Spanish PickUp Lines

Spanish is one of the top most spoken languages in the whole world.
It is also one that a lot of people all over the world loves to use when they are trying to court someone or at least make someone notice them.
Speaking Spanish may seem hard but the truth is that it is not.
Spanish words are very closely related to English so speakers of English may find it easier in the long run.
If you see a Spanish woman and wanted to flirt, worry no more.
Here are some Spanish pickup lines that will surely get the attention of that girl and make things be better for you.

If I can speak even a single Spanish word, would that change your mind to go out with me?

I will bring you to all the Cinco de Mayo festivals I’m invited in if you go out with me tonight.

If you tell me that kissing you would be a sin, then I would gladly go to hell from this moment.


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Should the water be a beauty, you are the whole ocean for me, that is how wonderful you are.

I bet Columbus would love how you look and discover what girls are truly made of this time.

Hola, I tried speaking Spanish but it just is not my forte, mine is to keep wanting you bad.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Your eyes are as radiant as the sky in an early morning, I love it fixed into mine, wondering.

I am a jeweler and I surely appreciate a beauty like yours, a diamond in the rough, my baby.

Honey your eyes are spectacular, I would love to have them on me all the time, that’s true.

You would have to be a firefighter, girl, to put out this desire on my body right for yours now.

Airport PickUp Lines

I love Spanish girls, I heard they are really good kissers, want to prove them right, baby?

I wish I was your contact lens, baby girl, so that you would never take me off of you, really.

Hola, Senor Right, when would you come looking for me, I am just waiting for you right here.

Beautiful lady, how do you feel, knowing you are the most beautiful woman in this area now?

Astronomy PickUp Lines

If someone had told me this place is full of breathtaking views, I won’t believe them until you.

Someone told me that Spanish women are lame in bed, want to show them wrong, darling?

You are the first view that I would not mind taking in every morning for the rest of this life.


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There is beauty in you that I cannot help but love, will you let me have you for tonight, baby?

Honey, if I wanted some Spanish, I would have eaten you by now already, that’s the truth.

Barcelona’s full of pickpockets but what was stolen was my heart by you, I should sue you too.

Gym PickUp Lines

Effortlessly, you have stolen what I have kept inside my chest for so long, what a wonder now.

I just want you to know, Eres hermosa, you are truly beautiful, more than the seas and the sky.

Como estas? Would you like to go on a date with me or just keep things between ourselves?

Spanish people are totally nice and so are you, would you care to go out with me, my girl?

Easter PickUp Lines

I heard that you were good in bed, would you rock mine tonight or should we rock yours now?

You seem lost, sorry, angel, heaven is way far from here but I can take you there thru my bed.

Honestly, it never occurred to me until I got a good look but you look like my next lover, baby.

I would fly you there, had I been Superman but I’m not so I shall walk you straight home, ok?


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I think it is getting hot in here ever since you entered the room, your body is a total killer too.

Girl, are you Spanish? You look like someone who belongs there, I like what I am seeing now.

I don’t know if you believe in love at the first look but if not, I’ll do as many as it takes you to.

Some says beauty should be a big crime, if so, you would have a lifetime sentence flat out too.

Darling you look so beautiful sitting by there, I would buy you all the drinks your heart wants.

There is something about Spanish women that makes my heart swoon, wanna go out with me?

Where do I get a face like yours, so much like a doll, I would love to hold you in my arms now.

Tonight, might be a good one to bond together and be happy, would you care to join me up?

I bet your dad must have been one good pirate, for he caught up a treasure like you are, girl.

Being with a Spanish has been one of my dreams, want to help make the dream come true?

I should thank your dad for keeping her pretty girl safe now I shall take you away from here.

What an excellent song this tune is, would you like to dance together with me tonight here?

What a wonderful set of legs you have, I surely want a good grip on them on my bed tonight.

This may be an easy question but take a moment to decide: your place or should we use mine?

Girl, I love Spanish people, would you show me how one of them loves other people as well?

Let me be the pirate tonight, let me see what type of treasures you keep in between those legs.

You have so many curves in you and my breaks are working overtime indeed, keeping up now.

What you are is special and dazzling, so give me a pleasure of a kiss and let me have you too.

I heard the Spanish women are good in giving heads, how real is that, can you show me, girl?

All that is yours, I want to see and you should show off how astonishing your beauty is, really.

Grandiose Spanish Pick Up  Lines with Photos








You are even more beautiful than your photo and that is truly saying something, if you know.

Every time I try to get near you I feel like melting in a puddle, that is your effect on me, babe.

Spanish women are a weakness of mine, I love how they blush when they are embarrassed.

Your name must be Alice for you look like you came straight from Wonderland did you really?

Had I been a FA, I would carry you up in the plane, oh, it seems you are here in my heart.

I seem to have misplaced my number, would you mind giving me yours, I’d really love that.

You seem to have that nice Spanish lips I want to test how soft it is on mine, want to try it out?

Hey girl if you don’t mind, I would love to buy you a drink or two, let’s celebrate meeting you.

I do not want to say this but the truth is that I am a thief and I have come here to steal you.

If you were mine I would treat you like the world’s most prized treasure, for you are that, girl.

Spanish people are known for their smiles can you show me one of yours as well tonight, girl?

To be honest I think you are similar to Saint Barbara, you are kind, can I take you home now?

The dictionary ran out of wonderful adjectives to describe your beauty, that is the truth, girl.

Your beauty might be able to cure blindness, it has that kind of power, will you be with me?

Spanish women have truly exotic beauty, I would love to see one under me tonight, my baby.

Tonight, all I want is to spend the whole night cuddling with a woman, would you be that girl?

Darling, I am starving right now, would you let me eat you up, you are of fresh meat anyway.

Honey, you have got a nice Spanish voice, I sure could use hearing it right now, can I though?

Hey, I never knew there was a doll that looks like you, which toy store are you from, baby girl.

I am more than willing to serve penance if you are the one punishing me, baby, I’m waiting.

In my bucket list, there is a space saying I need to date Spanish women, help me cross it out?

Hey, I think you should buy me a new drink for mine dropped from my hands when I saw you.

Do you often come here, I think it must be the first time I saw you, I’m glad to be here now.

I love the way Spanish women sounds to me, soft, white and kind, would you help me out now?

I think your lips look a little lonely, should I let them meet up with mine, they’d love that, girl.

You have a beautiful smile, I can’t help but think of things I would be doing with you tonight.

Spanish people knows how to show a girl a good time, want to prove that true, my good sir?

Do you want me to take you higher, coz you might just reach heaven with a few more thrusts.

I don’t care if you are married girl, I was never the jealous person in the world anyways, ok?

There are so many ways in which you can say hello in Spanish, would you tell me hello too?

I will walk you to your house, maybe you can invite me in to your soft bed for tonight, babe.

Should we start taking clothes off or do you want to talk some more, huh, baby?

Hearing someone talk in Spanish really turns me on, would you speak that in the bedroom?

Tonight, I will show you some of the Spanish techniques I have learned, come home with me.

Spanish ladies love me and so do I, would you are to show me around the city some time now?

The word Spanish surely goes out with a bang and I can’t help but smile when you’re around.

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