Top 80 Smooth Pick Up Lines For Flattering With Pictures

There are some things that you cannot say that you can say with a pick up line. Sometimes this is the best measure if the person you love also loves you back. You need to be smooth when dealing with this and what better way to do it than to say some prearranged pick up lines and make the most out of it? Here are some of the best and smoothest pick up lines that you can try out in order to finally succeed in flirting with somebody.

Hi there! I am just wondering if I can get a picture of you? I just want to show Santa what I want for this Christmas.

You can fall from a tree, or you can fall from the blue sky but the best way is to fall for me.


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If there is one thing you could fall for, the right answer would be to fall for me over again.

I have long stopped believing in non sense such as love and then you came into my life.

I do not believe in love, I personally think it is such a stupid thing but you changed me.

You may not know this but you have saved me from my fear of falling in love with anyone.

There are just some things that are hard to say in person especially to the one you like.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Someday I would go outside this earth, into the universe, would you come with me then?

I am willing to wait for you, no matter how long you take, so can you please be with me?


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I want to stay together with you, but I want to get your permission first, would you let me?

Loving you is probably the best thing I had ever done in my life, the only right in my series of wrong things.


If I had not met you, I will still be what I was back then, lonely, hopeless and barely surviving.

Smooth pick up lines for guys

You are like the star that gives light in the evening, you give light into my life, making it happy.

If I get a star for every day that you have brightened my life, I would get galaxies in my hands.

I would give you a flower every time I think of you and you’d be swarming in all of them.

Funny PickUp Lines

You may not be Google but I certainly have found what I was searching for when I met you.

If you stand in front of a mirror, hold 11 roses, you would be able to see the 12 most beautiful things in this entire world.


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No matter where you may be, it seems that I am so attracted to you, I get to be with you too.

Even if gravity does not exist here in the planet we live in, believe me, I’d still fall for you.

Do not be afraid if a fat man in red suddenly puts you in a bag tonight that is probably Santa.

I would give you roses every day, love you more and more, so please tell me you love me too.

If kisses are snowflakes, you would be buried in deep snow right now, that is how much I love.

They say kissing is the language of love, should we talk right now or should we not?

I am writing this paper about the best things in my life, can I have an interview with you?

Please make sure that you know CPR because you take my breath away every single time.

I think that your dad must have been an art thief once because you look like a masterpiece.

Smooth pick up lines for girls

Your eyes is so blue and I think that you might have been the reason the sky was grey.

I had a pick up line for you but you were so beautiful that I forgot what it was all about.

Do you think we know each other? Coz I think I can see my future girlfriend in your face.

If I can have a dollar for every time I saw someone like you, I would only have a dollar.

If you can possibly be a teardrop, I would never cry again coz I do not want to lose you ever.

Your eyes are so hard to turn away from for they are so beautiful, so full of emotions.

Are you a high test score? I want to grab you fast and take you home to my mother right now.

There are 5 angels in the world, 4 of them are sleeping and one of them is looking at me now.

People tend to call me, *insert your name here* but you can just call me tonight.

Loving you, having met you, even if you are already in love with someone else is the best thing that ever happened in my existence.

You are the wind that caresses me every morning, the soft wind that whistles on my cheek.

I wanted to cry for you when you are sad but these tears aren’t enough to lessen your pain.

Sometimes, just a hug will do when words are not enough to tell the story, a hug will.

When you are too sad and you want to cry but you can’t, remember I will be here for you.

You are the reason I wake up in bed every morning looking forward to seeing you once again.

Nothing in this world would ever stop me from seeing you, I like you that much.

There must be something wrong with these eyes of mine for I can’t take them off of you.

Your lips are telling me how lonely they are, would they like to meet mine right now?

Are you going to be busy for the rest of your life? I wanted to spend it together with you.

I know that there is someone who likes you very much, I would tell you if I wasn’t too shy.

You are like the dictionary in this life of mine, you give so much more meaning to it.

It is certainly a good thing that I am wearing my gloves today because you are too hot.

Do you have a lucky charm? If not, can I be that lucky charm for you, I am pretty lucky.

I think that you might be lost, you see heaven is a long way from here. Are you okay?

Hershel would be afraid of you if they knew you might be sweeter than them in reality.

I really think that your father must have been a thief since even the stars are in your eyes.

If I am going to rate you, I would give you a nine because you still lack being with me.

I love you, is it so wrong to feel that way just because you already like someone else?

You want to know what my favorite color is? It is the color of your eyes when you are happy.

I thought that the sun came up but then I realized that you just smiled at me right now.

Believe me it is not my fault that I tripped, it is yours since I fell for you and your smile.

Are you fond of coffee very much? Well, I’m asking because I think that I like you a latte.

I was wondering if you still remember me. No? Oh, I forgot I only met you in my dreams.

So here are some roses, hold them near you because I wanted to show them your beauty.

So I was thinking, could your legs possibly hurt since you have been running on my mind?

I think an airport must be nearby because I can actually hear my heart taking off right now.

If you do not believe me, let me tell you that summer is already over because it is time you fall.

You look so good, I wonder if you would let me have some taste of you and your love.

There is nothing else I like better in the mornings than to be able to see the one I truly love.

I love you and that is that, no more holding back, I just need to let this all out of my system.

He loves someone else and I know that. I have no other thing to do but to accept that fact.

You see when you love someone so much, you are able to let them go though it is so hard to do.

Best 25 Smooth Pick Up Lines For Girls or Boys With Images


I’ve had a very bad day but seeing you somehow made me feel a whole lot better now.

Nothing beats seeing your face smiling at me whenever I am having the bad days of my life.

I wonder how many times you had saved med with that smile of yours, how many days.

You see if I can equate love to the grains of sand, then all the deserts combined still is not enough to measure my love for you.

So I wanted to hear it from you but how does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the world?

It is not enough to see you, there are times when I cannot stop myself from wanting to hold you so tight in my embrace.

If I could just love you, then I would, I will forever be the one you love, the one who cares.

There is no one else for me but you and I sincerely believe that, I will always believe that.

I love you, to the moon and back, to the universe and back, to the other side and back.

Do you have a fever right now? Or are you always just this hot? I really like you so much.

You know what I am without you? I am like a pen without a paper, a bottle without a cap.

You are the first person who ever showed me that I can mean a lot to someone too.

Did you know that kissing can actually burn around 5 calories a minute? Let’s try it out.

I want to commit a perfect crime, so would you steal my heart since you’ve stolen mine.

I am just wondering if it is possible to borrow a kiss from you, I promise to give it back.

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