Sci-Fi PickUp Lines

Sci-fi truly works wonders, it is the combination of both science and fiction, it makes you think of the wonders that the future can have once science has improved over the years.
If you are interested in Sci-fi, you can make it to the best of your capabilities, you can use it to show other people your good side.
Here are some great Sci-fi pickup lines that you can use to get that someone to be with you or go on a date with you for sure, just try it out and see the great results.

You are like Sci-fi, my girl, you make me imagine things about you even when I cannot see it.

Maybe you can unleash the true Jedi sprit in me, baby whereas other girls never could, really.

I want to show you what I can do with my light saber, want to see it as well, dear, come on.


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Like Sci-fi, it seems you have invaded my heart, should we start by telling me your name?

I want to Sci-fi my way into your bed tonight, I bet you would be really hot to look at now.

Are you real or are you just a ball of bubbles waiting to pop out, what are you, really?

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You say you attend conventions as well, how much more perfect can you get, my darling?

You seem like your body is made for the tough side of cosplay, would you care to join me?

I wish you would let me suck up to you some bit like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars?

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I can be your Bay-max, I promise to hug you real tight and give you warmth tonight.

Girl, you must be on fire coz you are so hot or else you would not be watching Sci-fi.

The galaxy ain’t that big, I can see you from here, you are one hot species for sure, lady.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

Baby those eyes are so hot, it melts me up and I just want to bring you home tonight!

I bet with my stare you can melt in a puddle because you have some fine legs out there.

Who cares if the world explodes, I want only to be in your arms at this moment, for sure.


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If you have a thing for Sci-fi addicts, you should come to me and we’ll explore more.

You have a wonderful set of legs, should we put them to good use at my house later?

Your body is like Sci-fi it has quite a lot of things that I want to know more about, girl.

Do not let Darth Vader invade your privacy, come and be in my bedroom tonight, baby.

Sci-fi and I never really got along well but maybe you and I would, should we test it at home?

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If you are really interested in Sci-fi as you say, come and prove it by coming into my house.

You are the Sci-fi to my romance thrillers, I want to be one with you if you let me do so, baby.

Let me do some Sci-fi experiments on your body, I bet you would like them real good, honey.

You are one of the sexiest forms of life I have seen in this planet, would you come with me?

Nerdy Pickup Lines

You seem like a hologram to me because you are far too perfect than anyone else I’ve seen.

I will save you so that the force gets to be with you, would you come to my house tonight?

If you are going to be a nerd, I would be your glasses, so I can be near you all the time.

Maybe you just need some time to wake up your inner geek, I can try to help you out, baby.

There is something about your smile that tells me we can have some fun together, you and I.


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You have got a nice dress, but I bet you would look way better without it right now, babe.

I will show you just how long my light saber is, you be the judge if it can really kill or not.

Should I push my saber up inside you so you can feel just how much I am involved in Sci-fi?

I have this figurine of all characters you can think about, should we discuss them one by one?

We can stay up all night talking about geek stuff but I bet we can do something more useful.

Geek stuff or nerdy stuff as long as you know your Star Wars, I bet we can hook up just fine.

You are my R2D2 in this world filled with Yoda and Princess Leia, come be with me tonight.

There is something about the way you talk that makes me wonder what you are programmed.

Maybe we can hang around my room tonight and just watch some Sci-fi movies, right baby?

I may seem like I am an Ewok but the truth is that I can be there for you when it counts, most.

There is something about your big bosom that has my eyes pulled by gravity right into it.

Let me be the Bay-max whom you can snuggle with when you feel like doing so, girl.

My hands cannot help but make a projectile motion straight into your loving bosom, baby.

You should do some space shielding so that you can protect yourself from me invading you.

I want to tell you that you are honestly the Obi-wan I can ever keep my eyes fixed on, lady.

Han Solo, that is the usual case but I would lend you my light saber if you need it from me.

Together, let us explore the geeks inside of us, let us be one tonight, let’s go find a room too.

I want to show you that my sheets are of the Star Wars kind, I bet you want to see it too.

My room is filled with fandom and you should try seeing it once in a while, what do you say?

I remember how Wall-E used to be so lonely, I’d never let you be that way if you’re with me.

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There is something that can be said upon Newton’s Law that of the opposite attracts, right?

You want to know more about Sci-fi, I’ll show you if you come with me tonight at my house?

I have been looking for you all over the galaxy, but you always seem to recede from me, babe.

I bet you can suck me up real good like a proper black hole, should we give it a good try?

I have so much to tell you about Sci-fi that it can take us all night long, come stay at my place.

You have stolen my heart just like all the movie villains, should I show you how I catch them?

I bet you would be a great superhero like Iron man, without powers but with a great mind.

Are you Thor because you seem to hit me with lighting every time I see you with my eyes.

YODA one that is meant for me I just know it, should I keep proving it to you baby girl?

If I tell you that I am more than willing to give you these Star trek pajamas, will you get it?

Forget Luke Skywalker, I will show you how the heavens look like, come and ride with me.

You have some really nice buns, now I can see it, princess, now come and give me that head.

I have this crush on you, but I can’t even say it because you only want some Han Solo, girl.

You got me hooked better than Sci-fi and knowing Sci-fi is almost on the top of my list now.

Sci-fi and I are practically meant for each other just like you and I are, can you feel that too?

You are hotter than the flames on the volcanos where Lava Girl has gotten her lava from.

I would give Sci-fi up if you say you will come home with me tonight so will you do so, boy?

You are like Sci-fi you take my mind to places that I have yet to think about, come with me?

Will you be my Shark Boy to this Lava girl of mine for I want to feel some coolness tonight.

Are you ready to watch some Dr. Who films tonight or do you want to do something else?

Game of Thrones be damned, I want you here in my bed tonight or else I will slay the dragon.

Come and fall into me, after all, aren’t gravity the best thing in this world right now, baby?

There is a law of motion that states you won’t move unless I act upon you, is that true, dear?

The strange thing is that just by looking in your eyes I knew Sci-fi will be our common thing.

You, earthling must come prepared because your heart I will definitely invade, that I will.

There is no stopping me now, I will kiss you until you no longer feel your lips, I really would.

I feel like you are the Pythagorean theorem for me, the one that leads me to the shortcut.

And in the middle of all the problems I have right now, you are the only one I would solve.

There is a Great Stirring that is happening right now here in my pants, want to check it out?

I was trying to look for a place where we can watch some Sci-fi but it never occurred to me.

My world revolves on Sci-fi things, baby tonight I will show you what you are missing.

You have not seen what I am made of and if you do you will believe I can Sci-fi you up.

I am going to knock you up real good and show you what Sci-fi is all about, darling.

Girl you and Sci-fi are the same, you both amuse me in some ways, should we hook up?

I bet you think that Sci-fi is for geeks, but I would geek out on you if you would just let me.

Would you let me show you some Sci-fi tonight, we can work something out, I bet.

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