Super Mario PickUp Lines

Super Mario is one of the most famous game of the decade. With Super Mario and his brother Luigi out there trying to save princess Peach, everybody sure got hooked up with the game itself. Now, Super Mario has truly evolved around the ages but still Super Mario is a hot game to kids and to adults nowadays. If you want to hook up with someone who is a Super Mario fan, here are some Super Mario pickup lines that might just bring you some good luck.

I would spend all my coins on gaining Super Mario lives for you if that’s what you want me to.

You must be the mushroom because you are surely making me grow big down there, babe.

You are as gorgeous as princess Peach and I look forward to having you naked on my bed.


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I would love to ride you anytime, I have grown a bit tired of riding Yoshi, at some point.

I can show you why they call me Super, there is something that I do superb in bed, girl.

The best thing about being with me is that you do not even have to turn on any game at all.

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If you want to play with me, you can just say it out loud, I will let you do so any time.

There is nothing I would like to be right now than the Luigi to your player any time soon.

We can play a game, you and me and have it as two players for the world to see, my baby.

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Super Mario is a favorite game of mine as well, we can talk the whole day about it, babe.

You could be the magic flower that eats up a man with its mouth, you eat me up good.

I know just how I felt when I went into those tubes, what I want is yours in my holes.

French PickUp Lines

I feel like the tubes in the game, I bet you can just fill me up with your cream, my boy.

Man, you have got a really big cleaning rod, you can put them in my tube any time you want.

I want to clean up your pipes, they seem to be filled with something really white right now.

I would be your warp tube and I would be inside you all along, every minute of the day, babe.


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Sonic is blue but my favorite color is red and I’m happy you like me too, let’s play this game.

You can blow the whistle so that we can skip to the next level, no more doing anything crazy.

I would travel every level if it means being with you, do you want to see it for yourself?

You like Super Mario, then I bet you would like to play with me in my bedroom, right now.

Pirate PickUp Lines

I would just jump over you and ravage you in a good way, like that monster flower there.

I would spend all my coins if it means I can be revive and have another ride with you.

You can ride me anytime that you want, I am not that picky, I can give you a good time.

If you can just give me a 1-up here in my pants, I would give you the world right now, baby.

Doctor PickUp Lines

I have the control play so you have to listen to every word I say, do every necessary move.

If I was Super Mario, you’d be Princess Peach so that we would be together for so long, babe.

We can play all night long if that’s what you want as long as you give me some incentive.

Your boobs are way bigger than the princess’, I would love to give them a taste some time.

If you were Yoshi, I would ride you all day and all night without stop, I tell you that.


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I can level you up if you let me as long as you will pay me really good, like with your body.

If you jump here on top of this flagpole in my pants, I would shoot you a great shower, babe.

I will try to rescue you like Super Mario did princess Peach, you just have to wait up for me.

If you look like princess toad, I would have killed the game a long time ago, without fail.

I can get you to any level you want just by a single word that you would sleep with me.

Like the magic feather, you would not even feel me as I go inside you and pound you hard.

You grew a tail in my heart and then you just suddenly flew away, I can’t help but chase you.

You turn me on and you can’t do anything about it, I shall do everything with my might now.

You can be Super Mario and I will be Luigi, be my player two when we start this game, girl.

I can jump as high as Luigi can and wear that jumper even better than he does, believe me.

I will level you up and then I will tell you that I can do some more if you would kiss me.

Give me a good night’s kiss and I will show you that fireworks is indeed possible, girl.

You can be my player two, a privilege spot I don’t let just anyone have if you let me.

I have the title super not just for nothing but for everything, I can show you what it means.

Super Mario is a hero, he does great things indeed, I can be that for you and more, baby.

Do you want to ride my Yoshi, he is very friendly and he is very thick as well, my dear.

You can have a ride with this Yoshi of mine any time, let me see how well you can really ride.

I wonder why they call you princess peach when you have those two nice melons in there.

If you get to become a princess, I will be the toad who will follow you in that rainbow road!

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I can jump as high as Super Mario if you are going to say yes to giving me your digits, babe.

You can have 1-up or 2-up, let me know and I will give it to you together with my rod.

I bet you can clean up a tube real good, you can start with mine with that rod of yours, boy.

My pipes has been really dry since a year ago, you can actually just start filling me up, boy.

You can save me anytime, as long as I get a taste of you some time, boy, I can see that bulge.

Does saving woman turn you on, because if it does, I will gladly let you save me anytime.

There is nothing great about Super Mario but the fact that he wants to save her, like I do you.

Should you have a test drive of Yoda, I bed he will give you some challenges like I would.

Maybe you should see if I am really Princess peach because I bet I would taste real good.

I wonder what that bulge is on your jumper, it seems to me that you are happy to see me.

How do I even start with checking you out when you make me stare at you for your beauty?

I am good at evading enemies like Super Mario, want to test it out for yourself right now?

You have a pretty smile and I want to keep that for a while, I want to be with you, girl.

Should I have been a tube, I would want you to be the one to clean me out, baby girl.

You must be a magic feather to my Super Mario because I want to be with you right away.

There is nothing better to do, so want to play a game in my bedroom and see who wins?

I can give you a tiara and we can pretend to be Super Mario and princess Peach tonight.

If you were the princess, we haven’t seen each other in a long time, let’s make most of it.

I have been wanting to see you for a long time, shall we spend some good time together?

I would give you my extra life if it means we can spend more time on my bed together, babe.

No matter what Super Mario has been my favorite, but now you are my new favorite, girl.

There is nothing that turns me on more than the thought that we would play later tonight.

I would be your warp tube and together we can travel together, want to check that out?

Maybe you are the reason I am burning up, you must have been the magic flower, babe.

I would spend every money that I have to give you all the extra lives if you go out with me.

You can be my powerup in the world of Super Mario, I’m always waiting to find you, darling.

Come join me as we try to check out the flagpole, I can shoot some more fireworks for you.

Sonic may be blue but Luigi is green and I can show you what it means to be scorching red.

You have some nice melons that I can’t help but call you that but then you said you’re peach.

We can have some nice time together, you and I if you would give me a chance to see you.

You have a pink dress, it’s nice but you’ll look better without it, I’d bet my money on it.

In the middle of my Super Mario game, I stopped because I saw you, that’s how it is, honey.

You have that nice golden hair, it would look prettier wrapped up on my large rod.

Baby, I want to see you naked, what can I do to have you like that, just tell me and I’ll do it.

You are the only one I would give up Super Mario for, without any regrets in my heart.

I have Super Mario on my PC on my bed, want to check it out with me right away, boy?

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