Best 100 Science Pick Up Lines For Nerds With Images

If you are up to being labeled as geeky or nerdy, then here are some sure ways you can pick up someone to be your date on that upcoming dance or maybe just date in general, worry no more for these are some awesome pickup lines that will surely capture the heart of that girl or guy you want to be with.
Here are some nerdy science pickup lines that are sure to make them think that you are smart and cool at the same time.

Do you like science by any chance because I think that we definitely have some chemistry, girl.

I know all about the digits of the pi but somehow I cannot even get the 11 digits of yours.


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Can I get your phone number? Somehow I feel there can be something between the two of us.

If a star fell out of the sky every single time that I thought of you, I think the sky would go dark.

I think that you might have been a fallen star, because girl you look really hot at night, damn.

Could you be working for NASA? I just have to say you seem out of this world, definitely.

You look so hot I think you might be an alien, you have something out of this world, really.

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You have these really nice apparatus, I was wondering if you are a fan of technology and all.

Do you love chemistry by any chance? Because I am telling you I have my ion you, hot girl.


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I do not really know nor do I care if you are a metamorphic or igneous but hey you really rock.

I was wondering if you know about the big bang theory because your ass is such a big bum.

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No worries, I really like your big bum theory, my hot girl, you certainly have a nice piece.

So do you by chance like flowers? Because honestly I have a stamen and you have some pistil.

Actually, I was thinking about the theory of relativity, you have got any opinion on that thing?

Will it be so wrong to tell you that I am into biology and that maybe ask you to reproduce?


I think you might be immune to my white blood cells, you certainly are killing me right now.

Do you think you are dissociating completely? You kind of electrify me in so many levels.


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When I first saw you I had already concluded that we are either going back to your place now.

I never had any wrong hypothesis and I think that we are going to have a lot of fun tonight.

I just came up with a conclusion that you like me from the first moment you laid eyes on me.

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Correct me if this is wrong but could it be that you possibly like me ever since you saw me?

I had been thinking that you must be exothermic because I can feel heat coming from you.

I hate to break it to you but you are like anaerobic respiration, you make me lose my breath.

You take my breath away, you are the one who keeps me at bay, you are anaerobic respiration.

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Your body must have some very high current because I just can’t seem to resist you so much.

I just solved the big bang theory, you can figure it out by looking in my dearest beloved pants.

You know what? Even if gravity didn’t exist here on earth, I’m telling you, I’d still fall for you.

I was thinking if there was a chance we can turn some potential energy into kinetic, baby?

You know, if I was born an enzyme, I would be DNA helicase so I can unzip your genes, babe.

Can you smell this rag and tell me if it smells like chloroform to your nose, it seems like it.

Rearranging the periodic table, if that was possible I would put uranium and iodine together.

So I was off telling my friend that engineers do not know anything about how to please women.

So if you are into physics, then you must know now that friction just cannot get the job done.

I think you should date an astronomer because they can promise you stars, moon and the sun.

Astronomers should be your first choice if you want to own your very own star someday soon.

I was in my laboratory and I just realized that you are way hotter than a Bunsen burner set on full power, gosh you can burn my eyes if you wanted to do so.

You are super cute at this very moment I feel my zygomaticus muscles contracting. Wow, girl!

Could you possibly be hydrogen-based star? Because you seem like a stellar fusion right now.

I think that we should go back to my place tonight because it is honestly Boron here, you know.

We can definitely make a mess out of the place because I hired some lysosomes for cleanup.

Recently, my hypothalamus has been secreting serotonin and it seems all I want is really you.

If you let me be your derivative, baby, I assure you I will keep laying tangent to your curves.

As of the moment we are nothing but two RNA but we can transcribe together and be DNA.

I think that the dress you are wearing would be way better if it accelerates to my bed floor.

You have pulled yourself toward my heart at the speed of 9.8 m/s2, like gravitational pull.

You are my favorite equation, the one I would absolutely love to someday solve on my own.

Complicated is what you are and yet you are still my favorite because you are real enough.

So let me tell you a big secret of mine: I can actually put your inertia into motion, cool, right?

Some people fit like puzzle pieces but the two of us fit like sticky endings of recombinant DNA.

We attract so much I do not know if it’s because you have negative charge and I the opposite.

Somehow there is just this attraction between the two of us, can you feel that right now, girl?

Is it possible for me to be the phasor since you are an electron so I can take you to excitation?

You seem excited whenever I am around, could you be an electron because I am definitely a phasor, if you do not know that yet.

There is certainly an exothermic reaction between the two of us because we give off some heat.

I think that you are made up of fluorine, iodine and neon because girl you are fine so fine now.

Do you know that you are one of the very few people that I trust to take bio notes for me, girl.

I personally think that you are an auxin because you cause rapid stem elongation in me, babe.

Do you know how men are so much sexier than women? Well, because sexy needs to have xy.

I certainly wish that I am adenine so that one day I can get paired up with U, I really like U.

You want to know what you are to me badly? You are the NaOH to my HCl, you balance me.

Could it be getting hot in here right now or just our bond that is now slowly forming, baby?

I think that you might be made out of mica rock, girl because you have the perfect cleavage.

You know what? If I happen to be an endoplasmic reticulum, I would be rough with you.

Come, let us meet somewhere and I will bring my stirring rod so just go bring your beaker.

Some days, I just want to stick to you like I am glue-cose because I really like you that much.

If you want to know just how strong my love is for you, just look at the covalent lattice, girl.

I really want to shoot my neutron into you so we can make a lot of molecules together, baby.

You are the mitochondria of my body, my powerhouse; you give me energy throughout the day.

There is nothing I can do but to form a lot of hydrogen bonds together with you my love.

Personally, I think that the reaction between us two would be greater than potassium and H2O.

You see, the relationship we have is definitely like cesium, it is certainly very explosive, dear.

Best Science Pick Up Lines With Images

When we get married, let us live a life like monosaccharides simple but certainly very sweet.

If you are oxygen, I would be alkali metal getting in you and exploding, you are my love.

Do you want to know just how well the two of us go together? Like sodium and chloride.

Did you know that chemistry students do it on the table periodically? Yes, they actually do.

You must be made out of copper and tellurium because you are certainly cute, my girl.

I think you might just be my appendix because I have this gut feeling that I should take you out.

You are calcium bicarbonate because if you make me get you wet, things will be explosive.

Every single time I lay my eyes on you my cardiovascular system keeps getting worked up.

I wonder if you are made of cupper because I Cu in a great relationship together with me.

Should we find out our combined volume by simply displacing some of the water in my bed?

I just really think you are made of barium and beryllium because you are certainly a BaBe.

You must be a chloroplast because you would be certainly good on my stem, my dearest.

If you want to test the spring constant mattress, let us do it tonight, what do you think?

I think that I must be diamond now, because you certainly make me hard, baby.

You have the potential to make me move, so much energy in your body, my girl.

I have searched for you for far too long and there are days when I feel so drained out of energy.

You make me feel like I have so much energy within me, my darling, I love you so much.

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