Real estate pickup lines

If you are a real estate agent and you are trying to sell some real estate to people, how do you convince them that the land or the real estate is any good to buy? You try to sweet talk to them and to try and maneuver your way into their weaknesses.
Now, if you are really good at being a real estate agent, here are some real estate pickup lines that you can use if you want to hit on one or if you just try to see how realtor themed lines would help you out when you need it.

You look like a good real estate to invest in, I bet you would taste really delicious too!

Realtors like me are strong, girl, I can flip your house with a bat of my eyes.

See, with you going on like this, I bet my heart and my zipper is going to be bulging.


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You were checking me out, alright, you must be an inspector, well are you?

What a beautiful arrangement of furniture right up in the living are, banging you’d be fun.

This house is spectacular, I can already imagine banging you in every room it has.

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Honey, I want to be a real estate, so you would keep on checking me out.

Talking to you like this makes me feel like a nervous homebuyer, that is the truth.

I should tell you that you are flawless, I bet you would look good on my bed tonight.

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You plan on buying this house, right? Everything is included, we can check your mattress too!

We can check if your couch is strong enough for banging, want to try it out now?

You have some nice assets with you, I have been inspecting them all day today, babe.

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I am a real estate agent and I want you to take a good look at all my assets, so you can see.

You are more important to me than just a piece of land that I am going to be selling.

I am asking you for a settlement, maybe we can make arrangements about what we are.


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You want to take a look at all those listings? Come and get your butt here in my office.

You want to finalize things? Let us come into my office and work things out in there.

In whatever you plan to do, always keep in mind that the location is the most important one.

If you are looking for a real estate then you have come to the right person: me.

If it’s for you, I am more than willing to break every rule ever written together with you.

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I am going to pay for that estate in cash so we can take this relationship up the next step.

I think I am going to have to go for installment to have an excuse to see you each month.

The best home is the one that gives you a feeling of importance, that is the truth, babe.

Who knows, maybe after a few shagging, you’d realize your home is with me.

Christmas Pickup Lines

I am a real estate agent and I can score you up some good deal if you come with me tonight.

We can move to one furniture to another and see which one is the highest performing.

Can I ask your endurance because I’d like to do it more than a few times tonight.

I just kicked that tenant out coz he doesn’t pay any rent, want to take his place now?

I think we should make the sale official and just seal the Escrow.


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There is an open house in one of our settlement tomorrow, want a private tour of it?

A good real estate agent stays in service no matter what, do you want me to suck you good?

You might like our newly refurbished house, should I give you a tour of it tomorrow?

I choose you over referrals and that is saying something already, babe.

Girl, you should know that my feelings for you will stay, so does my boner, suck it off.

No need to hold your horses up high, I am willing to settle with some shagging and so.

Are your offerings with mitochondria because this thing inside my pants is producing energy.

I may look like your regular real estate agent but I am selling all of my assets right here.

I think I smell chloroform in this room or maybe it’s just some of my precum, wanna check?

There is this so called Code of Ethics but I am more than willing to break it for you.

You might want to check out those houses up in Boner Village, I can show you around.

The house is flood proof but that depends on where the flood is going to come from.

I think the law requires people to disclose their image especially if they’re as pretty as you.

I know this real estate person you can go to if you want something from Boner avenue.

I will help you find your next house, don’t worry, I am more than qualified for this job.

I found the perfect house for you: MY HOUSE.

The first time I met you, it was like being handed the keys to my first house indeed.

Wow, those assets of yours are amazing, are they real, can I check them out?

I will surprise you with quite a few things that you never would have expected, babe.

You were checking me real good like I am one of those real estate that are for sale out there.

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I bet you would agree if you will pay off the mortgage, I would give you a reward too!

We have insurance too, wanna talk about that in private with me?

You have a very nice built and also a great façade, would you stay like that?

I bet you have a lot of tenants because girl you have certainly a lot of charm in you!

To me, you are worth more than all of the properties you are selling altogether, babe.

My assets are not up for sale in the market so stop looking at them like they are real estate.

I bet if I can check you out right now, we would see how flawless you really are.

Let’s make use of our time and procreate and entertain ourselves with each other.

We should go inside my office, I will show you the listings and my shaft as well.

If you are looking for a new property, I am just one call away, baby.

I can give you more than anything you have ever wanted in your life, just tell me about it.

I am good at appraising real estate and I can say that you must be priceless, darling.

I’ve kicked the previous tenant because she doesn’t pay rent, so pay up on time or by body.

Feeling at home is relative but I will make sure to give you a good type of welcome.

I am willing to break the rules if it means that I can have you here right now.

This bedroom on the open house is truly nice, want to check its durability with me?

Baby, we can even flip this real estate upside down and you won’t see a thing from me.

Though the housing’s price goes up and down, my service to you will keep going.

Maybe I’d just pay in cash and hope that what we have can go farther, babe?

Paying in installment gives me a chance to ask you out each month, shall I start?

I love referrals but I am willing to let go of them if you are here with me, darling.

Stay with me and I promise I will pick you the best house right on the market, honey.

We can make some good entertainment up in that real estate of yours, want to try it out?

Want to come with me as I try to search for the right house, we can test them all out.

A private tour around the house may just change your mind on whether you’ll buy it or not.

My heart beats as if I was given the key to the house but the key to your bod is simply enough.

You bought the house already? How about we christen every room with our dirty deeds.

With the way things are going, I might just sell you a real estate after this night in my bed.

Don’t stress yourself and let us make it official that we are then replacing the realtor.

We will have some awesome time together, you and I and your tangible estates.

You have some great assets, a big boobs on your bod and he is hot enough for it.

Let me give you the best private tour in town around the house that will open tomorrow.

You are definitely in class A in my little red book filled with women of all ages.

You do not like that real estate? Come to my room and I’ll show you its strong points.

If there is anything wrong with the house, just call me and I’ll be coming into you!

I am going to lust over your growth in the sales department, must be coz of your assets.

I have this house I am going to need to sell tomorrow, want to help me out?

I will give you all that you want, wait, how long was that escrow again?

You make me feel excited and nervous at the same time, I’m enjoying this.

I hope you enjoy buying houses as much as I enjoy servicing you.

No matter what you choose, I will shake hands with you and smile, babe.

Would you like to talk in private? I can give you whatever you want.

It’s hard to buy happiness but you can buy a house and that’s practically the same.

With you in my life, I can buy every real estate that you will try to sell to me, baby.

With all the power vested upon me I will buy all your real estate so we can live together.

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