room, I knew that I would spend the night with you.

I think we should turn the fire alarm off because you are smoking hot you might set it on.

If I had to choose between death and loving you, I would die there loving you forever.

When I saw you, all the words just left from my mouth, I was totally speechless, dear girl.

People say that no one is ever perfect but you know, I think they have yet to see your beauty.

If every time I tell you that I love you, a tree would grow, then the earth would be full of it.

Forget the world and come with me, I will show you what you have yet to see, dear girl.

I can die happy if I die any second now because I have met you, the most beautiful woman.

Your beauty is really eternal and I would love to be able to spend the rest of eternity together.

Forget whatever he promised you, he will break them, believe in me and I will do everything.

Maybe I cannot give you everything you desire but I promise I will give you the thing you need the most in life: someone to love you.

I will be honest with you and tell you that there are still days I wish you are mine forever.

I’ve always thought that you were pretty but then I saw you with some girls, you’re beautiful.

You might have been the reason for my cavities because baby you are really so sweet.

If you want to know who completes this life I have, just read the second word of this sentence.

Ever since I first saw you, I started believing in angels, because you certainly look like one.

I would give you a plastic rose and tell you that I would love you until the rose finally dies.

Are you a believer of destiny? Because I definitely think we are destined to be together.

I want to love you like you have never ever been loved before by anyone else, if you let me.

Best Sweet Pick Up Lines For Girls or Guys With Romantic Images

Sometimes I will be like the air to you, you will not see me but you will feel my love for you.

And then you started becoming the air I breathe, as if I could not live without you by my side.

I think you have been a broom in your past life because you swept me off these feet of mine.

Maybe I should call my mom right now and tell her that I finally saw my dream girl.

No matter how much time pass by, you still look the same as ever, are you a witch or what?

My life used to be so sad until you came into it and made it more colorful than it was.

I do not have it in met to stop loving you, that is like trying to count the grains of sand in the widest desert in the world.

I lost my teddy bear somewhere so would you let me sleep together with you, just for tonight?

I think that you are like a man that carries huge things because you have a really huge heart.

I do not know where I lost my library card or if I even had one but can I check you out?

If you want to know how much I love you, I would tell you to count all the stars at night and say that much.

When I close my eyes, I see how my life would look like if you are not beside me anymore.

I think that I might love you more than I love myself, given that I am a narcissist.

Truly, it was a wonder why you had such an impact at me I was willing to change everything.

I like you so much, I am willing to give all that I have if it means that you will love me back.

Did you know that kissing someone would actually burn around 6.4 calories in a minute? Should we go burn how much we can?

People say that nothing actually lasts forever, so can you be that for me, my nothing?

Would you let me borrow just one kiss from your plump lips? I promise to give it back at the very second you give it to me, lady.

You are the person I want to wake up next to in bed tomorrow, would you want me too?

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