Superhero PickUp Lines

You heard a tiny sob, the saddest noise that you might possibly ever heard in your life.
When you walked over towards the sound, you saw a beautiful angel sitting alone and drinking a martini over the counter.
As you found an empty seat, your curious eyes met the teary, gorgeous pair of hers.
You did not utter any word, but you already knew your gaze showed a genuine apprehension.
In a while, this angel gave you a little bit of smile which you probably thought as a go signal for a decent conversation.
Perhaps you might use few of these pick-up lines, so you can save the poor heart of this maiden or gentleman, without requiring any shiny cape or ridiculous superpowers?

I want to be the superhero that will save you from any heartbreaks and troubles in the future.

I want to save your beautiful smile in this dark and cold world full of misery and catastrophes.

I think your wonderful love can save me from the never-ending sorrow and pain of tomorrow.


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You can save me from this misery with just a little bit of smile and a cute twinkle in your eye.

I will save you in this wreckage from all of countless heartaches and rejections in your life.

Are you my savior and my guardian angel who will give all the love in this dark cold world?

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I will be the indestructible superhero that will fight against all odds just to get your dear love.

I want to fight my all of love for you and I will love you endlessly even until the end of time.

Do you wonder how you can save my poor heart with the tiny sparkle in your gorgeous eyes?

If you want, we can fly away from here like a pair of doves or a cool couple of superheroes.

Airport PickUp Lines

I hope these chances won’t fly away like a bunch of heroes soaring in the blue midnight sky.

I will fight all of these wicked villains and scary monsters who will try to scare you to death.

Do you think I am the kind of superhero who will save your night with a cool passionate kiss?

I hope that I can be the savior of your gorgeous smiles from all of this cruelty and madness.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

I want to protect your innocent mind and beautiful smile that I will cherish for all of my life.

I think I found you, my savior and protector from these countless problems and adversities.

I want to be a superhero who will just fly with you across the world until the end of time.


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Maybe someday we can be superheroes who will just save each other’s necks all the time.

Do you think you are the protector of my heart, who will make me feel safe in all of my life?

You can be my only love for eternity, but I think I should save all of your gorgeous smiles first.

Breaking Bad PickUp Lines

I think you are that superhero who just barged into my life and saved my poor broken heart.

I hope this cool jazz music and our silly dances can save all of our love until the end of time.

I want to be with you, my dear superhero, so I can feel forever safe in the power of your love.

I wonder how I can save your world with just offering all of my clumsy love and my silly life.

Women PickUp Lines

I am terrifically amazed that you can save my lousy day with your gorgeous and funny smiles.

I hope that I can be the superhero who can fly into our own beautiful and wonderful paradise.

I want to be the protector of my clumsy love for you from all of this cruelty and wickedness.

I hope that you can save all of these wonderful memories in the bottom of your beautiful heart.


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If I can be a superhero in another life, I will be the savior and reaper of the shattered souls.

You can fix my fragmented smile with the silliness of your jokes and the beauty of your mind.

Tonight, I will probably think of your dark long hair as your lovely shiny cape in your back.

You should think of me as the protector of your dimpled smile and your ridiculousness in life.

I want to soar like a superhero who will save you from these possible troubles and hardships.

I hope my love will become a power that will forever save you from all of this melancholy.

You can perhaps change all these things with the sole power of the earnestness of your love.

I am absolutely amazed at your power of changing my frowning smiles to a silly laughter.

Do you think that you can be the protector of my beautiful heart and the soul in this world?

I want to soar with you across the night sky, with the tinge of blood and tears from laughter.

I can a superhero who will fight for your love or a villain who will conquer all of your worlds.

I hope that I will not be a villain who will just suddenly steal your beautiful heart and soul.

You should be my savior and my sole protector in this higgledy-piggledy world of hollowness.

We only just met, but I thought your twinkling eyes already saved my soul from the purgatory.

I am awestruck that you can just save my miserable day with every bit of your gorgeous smile.

I wish that I can feel your back if there is a shiny beautiful cape or soft, feathery pair of wings.

I wonder how you can be a superhero when you have conquered my beautiful heart and soul.

You can be the superhero who can save my life with your wedding ring and your promises.

I hope that I can still be with you until the time when there are no superheroes in this world.

I think you are a superhero because you can save with the power of your tiny gorgeous smiles.

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You should probably dance with me while the heavens will save us both from broken hearts.

I hope that you will not have a fragmented mind and I can save you from all of these miseries.

We can live like in the fairytales where there are monsters and heroes in our pitiful lives.

I hope that I can be the superhero who will save your day with all of my silly jokes and puns.

Can I have a dance with you, that will somehow save all of these beautiful lights and music?

You should probably go away with me, my dear superhero, into the depths of our own world.

Someday, we might want to into the world where there are the saving grace and eternal love.

We might probably save our smiles for tonight and use it as a special treat in the midnight.

You should see how you can save my day with your shiny shield and your rainbow smiles.

I think you just save my poor heart with your angelic voice and beautiful twinkling eyes.

I can blame you as the villain of my life because you kept my heartbeat to be fast all the time.

I hope that you are the light that can save me from the taciturnity and darkness in this world.

I should protect your heart right now like how I should probably do in the very first place.

We can soar across the sky like a bunch of great superheroes and save all our love for life.

I hope we can be a pair of superheroes who will conquer the sky and sing with all of our love.

Listen to the whisper of the swaying trees, you should know your love has already saved me.

I wish that I can be the sole protector for you in this very journey to the beautiful paradise.

We might encounter all the possible monsters but remember I will always protect you forever.

You should just always remember I can save you wherever and whenever you possibly are.

We should not be afraid to take off our capes and fight all the monsters with all of our love.

Just don’t ever be terrified of these adversities, as I will always be your protector and savior.

I think I can love you like a superhero will save the mankind from the wickedness and cruelty.

I hope that I can be the superhero who will fly away with you for the rest of our precious lives.

I think you are Iron man because you are Tony Stark and I am Pepper in this cruel reality.

I might be the Superman in your life, but you are my only weakness, not the silly kryptonite.

If I will be a superhero, I will be the Spiderman and you will be my Gwen Stacy forevermore.

I am forever awestruck with the power of yours, my lovely superhero and Wonder Woman.

I wish that I will be the superhero who will soar across the night sky like Fantastic Four.

I should go over there and fix you like a superhero saves the mankind from the destruction.

I am mesmerized with the power of your love and how it can actually save my rough night.

Someday, you can go rushing here again like a superhero and bring back all my silly smiles.

I wish that I can be Doctor Strange who will manipulate time, so I can forever be with you.

I wish that we can Agent Coulson and Agent May who will be partners for the rest of our life.

If I will be a superhero, I will kiss you in the middle of the battle while I hold my shiny shield.

We can be the bunch of superheroes who can be resurrected with the infinity stone of our love.

Can I have this dance with you, while we can conquer the world with the power of our love?

If I will be a superhero, I will wish for the protection of your lovely heart and beautiful soul.

I want to save your innocent heart in this cruel world full of ludicrousness and sorrowfulness.

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