Best 60 Stupid PickUp Lines so Bad it will Make You Laugh

Some pickup lines are good enough and actually work but there are just some pickup lines which can’t make the cut or is simply just too stupid or dumb.
But some pickup lines even how stupid or dumb they are, they have this magic that will make people laugh their heart out.
This list of stupid pickup lines might look useless but they can actually become handy if you just know how to deliver it.
Take time to read this assorted stupid pickup lines which with no doubt will entertain you.
Feel free to share if you want to!

You must be an elevator. Because you are lifting my spirits up and down.

I desperately need a map because I am always lost in your eyes.


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You are responsible for global warming because you are oh sizzling hot!

Are you not tired of running? Running through my head all night and all day.

You must be an overdue book from the library. Why? Because you have the word FINE written all over you babe.

I love to put skittles in my mouth. Do you wish to taste the rainbow?

I want to blow you just like how I want to blow a whistle.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I want to mash you just like how I will mash my favorite potato.

If you are willing to do something stupid, will you do me first?


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My mattress got wet and dirty, may I sleep in your bed tonight?

Are you a shoelace? Because I want to tie you up real tight.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

Your body temperature must be one hundred degrees Celsius because you are incredibly hot.

You are just like an addicting drug. Why? Because I want to do you every time.

Are you fond of making explosions? Because you just set off one explosion, inside my pants.

Are you sure that we do not have class together later? Because I am pretty sure we have chemistry.

Funniest PickUp Lines

You love food as well? Oh my God! We have so much in common!

I am not an educated professional photographer but I am certain that I can picture us happily together.


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You make me like an avox. For short, you make me speechless you know.

Are your hands heavy? I am willing to hold it for you.

My feeling for you is like my diarrhea because I can’t hold any longer.

Science Pick Up Lines

You must be from UK because I just want U, K?

Give me your name or else I will have to settle in calling you mine.

Will you please lend me a kiss? I promise that I will so give it back.

Please kiss me if I am wrong, but penguins can fly right?


I want to mine into yours so bad.

Are you a Pokémon? Because I will really choose you.

Just like Google, you are the answer to all that I am looking for, for a very long time.

Lady, you honestly got more legs than the bucket of chicken I just ordered from KFC.

Do want to have a seat? On my face, tonight!

I have an STD because of you. Sexually transmitted desire to be with you.

I feel like a race car because I can’t control myself from accelerating towards you.

Have you seen any treasures around? Will you mind if I look and dig into your chest?

Are you Sprite? Because you are my thirst quencher.

If you do not really believe in true love at first sight, so how many times do you want me to pass by you again?

If I walk you to your home, will you keep me inside it?

I am about to say God bless you but as I take my second look on you, it looks like that you are already blessed.

You have two choices. First, sleep with me and I will not tell anyone or second you will not sleep with me but I am going to tell everybody that we did sleep anyway. Your choice is?

Will you please allow me to read the print in your shirt, in brail?

The only thing I stole is your heart and yes I am a thief by doing so.

Did you ever wonder why screw rhymes with me and you? Want to find out?

There is a party inside me and you are cordially invited. Please come!

I lost my underwear. Can I see yours just to be sure that you did not take them?

Why strive to have the best if you can have the rest?

I just ruin my pants! Can I slip into yours?

I just lost my virginity; can I have yours for a while?

Are you wearing magnets? Because my metal rod is attracted to your buns.

Here is $20, drink all you can. When I already look gorgeous in your face, then come and talk to me.

May I see your driving license girl? Because you are most definitely driving me crazy.

Can’t breathe! I am in need of mouth to mouth, hurry!

Latex is the only and sole thing that I want between us in our relationship.

It might look like a needle but its performance is comparable to a sewing machine.

It is dangerous to ride a horse, so ride on me instead.

I am honestly gay but a longer look on you might turn me straight.

I love to spoon, I mean it is my favorite utensil.

I think someone just gave out a nasty fart. Let us get out of here and come with me.

Oh, I forgot my phone number. Can you please give me yours for me to remember?

What is the direction? Towards your heart?

I am not yet drunk. I am just intoxicated. Intoxicated by you.

Hey do you need a ride? A ride on my lap?

Do you want me to clean your mouth? With my rod?

Instead of doing it from across the room, will you please allow me to look at up close?

If beauty and hotness is measured in seconds, you must be an hour.

I am thirsty baby! Oh you look just like my Gatorade. Want to quench my thirst?

I am so bored right now. Can you please entertain me?

Hi gorgeous! The little voice on my head told me to come over and introduce myself to you.

Is your name Sugar? Because you look so deliciously sweet.

I am Peter and my middle name is Pan. Do you want to go to Never land with me?

Are you alright sweet angel? That is a long fall from the heaven that you just had.

Forgive me my lady, I am an artist and I can’t help not to look into exquisite pieces of art like you.

Hey, how does it feel like to be the most attractive lady in the room?

Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the sole TEN I see!

Hey, are you really fond of wearing your shoes over your socks?

Your breasts keep reminding me of Mt. Rushmore because my face should be jiggling among them.

It is a good thing that I always bring with me my library card, because definitely I am checking you out.

My mother washed my bed sheets. Can I sleep with you tonight?

Can’t sleep tonight. Will you please keep me company?

Are you farting? Because you keep on blowing me away.

Oh my! You must be working on Subway. Because you without a doubt just gave me a foot-long.

Do you have any band-aid? I need one because I got a scratch on my knee falling for you.

Will you please touch my hand even just for a second? I just want to tell my friends that I have been touched by a sweet angel.

Are you a Transformer? Because you are so Optimus Fine!

My mother washed my pillows. Can I sleep with you tonight?

If you will be fruit, then you must be a fineapple.

So you are a goal keeper. Will you please keep me in your heart?

Are you pizza? Because all I need is you to get satisfied.

What is the difference between the cheeseburger and your erection? You can have a cheeseburger anytime you want.

Are you my appendix? Because I have this feeling that I need to take you out. Dinner perhaps?

Dumb 10 Stupid PickUp Lines With Tinder Pictures

In a scale of one to America, how free are you tomorrow? Because I want to have dinner with you.

You are a doctor right? Good, because I have a huge bone which needs assessment.

Are you some kind of a magnet? Because you are attracting me so much like how nails attaches themselves to the magnet.

Are you my phone? Why? Because I can’t keep my eyes and hands off you.

If you are feeling cold, here, use my arms to give you warm.

Are you a toilet paper? Because I want to go to the restroom with you.

Will you be the cup to my cake? So together will become cupcake!

Are you a candy bar? Because you are partly sweet and partly nuts!

Out of ten then you must be a nine, and I am the one which you are missing.

Make way please lady! I am looking for something; I think I just dropped my jaw.

Are you a vampire who happens to be a musician as well? Because you make my organ filling up with volumes of blood.

Are you my charger? Because a look into you charges me up.

Are you a bottle? Because it is my pleasure to flip you.

I just lost my favorite jacket in the pub; will you please keep me warm for a while?

I want press your breast just like how I press the keys on my keyboard, slowly but surely.

You must be a daughter of the sun. Because you always brighten up my day.

Kiss me if I am mistaken, but am your name Jenny or Susie?

Do you need a lift? I have my arms waiting for you.

Want to borrow my pen? The only catch is, its ink is white and creamy.

Are you an ice cream? Because I want to lick you until we reach the very bottom of you.

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