Soccer Pick Up Lines

Soccer is a famous sport all over the world that people are going crazy about.
The love of the people all over the world on this particular sport encompasses age, race, sex, and gender.
So if you want to strike up a conversation with the one you are sitting with in a game who got you feeling like you wanted to score a goal, pick-up a line from below and take advantage of his/her love for the sport and be rewarded with a smile and a start of a new adventure.

You drive me crazy like only the best game I watched could do.

I heard you are a goalkeeper, can you keep me forever?


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You make me feel a lot of emotion like I am actually playing beautiful game.

You make me feel a lot of emotion like I am watching the beautiful game.

I promise to keep you and take care of you better than a goalkeeper could.

You are my goal and I will keep the talent and persistence to get you.

I’ve got talent and persistence and you are like soccer to me, my goal.

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Can I keep you forever because I am a keeper?

You have the power to break me just as a failed game could.

I am willing to get hurt for you just to keep you.

Count on me to keep other girls from scoring a goal on you.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I will take care of you like I take care of a ball.

I will guard you like the way I guard the ball in the beautiful game.

You are beautiful, equally beautiful as the beautiful game.

You make my heart beat faster than when I am playing the beautiful game.

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You make my heart beat faster than when I am watching the beautiful game.

One thing that leaves my heart sore aside from missing a game is missing you.

Promise, I won’t let someone score a goal on me aside from you.


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I’ll defend you better than our soccer team defended our state.

If you push me, I’ll push twice as hard because baby, I am a player.

Push me away but expect me to push harder because I am a great player.

Sweet Pick Up Lines

I’m willing to sweat blood for you because you are my goal.

I’ll sweat, draw blood just to score a goal on you.

Give me extra time; I’ll prove to you that I’m worth it.

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You are more beautiful than the beautiful game itself.

Having you around is more satisfying and exciting than playing the beautiful game.

You are not just a hobby for me; I love you like I love the beautiful game.

Are you a soccer ball? Because I’d like to keep you on my side, always.

Can you be my life aside from the beautiful game?

Can you be my life outside soccer?

I love you like a child loves his soccer ball.

I see you the way you see a ball.


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I will chase you like the way a player chases the ball.

I bet you and I will make a good team if only you will risk it baby.

My heart beats only for two things: the beautiful game and you.

I promise I will guard your heart better than I used to guard a soccer ball.

When I saw you, it is as if I already scored a goal.

Every time I see you, I get this rush I only feel when I’m playing the beautiful game.

I’d love to chase you if that means I’d score a goal on you.

You are like a soccer game; I can’t seem to get enough of you.

You are like a soccer game; I always want more of you.

You are like my favorite sports-soccer; you deserve my sweat and blood.

You are addictive and I am only addict in games and that’s saying something.

I love you like I love the beautiful game and that’s something.

Let us aim goal after goal and perform trick hat together.

Protect me and be my keeper.

I’ll set and help and do everything for you to make your goals.

I’ll keep moving forward aiming for you.

I’ll pass every defender I meet to score a point on you.

Will you be my goal?

For you I will be the greatest defender in the beautiful game the world has ever seen.

A slow progress with you still feels like scoring a goal in soccer.

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For you I will be the best keeper the soccer world has ever seen.

If I’ve got stamina for a soccer game then I’ve got enough for you.

Is it okay if I set you as my goal?

Want to be part of my statistics?

You make feel a good kind of rush like I just finished playing soccer.

I get a kick out of you the same way I get a kick out of soccer.

God, I will do everything to be your best defender.

I’ll fight for you harder than the fight I will give to keep the ball.

I bet your favorite position in soccer is keeper because boy you know how to keep me.

You are my bigger goal in life.

Are you a goalkeeper? Because it is almost impossible to get close to you.

Want to know my religion next to soccer? You

You’ve got me chasing and spinning around and around.

I’ll do everything to get close to you, my goal.

All this time I was aiming for you to look at me like I am a goal.

I’ll kick all the obstacles just to get to you.

Moving forward towards you is the only goal I have.

Will you be my only defender?

Will you be my only keeper?

For you I am always ready to chase and attack.

Baby, I can chase and run around with you as long as you want me too.

I will chase you and then attack you so got to be ready.

Do you want my ball?

You’ve got my attention like only a ball is able to get.

Will you play ball with me?

I’ll run around the field with you.

Will you tap dance with a ball with me?

Tap dancing with a ball with you would be great.

Baby, you are like a game you are fueling my desire to live.

I am thirsty for you like I am always thirsty for a good game.

You drive me insane like only the best soccer game could.

If you are going to be a ball, I’ll do my best to keep you.

I am sorry for staring but I might have found my goal at this very second.

If you are going to be a soccer ball I will do my very best to defend you.

If you are going to be a ball I will keep you not kick you around.

I promise I won’t treat you like a ball being passed around.

I will keep this exciting like you are watching a soccer game.

I will make you feel a lot of emotion like the way a soccer game can make you feel.

I am willing to be a slave of two things: soccer and you.

90 minutes with you is a roller coaster ride I thought only a soccer game could make me feel.

I would love to play a game with you just lay down the rules, babe.

I won’t settle for scoring a point on you, I want to win you over, baby.

You are a game I am not willing to lose.

All I am thinking about is you and soccer, I wanted to score a goal in both.

Want to play ball with me?

You’ve got me diving and bending and spinning, tripping and falling.

Seeing you make me feel excited and I am usually excited only for a good game.

I know a lot of positions; want to try it with me?

It’s okay to be kicked and passed like a ball if that means getting your attention.

I want to be your best goal in life better than your goals in your game.

I am bending, diving, tripping, and falling for you.

I am bending, diving, tripping, and falling for you. Will you break the fall?

You always have the possession of my heart like you usually do in your soccer games.

Baby you look like a keeper, keep me?

If I could pick a teammate, I’ll always pick you first over others.

With you I always feel like I am winning.

I failed at winning the game but I am always a winner because I have you.

Doesn’t matter if I win or lose because I still have you.

Doesn’t matter if you failed at the game because I’ll give you a game you sure could win.

I always get excited when I play ball but I am more excited when I get to see you.

This is such a wonderful thing-watching a game with you

My favorite thing? You cuddled with me while watching the game.

Ready or not, I will attack.

A game with you is always better than the best soccer game I have ever seen.

I miss you harder than I am missing playing soccer.

Even if I suck at soccer I knew I always wanted to make you my goal.

I am not good at the game but I’m willing to keep you forever.

I am not good at the game but I am willing to be the best defender for you.

I can manage missing a free kick, what I can’t manage is missing scoring a goal on you.

I’ll risk everything for you; give you my all like I’m in an actual game.

Put your defenses down baby because I am willing to keep you.

You and I, we only got 90 minutes in our entire life, let us make this count.

I only have one priority, watching soccer games and eating pizza with you.

I am willing to lose on a soccer game with you just to make you feel good.

I won’t let you get kicked around like a ball because you don’t deserve that.

Beautiful? Do you have 90 minutes? Because I’d love to show you to the beautiful game.

Beautiful? Do you have 90 minutes? Because I’d love to introduce you to the beautiful game.

Go on and kick me but I won’t budge because I love you.

Want to reach goal after goal with me?

I will be here; I’ll walk with you as you fulfill your goals.

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