Rejections PickUp Lines

Rejections in life are pretty normal, as they are a part of it.
You are going to go through so many rejections in this life and the least you can do is to make the most out of it.
Sometimes, it is up to you to actually find a way to make way and do something about these rejections to turn these rejections around and make it work for you.
Rejections are there to give you a sweeter glory when you have finally been accepted for who you are.
Rejections are just there to remind you that there are far better things in this life.
Here are some pickup lines regarding rejections that you can use in order to find the right person for you or maybe just hook up with someone.

Well I have had rejections before, baby but they never stopped me from getting what I want.

You must be from Illinois because you are totally ill-nnoying me right now, get out of here.

If you wanted to have my name, I won’t give it to you for I bet you have one for yourself now.


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No, it did not hurt me when I feel from the heavens above but it did hurt to speak to you today.

I don’t really believe in love at first sight nor the second one, I want you out of my sight now.

You can throw all your rejections at me, babe but you would fail to get rid of me to no avail.

60 Best Pickup Lines

I am never going to get lost in your eyes but you can get lost for me and I would love that too.

I have nothing to be shy about asking you and what I really want you to do is to get out now.

You are asking if I would love to have you, well, yes, I would love to have you leave me now.

Your rejections mean nothing to me but your yes would, so be ready as I try to change it, girl.

If you have a boyfriend, I don’t care, I have a math test coming which is more important too.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

You tell me that you know how to please me real good? Then do that and get out right away.

If you really want to make me happy you would step out of this room at this instance, boy.

I will make your mind change about all these rejections you are saying, baby, within time.

Back to School PickUp Lines

It’s sweet that you want to go to the world’s end for me, would you mind staying right there?

So you’re a photographer, eh? Well, I am a cosmetics surgeon looking for your face all along.

You are sure you have met me somewhere and you are right, we met at the family dinner too.


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Come to my room and I will show you just how much I detest all your past rejections, babe.

You can die happy when you see my naked body but I can bet that I would die laughing, true.

I think it is not me but that it really is hot in here, might work if you get out, reduce the air.

Physics PickUp Lines

Nope, I have great set of these buns but my dad’s not a baker but yours should be a plumber.

You are just so full of shit that I think your dad might just be the right plumber to do ours.

Your rejections may hurt but they will never get rid of me and my desire to have you mine.

If you wanted to check me out of the library, you better have some good reading skills, boy.

Good Pick Up Lines

Thank you for offering to help me out with these boxes, these human bones were too heavy.

I can sit in your lap and talk to you but I bet it would be the shortest conversation of all time.

You will become mine through and through all the rejections you have pushed me in, honey.

Sure, I wanted to go out with you this coming weekend, it’s just I have a coming headache too.

I have to be grateful you think my body is but a wonderland but yours is truly a wasteland.

I bet you thought I would look good on you, well sorry, you would look good with nothing.

All these rejections look like challenges to me that are waiting to be fulfilled, yes they are.


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You think fate brought the two of us together, well no, it’s a series of mishap and bad luck.

I am so unlucky to have met someone like you today, I should have listened to the horoscope.

I never wanted to dance with you, what I was saying was you look really fat on those clothes.

And the truth is that each of these rejections I can remember clearly, come into my room, girl.

Yes, you have seen me some place before as well, it is the reason I do not go there any longer.

Oh, so you are interested in my sign, well I will tell you what it is: never attempt to enter, boy.

Why I come to this bar is for the same damn reason that you are here: picking up some chicks.

Girl, these rejections are signs that I am trying, that I am improving, come to a date with me?

Even though I have received tons of rejections, yours will matter so don’t turn me away, babe.

I think we might have gone to a date, twice? Hell no, I never repeat my mistakes, ever never.

You look like you could use some shower if you are asking me, you smell too much for me.

You are a millionaire? Well, sorry because I am a billionaire already, sorry to crash you.

Girl, I can see it in your eyes, you want me to be the one to stop your rejections, and so I will.

I like my eggs very much unfertilized every morning, so keep your hands off of me from now.

You said you are going to gift yourself to me, I’m sorry I don’t really like cheap presents, boy.

Yes, the seat next to me is empty and mine would be as well if you try to sit down right there.

You want my number? It’s right inside the phone book, you can look for my name there too.

Those lips are not calling for rejections but for my soft kisses, I will give them to you freely.

You should not try to get into my pants, I have one asshole there already, do not add another.

What I do for a living would surely intrigue you for I am an impersonator of women, my baby.

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I don’t want to go back to your place, I don’t think we would fit right under one big rock, boy.

I can feel that you are trying to reach out to me through your rejections, I have heard you too.

What am I looking at, well it seems I have decided to stare into something ugly as of the now.

You have asked to marry me but I can’t answer since I am still laughing way too hard, baby.

I will go to my place and you can go to your place, there really has been no need to ask at all.

I already have a boyfriend they all say, I tell them we can be friends and give them a good pat.

Now, it is time for me to say that through everything, your rejections mean something to me.

I have someone special already, well I had corn this morning, that confuse you well enough?

We were talking about things who doesn’t matter at all and you go around flaunting your s.o.

Hey girl, I have lived a life filled with rejections, maybe you can ease the pain on my bed too.

My heart is filled with hurt coz of rejections, will you kiss me and sooth the pain of it, baby?

You are definitely one of the main reasons why women just do not like to fall in love any more.

I think we may have met before indeed, I used to be a nurse at the clinic for the STD people.

I do hope I can turn some heads as you are turning some stomachs when you walk on by, boy.

Rejections hurt and that is the truth of it but you can soothe it away with a night with me, girl.

All my life I have been trying to get away from you but here you are finding me after all this.

Your seat will be empty if I sit next to you, right? Well, you might be giving me a head’s why.

I would do whatever it takes to get you out of my sight starting from this moment forward.

A night spent with you can brush off all the rejections I have ever received before, my baby.

If I can rearrange all the alphabet, I would put the letter U next to F so you can do yourself.

On the first half of your entire life, maybe I wasn’t even alive just yet, you’re too old for me.

My math problem is just like you, super difficult and also terrifyingly annoying as of today.

There is no one else to whom rejections will mean a lot but to me, give me a chance too, girl.

Maybe we can forget some things now like that we have ever met in this place at this time too.

There is nowhere else I want to be in right of this moment than to be away from you, darling.

I would put you on the beginning of GLY just so you can see you the way I am seeing you too.

It does not seem much but your rejections can bring a man down to his knees now and then.

There is no better way to say this but that I do not want you here right as of this moment too.

It may have hurt some when you gave me rejections but if you say yes now, I’ll forget it all.

Babe, all your rejections means nothing to me but that I want you on my bed right now too.

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