Smile PickUp Lines

You realized the colorful lights in this party make you blind and dizzy while drowning yourself in this pool of vodka.
You start to feel a little bit melancholic and you let yourself drift away with the thoughts inside your head.
Then like a golden light that shines in the dusky world, you notice a little smile coming from the most beautiful lady.
You are in awe, as you never saw so lovely, and you are suddenly lost for words.
Maybe try these pick-up lines for it might give you a little push, and later you can be the sole happy reason for these attractive smiles.

I don’t think I never saw that gorgeous smile in this cold world full of loneliness and misery.

I want to be one of the roots for your happiness and enjoyment in the longest time of your life.

I love how your majestic grin makes my world go upside down and turn around by itself.


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I want you to be the one who will be the reason for my sincere happiness and joyful world.

I felt like I am a rearview mirror waiting for the reflection of your bliss and happiness in life.

I want to be a soldier who will swear to protect and to keep your sunshine beams at all costs.

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Let us go into our secret paradise where there are millions of reasons for eternal happiness.

I will be like a camera waiting to capture your precious grin in the back of my beautiful mind.

I love how your gorgeous eyes and millions of beautiful smiles make my heart flutter and skip.

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We can escape now and create a world where we can only be happy for the rest of our lives.

I think I found the world where I can be happy for the rest of my life and that’s on your side.

We can light up my world with your gorgeous smiles in your beautiful eyes and full red lips.

When I look at you, I see thousands of mountains and brilliant sunsets that make me smile.

I felt happy just by seeing your beautiful beam that shines into this dusky and miserable place.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

You gave me an unusual feeling just by witnessing one of your gorgeous and attractive grins.

Are you included in those commercial films because you have an irresistible, gorgeous smile?

I love to gaze into your bright smiles forming million constellations and galaxies in the sky.


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Can I be the one who will give you millions of reasons to smile for the rest of your life?

I want to build a kingdom with you where we can fight anyone with our gorgeous smiles.

I can show you my sword of happiness and I bet you will forget all of troubles and miseries.

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I am in awe that you are the happy pill that I am looking for the longest time in my silly life.

I thought this vodka would be the source of my pleasure, but I never imagined it would be you.

Sad to say, but I am already getting drunk from drinking and gazing at your gorgeous smile.

I cannot contain my happiness upon knowing you are the sole reason for my happiness in life.

Travel PickUp Lines

Let me know if you are ready to be drifted away with me and my fiddly smiles for a moment.

I bet the end of the rainbow is the pot containing the true happiness that we seek in our lives.

I hope I can take you into the world where we can be our own and achieve the happy life.

We can go across this ocean and let the world drown with our vicious and cheeky grins.


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Can you take my hand, so we can fly away into the world full of bliss and eternal loveliness?

I want to go into paradise where you and your gorgeous smiles linger for the rest of our lives.

I want to watch the stars at night with you and look for your lost smile among the little lights.

I want you to scream out of pure happiness when I start to take you higher than you could be.

You can look around and I will still be there, waiting for your beautiful smile to appear.

I thought your smile seemed to be the golden sunshine right here in this dark and noisy bar.

I hope I can dance with you beneath the smiling lights and the blaring music of the angels.

We can sing and waltz through the night along with the laughing frogs and snickering trees.

I hope I can make you smile all afternoon, and you can sleep tonight looking young and cute.

We can definitely form the brightest galaxy in the universe with our cheeky but cutesy smiles.

Let’s go hide away from these silly troubles and just smile until our muscles start to ache.

I was seeking for true happiness when I realized it was anything that can make you happy.

Can I be your guardian angel who will swear protect your life and your precious smiles?

I can go back in time, but I will choose again to witness your happiness and enjoyment in life.

When I met you, I suddenly realized that I wanted to witness your million smiles in your life.

We can go barging into this party and dance like we are the happiest people in this world.

I hope we can go to the peak of the tallest mountain, so we can smile at everyone on Earth.

We can go dancing in the dark, hide our cheekiness and happiness underneath our desires.

Let me call your name and see your virtuous grin as it starts to flash right in front of my eyes.

We can exchange sunshine beams and we can still forget all of our troubles from our pasts.

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I will greet you ‘good mornings’ forever, so I can see your amusement in my awkwardness.

We can go into the world where we can hide the mysterious grins from this puerile party.

I want to become a clown who will make laugh in all the seasons for the rest of your life.

Can you hear the laughter of the trees and the song of the crickets when we dance tonight?

We can dance while we are illuminated by the moonlight beam and the glow of the fireflies.

I see that you’re a pretty lady with a beautiful grin that makes our world a better place to live.

We can defeat those monsters under your bed and the dark shadows with our lazy little grins.

My utmost wish is to witness your precious smiling face for the longest time in my entire life.

I want to build a castle out of happiness and enjoyment that you encounter in your world.

In the meantime, I will be preserving your precious laughing face into a beautiful memory.

I want to carry your beautiful soul and your pretty smiling face right in the back of my mind.

We can travel with our pockets not full of tokens but overflowing with our mirth and delight.

I want to bake you a cake made out of pleasure, delight, hilarity, bliss, and a twinkle of fun.

Your grin is like a contagious disease and I finally found myself laughing like a crazy man.

You may cross the vast of this ocean and look for your lost smile beneath the colorful corals.

I am reaching the cornerstone where I found that I am already in love with your bright smile.

I want to skip out of happiness upon seeing your beautiful soul and your precious expressions.

Do you love magic tricks because I can make your serious pretty face become smiley tonight?

Do you think this dance floor makes your smile a lot more beautiful than you can imagine?

I can go away from here and look for the gorgeous smiles that you left in your old town.

Do you mind if I will happily take your beautiful hand in the idyllic dance event in town?

The shiny disco ball reflects the colorful lights, making your smiling face as beautiful as ever.

I want to carry your beautiful soul and your precious beams and protect with my own warmth.

We can travel past these noisy crowds using the golden chariot lend by the smiling Apollo.

I want to take off your dancing shoes and your pretty dress while you wear the precious grin.

I hope you will wait for me like you always did – wearing your pretty dress and cute smile.

Our conversations seemed like the serenity of the wind and the smiling trees in the distance.

I can no longer move my feet because I am so amazed at the beauty of your sunshine beams.

I am waiting for our party anthem, so we can do the snickering dance all through the night.

I love how you can be happy with just the silliness and the craziness in your precious life.

We can go linger on the west coast and we can watch a million sunsets with our smiling faces.

Your beautiful grin is like a sun that gives me a hope to continue living in this dusky world.

My apologies, I just thought you were my guardian angel when I saw your sunshine beam.

I think your precious grin is a breath of fresh air for the mankind living in this dark place.

Your smiling face is like a sun that rises in the east and that gives a dream for everyone else.

My sole wish in this world is seeing your bright smiles every day for the rest of my lonely life.

We can drink this bowl of punch and do the sniggering dance with me all through the night.

I want to give you a nice coke that will make you laugh and take you into your own paradise.

I bet my music will make you dance crazily on your feet and snigger with everyone tonight.

Your smiling face is like a lost man who suddenly discovered the path to his only one dream.

I can describe your beautiful smile as the songbird serenading the trees and the mountains.

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