Redneck PickUp Lines

A redneck has lots of impressions, but is usually stereotyped for having racist nature, opinionated minds, and loud mouth.
But this name was originated from the farmer folks who got sunburnt skin from the blazing sun, and previously from the political parties who worn red bandannas or neckerchiefs and labelled it as their own symbol.
As we supposedly shouldn’t generalize, we could see a lot of redneck have varying characteristics and most of them are too sweet and hardworking for their families.
If you are one, don’t be afraid to grab the girl of your dreams and make her swoon with some pickup lines that will surely put your mark on her heart.

My work is basically a coal miner, but look I found golden beauty in a girl like you.

I loved how your floral dress and heavenly scent reminded me of my precious hometown.

I’m a simple gentleman too, but my Southern accent really makes me much more handsome.


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You know, if you just look right into my blue eyes, you will see the beauty of West Virginia.

I really liked my momma, but hell yeah, I should apologize because I liked you much more.

I’m a redneck someone who wants to dance with this pretty lady wearing a red dress.

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The tide is high, hell yeah, but this redneck wants to risk it all just win your heart!

Everytime I got the feeling, I just smile and say you’re too beautiful in this pick-up truck.

Before I saw myself in West Virginia and having cool kids, but now I saw you were also there.

Do you think you can fight the moonlight along with this awkward redneck tonight?

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We could be an interesting pair: a redneck from a small town and gothic girl from the city.

I’m allowing you right now to fantasize this handsome face of a redneck.

Can you dance with me, the awkward redneck dude, tonight?

Do you think this redneck have the chance to speak with this beautiful and elegant lady?

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Maybe I could be that redneck superhero that would always save you from tragedies.

I am the king of the redneck and my greatest request now is to dance with me tonight.

My dear, this hillbilly right in front of you can write sonnets to make you happy kiddo.


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You may not hear it yet, but redneck are greatest people to fall in love with.

I am a redneck king who declares you as the most beautiful lady in the entire universe.

Follow this awkward little redneck and I can give you the world that you wanted.

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You might hate redneck now, my dear, but you can love one when you got to know me.

I am a hillbilly who wants to see your scarlet smile tonight.

This redneck wants you to take a swig and have a drunk, giddy talk the entire night.

I can be the redneck who will never be the heartbreaker loser.

Valentines Day PickUp Lines

Put your hands over my neck with red bandanna, and let’s dance quietly tonight.

I’m your hillbilly for tonight, who would want to hold your hand and dance with the stars.

It would be a date night, and I would gaze the stars with you along with the noisy crickets.

Hey, this crazy redneck has already been fallen in love with this pretty lady in a dress.


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Hell yeah, I could kiss your silly tears goodbye and welcome your golden smile!

I want you to remove these red neckerchiefs and put your arms all around it.

Do you think you would give a chance to a hilarious redneck like I am?

I may look like a little awkward, but I could twist redneck when they try to mess with yah.

In this bar full of redneck

, we can slow dance in the blues music.

I just want to gaze at your dazzling eyes and wish you would be into this redneck tonight.

I want to put down my beer, my red bandanna, and put my arms all around yours.

We could listen to all these mad sounds and drink ice cold beers.

Maybe I could kiss you in the middle of Walmart parking lot like what a redneck would do.

I am a redneck, yes, but I don’t have a cowboy hat or drive an old pick-up truck.

You can sing and laugh to your silly dance along with the random strums from my banjo.

Hell yeah, this redneck is really crazily in love with you!

We could talk together and walk down the countryside on one of these summer nights.

You could look for my heart in West Virginia and find it beneath the messy haystacks.

Do I look sexier wearing this plaid shirt with cutoff sleeves and faded blue jeans?

This redneck loves how your floral dress falls down with your hair and smells too good.

In the crowd of elegant dresses and black suits, we were a good pair of joyful redneck.

Let’s sneak out of this pub and run into the place we should be right now.

You are truly the greatest companion for drinking and laughing silly old jokes.

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Hell yeah, this redneck is so happy you could meet his momma by tomorrow morning!

I don’t mean to be rude, but this redneck kinda wanna give unimaginable kisses around you.

I can be your pal for tonight, and if you allow me to be my gal, we can dance in fox-trot.

When you get higher into the paradise, this redneck hoped you’ll take him as well.

We can either drive out of here, go to the countryside, and sing whatever you like.

Do you think you will like this handsome hillbilly in front of your eyes?

I’m a hillbilly, not a humbag, so don’t be afraid to breathe your neck into mine.

If you touch me, my hands felt too strong as being the working man in our place.

I thought maybe you should know by now, but this downtown man has fallen in love with you.

They can insult me or anything, but I’m still a redneck who just fallen into this simple gal.

Hell yeah, you might finally have a first taste of countryside with my own body.

I could carry into my arms tonight from my old pick-up truck and into our secret universe.

If you want to find my cowboy hat, no I couldn’t give you anything but my love.

Well, I liked you so much I could forget my own momma.

I don’t think you might never know how this hillbilly want to become yours someday.

Howdy, I could be that handsome cowboy and I could definitely ride you tonight!

Take off this plaid shirt and cowboy boots, and we could go to our version of countryside.

I bet you would forget all uptown boys with the irresistible kisses of this downtown man.

Kiss me, be mine, and you can find out what the countryside tastes like.

I could kiss you right now so all you can hear is the heart beat and noisy crickets.

You can take off this neckerchief and cowboy boots, and I will dance along with you.

Do you find interesting I travelled all the way from the countryside and managed to find you?

Listen to the strums of my banjo and take us away into the higher notes of paradise.

We could chase cars and everything, but this hillbilly would just stay with you.

This man wearing plaid shirt will just lay on the grass with you under the starry night.

We could run away to this raucous city and go to the place where we could live in a farm.

Just let me wrap my arms all around your body, and you’ll feel like living in a countryside.

I bet my hillbilly smell would drive you nuts and you could actually forget this crazy world.

My few favorite things are smoking cigars, wearing plaid shirt, and staring at you all day.

I could never imagine I would ever saw the most beautiful girl in the entire universe.

I never saw the most beautiful pair of eyes like twinkling stars shining across the small hill.

I might be the first redneck superhero with absurd red super suit.

We can choose where we could go, but it would never be one for the country road.

I can be your hillbilly and you can be my red bandanna, giving me warmth through the night.

I can be your dancing shoes and you can be my fox-trot dancer, hopping to the beat.

I want to wrap your eyes with my red bandanna and just feel the paradise with me.

Can you imagine this simple hillbilly boy falling in love with this elegant city girl?

I am naughty cowboy that can make you happy giddy gal and get higher than you desire.

Let’s play these country songs while we feel our love for the rest of the night.

Whenever a country love song plays somewhere, I know I will always first think of you.

I think of my old phone back in the countryside and I know I would call you just to be mine.

Do you find my Southern accent and humor to make you fall in love again and again?

This hillbilly wants to tuck you in his arms tonight and to get you higher into the paradise.

We could go out and drive now into my hometown, climbing trees and playing with the ducks.

My ideal date night is star-gazing while the moonlight falling into your beautiful face.

I would like to have little bunch of cowboys with the sweet girl like you.

I want to write a bunch of letters until you will accept my love.

I am like any downtown man out there, just too handsome, romantic, hilarious.

Once upon a sunny day, a hillbilly from met the most beautiful girl in the world.

Why are we in this bar, when we can be in somewhere place and sing with the stars?

I’m simply happy gazing the stars in the countryside, but I wish you’re there by my side.

Your beautiful eyes gazing back at me are like my hometown: full of warmth and joy.

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