St. Patty’s PickUp Lines

St. Patty’s day is something that people all over the world celebrate along with the Irish folks.
This day is literally the ‘green day’, as people commonly wear green-themed shirts, and mostly selling souvenirs of shamrock shirts and stuff that the vendors called as ‘lucky’ items, and spend their time with family, friends, and significant other, that is how the people usually celebrate this day in every 17th day of March.
You may also hear the blasting voice of John Mayer’s at some local shop, while walking into the cold roads and into the party crowd.
If you happen to notice the one you like, you might want to use these cool and awesome pick-up lines and you might just become the luckiest man or woman alive.

You are so ridiculously beautiful tonight, my dear clover leaf.

If this shamrock would give me a wish, it would be the chance to spend my life with you.

I think you are much more lucky charm for me than this shamrock in your hands.


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Hey, you just met a leprechaun, would like to protect your precious beauty with me?

You are my luck and sunshine in my life full of misery and tragedy.

It is nice of you talking to me in this wonderful 17th day of March.

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Today is St. Patty’s day, and we shall celebrate the day we first met.

Everything is too soon, my dear shamrock and we are so hella lucky about that.

We should dance along with these swaying green grasses.

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The tides are high, but I still believe I have a little bit of luck to win your heart.

Tonight, I will be the leprechaun that will fight anybody who steals this pretty lady.

I hope I will be yours in St. Patty’s day or any other days of the years of our lives.

We have dirty little green minds like the color of shamrocks in my shirt.

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Meeting the most beautiful woman like you is the best part of my St. Patty’s day.

I am so happy right now talking with you, my lucky shamrock girl.

I am that lucky leprechaun who already found his golden girl.

Do you feel the love bugs crawling in our insides in this lovely St. Patty’s day?


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Everything is so green, I’m starting to feel the urge and ecstasy of being with you.

In this St. Patty’s day, I am so happy to finally meet the girl of my dreams.

You should know I’m leprechaun who will protect this beautiful girl’s golden heart.


Let the two of us become one lucky shamrock in this St. Patty’s day.

I hear the song of John Mayer and I always first think of you.

It is too cold in this St. Patty’s day, so I wish you will warm my insides later tonight.

You are indeed a lucky leprechaun girl who already met her golden boy.

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Today, I am leprechaun in this St. Patty’s day and the protector of your golden smile.

If you don’t mind, I would like to request a dance with this pretty shamrock girl.

I am hella stoned from your radiant beauty that I don’t know if that’s shamrock or weed.

Partying on St. Patty’s day with a pretty lady like you makes me so high.


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I felt like when I speak to you, I am the luckiest man in the entire universe.

We could shake our shamrocks and dance all the way through the night!

We should celebrate our own St. Patty’s day into our own secret paradise.

I feel like getting high and being green for your touch.

Let’s drink plenty tonight in St. Patty’s, and celebrate later with our bodies.

I could already feel the rush of the green from just seeing your red lipstick smile.

I wish I could protect your golden beauty in this St. Patty’s day or the rest of our lives.

St. Patty’s day is also just our celebration day for making our own green world.

I already feel getting high into the dirty green paradise upon seeing your beautiful face.

I think it is too adorable to fall in love with somebody like you in St. Patty’s day.

If you will allow me, we can fly into the burning euphoria on the cold day of St. Patty’s.

Perhaps this St. Patty’s day is also our Valentine’s day in March.

Like a leprechaun, I want to protect your innocent but golden mind from anything.

From now on, I would always think of you when the song of St. Patty’s day would be played.

Let’s empty our wine bottles and shake our pretty shamrocks until the breaking of the dawn.

I could make a shield out of these shamrocks and protect you from bad things in life.

I hope all of your wishes will be fulfilled starting from this St. Patty’s day.

We could make our dreams tonight wearing nothing but our own versions of ecstasy.

I love how your smile shines so bright in this lovely St. Patty’s day.

I can fulfill all your green fantasies tonight.

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You have that shamrock smile that makes me too lucky as I can possibly be.

Don’t worry, I won’t forget to kiss and caress your beautiful shamrocks tonight.

We could be two hungry leprechauns searching for each other gold tonight.

Pretty soon, we will be two shamrocks intertwined, away from the scary snake pit.

You might be the elegant queen of leprechauns, waiting for the golden boy like me.

Don’t ever forget to wear your golden smile, my dear shamrock.

Tonight, let’s drink each other’s insides and fly into our own dirty green universe.

Don’t be too shy to take a sip with my shamrocks inside my body.

I’ll bet all of these leprechauns in the world we are a match with each other.

You have a golden touch in your pretty eyes that I want to protect like a leprechaun.

As a leprechaun, I want to fight anybody who want to steal and break your golden heart.

Let’s go into the dirty green paradise and get high until we are lost in our shamrock world.

I want to dance with you tonight, my dear clover leaf.

I will be the leprechaun who will forever protect your golden soul and caress as my own.

Do you think you can resist me tonight, my dear pretty shamrock?

I think I can make you happy than you’ll ever be for the rest of your life.

St. Patty’s day of John Mayer’s is so relaxing, like how I always imagine being with you.

I will always think of you as shamrock because I am too lucky you are with me.

You can burn all these shamrocks with your radiant beauty.

You are so lovely that I could no longer think any puns or jokes for St. Patty’s day.

If you would smile right now, I could do the leprechaun dance for being so happy.

We are being lucky for meeting each other by chance in this 17th day of March.

I see you as the queen of the leprechauns, so I will obey anything you want to do.

I think there is enough luck for us to become more than we could hope for.

Hey, I think you are being dazzling for every passing second, my dear clover leaf.

You might probably become a leprechaun and protect my soul with your power.

Do you think I have enough luck to open your heart and be mine forever?

Can I be your clover leaf for the rest of your life?

This day that we first met is what I call the luckiest day of my life.

I could even throw shamrocks and gold coins for everyone just to earn your lovely smile.

You are my clover leaf in my tragic life.

You are the fortune and I am tragedy, and I think we are really meant for each other.

I am way too fortunate seeing this wonderful smile in the 17th day of March.

Always wear your smile and shine brightly for shamrocks to grow and to give bunch of luck.

Little did I know I would be falling in love right in this 17th day of March.

Who knows we could be dancing along with the swaying shamrocks tonight?

I am a nice and cool leprechaun who was captivated to the golden beauty like yours.

I am crazy, lucky in love with you, my dear clover leaf.

I could breathe you in and out, my lovely shamrock.

Perhaps it is lovely and timely to do the leprechaun dance with you tonight.

Maybe this shamrock gave us the luck to find each other in this crowded hall.

I want your green touch into mine all through the night.

Wait until the shamrock clock stops, and let the hearts take over our green fuzzy minds.

Take my hand and I’ll take you to a hidden dirty green paradise we can call our own.

We could celebrate this 17th day of March by drinking spree with never ending pleasure.

I am the unluckiest person alive until I met you, and you become my own lucky charm.

You are a sweet girl bringing the luck in my melancholic world.

Wearing green shirts and shamrocks would always make me think of you forever.

I can never forget how your smile shone brightly it brought goodness and luck to the world.

Your golden smile is your lucky charm that brings warmth to the cold world.

If you can become a superhero, your powers will be giving luck and fortune to everyone.

Your green dress is too beautiful, but I think your bareness will be much better to see.

We should be really amazed by our luck to find each other in the vast of this universe.

I hope you could do your utmost desire in this 17th day of March.

I am so thankful I have a little bit of chance to get to know this amazing girl.

I don’t there is nothing better to do than gazing at you in this 17th day of March.

You are too lucky you have yourself.

I am amazed how you are as magnificent as these shamrocks.

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