State PickUp Lines

You never counted how much you already drank, but you knew it was already too much as you started seeing the spinning lights and hearing the gibberish sounds.
You put down your drink as you notice a beautiful angel smiling with her cranberry drink.
You thought this was probably an illusion since you never saw someone pretty like this one, but then she suddenly greeted you with a handshake.
You felt as if you have been shaken right into the core when you held her hand and thought, she might probably be the one.
You should try these pick-up lines as the two of you might be soon dancing in the middle of the holy ground.

I want to dance with you in the beautiful state of grace and the silent music of your heartbeat.

We should go to the top of the tall mountain and sing with the graceful lullabies of tomorrow.

I want to hear your peaceful breathing again like the tender lullaby of the angels in the sky.


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My mind is in our wonderful paradise whenever I see the exquisiteness in your twinkling eyes.

I should sue you with my love because the state of my mind has been higher since I met you.

We should dance together with the harmonious sound of our breathing and peaceful smiles.

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I liked how this state of my mind can never be the same since I saw your gorgeous smile here.

I will be the song that you would hear inside your ears and make you my lullaby in my heart.

We should dance in a state of grace and just let the wonderful love take over our pretty minds.

Let this wonderful feeling take over the both of us and dance together for the rest of our lives.

Airport PickUp Lines

I felt like my mind is in the cloud nine when I saw your most magnificent and brightest smile.

The state of my mind has never been the same ever since I saw your beautiful twinkling eyes.

Your wonderful beauty is not even comparable to the beautiful state of grace and music notes.

I want to hear your angelic voice like the peaceful musical note in the mind of everyone else.

Angel PickUp Lines

I want to hear your thoughts like the wonderful lullaby on a peaceful morning over the hills.

At this state of the two of us, we should waltz along with the dancing stars in the midnight sky.

Can you feel the beat of this wonderful music and the higher notes towards our own paradise?


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You should never forget this wonderful feeling that starts to ignite under our beautiful lips.

We should dance all the night, feel the tension flowing through our veins and into our hearts.

I want to conquer this feeling and just dance with your graceful music of the midnight sky.

Sweden PickUp Lines

This is the state of my mind where I know that I want to dance with you in the holy ground.

I will take your hand and fly across the sky while gracefully dance all through the midnight.

I will take over the state of this love and feel this wonderful feeling rushing over both of us.

I want to scream the beautiful state of this feeling and wrap you now in the warmest embrace.

Chocolate PickUp Lines

Let me conquer all your painful memories tonight and take it all away with my graceful love.

This love of ours is the wonderful state of grace that I have been dreaming for a long time.

Your beautiful gaze is the wonderful state of loveliness, the one that can lift all my spirits up.

You should bring this love of ours to heaven and let the angels sing us a cool graceful song.


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I would never ever forget to remind us the wonderful feeling that lurks underneath our hearts.

This state of grace is the most wonderful feeling that we can achieve while we dance all night.

This state of grace is our dance floor and our own version of beautiful paradise in heaven.

I want to sing you the most graceful song that can bring all of us to our beautiful paradise.

We should sing this party anthem and let the current state of our minds drown into our love.

I will wait for the archangels to carry our love to heaven and raise our current state of minds.

Even a simple gesture of affirmation from you can already lift my contemporary state of mind.

I want to give you the warmest embrace that even the night sky would change its current state.

Let this love take over all these painful memories and let you forget with my gorgeous smiles.

The state of this love might suddenly take us away now like the greatest flood back in the past.

This wonderful feeling may probably lift our fragile hearts and the current state of our minds.

Let us fly together to the west, call our names above the dark clouds, and fall in love again.

This magnificent elegant feeling between us might slowly take over our little conversation.

Can you make me fly above the clouds tonight with every whisper of your cool angelic voice?

Are you my state of grace because your beauty can definitely lift up my spirits in an instant?

Let this peaceful feeling take over the agony that we feel inside our hearts and our minds.

I want to convey these words that I can never totally send to the depths of your beautiful soul.

This love that we can definitely move us to a hill where we can dance for the rest of our lives.

Your beauty seems to be the light for this dark road and the grace in tone-deaf musical notes.

We should waltz along with the dancing stars and the graceful movements of the butterflies.

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I would light the candles with you and blow them like our love would have blown us away.

Wear your dancing shoes and waltz with the twinkling stars as beautiful as you are tonight.

We can be the king and the queen now and build our own kingdom with our passionate love.

We should not fall back into this state of grace and just keep falling in love with each other.

Someday, we would not forget this wonderful night and our minds would play it over again.

Let me take your hand, dance with you all through the midnight and for the rest of our lives.

You should dance with me across this town and make a wonderful memory with me tonight.

I want to say that this is the most beautiful state of our love that can ever exist in this world.

You are the reason that I can lift my spirit to the heaven and beg for the angels to sing for us.

I want to hear you say my name again like the softest lullaby that I have ever heard in my life.

I want this wonderful feeling take over our universe and let us forget these painful memories.

We should hope that this beautiful state of love will pour all over us and will not last forever.

Your exquisiteness is the light in this dark world and the oasis in the middle of the arid land.

I want to spend my life with you as we will forever listen to the silent sound of our lullabies.

Let me fly above the dark clouds and rescue your fragile heart from the silence of the lambs.

We should never forget to dance tonight with our beautiful smiles and lovely twinkling eyes.

I will definitely wish for the beautiful memory where we can fall in love with each other again.

My contemporary state of mind now is the wish for calling your beautiful name all over again.

Your exquisiteness is the beautiful sound of the peaceful morning sky across the countryside.

I am ready to take over the universe and take your hand as we fly to our beautiful paradise.

I am deeply in love with the gracefulness of your gestures and your beautiful sunshine smile.

I want to see the beautiful moment where we can dance all through the night with our smiles.

I think I want my heart to just get forever scorched in the eternal flame of our passionate love.

We should sing the graceful song while we dance along with the silent music of our breathing.

I am in the state of grace where your beautiful name is all I can hear inside my fragile heart.

I am willing to dive into the raging current and rescue our graceful love underneath the sea.

Let me fly across the night sky while we sang the graceful anthem in this middle of the party.

Let the night feel the wonderful state of our love where we can finally reach our paradise.

We should dance together through the midnight with the gracefulness of our movements.

Your exquisiteness is not even comparable to the greatest rhapsody of the angels in heaven.

I want to fly with you across the world and remember the most graceful memory in our hearts.

I will let this beautiful state of our love take over the world and make it a better place for us.

We should dance through the night and feel the breeze caress our cheeks like our dear love.

I know that this is the state of mind that we wanted for the longest time in our miserable lives.

Let our kingdom take over these party people and make the blaring music be our heartbeats.

I must state what I want to say to you for a long time, which I really loved you in all my heart.

We should feel this wonderful song of the night and sing all of these feelings for both of us.

Your beauty is the lullaby inside my heart that I always longed for its tenderness and softness.

Your gorgeous smile is not even comparable to the musical notes of the delicate opera piece.

I want to dance with you all through the night with the peaceful sound of our heartbeats.

The way these meteor showers fall is like the way I fall in love with you all over again.

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