Psychology PickUp Lines

You believe in the psychology of love, so you know this lady is the love of your life.
You hear every beat of your heart like the sound of Pavlov’s bell.
You believe that your love will bring you to your self-actualization, but then you started to realize that this beauty is the peak of your needs.
You want her to be yours and you want yourself to be hers only.
Everything that you think, even if the theory of Sigmund Freud, you just want to show your love for this woman.
You already knew your love would stand a chance and it would be as unconditional as you would expect it to be.

I am deeply in love with your wonderful mind like I love this psychology of the wondrous life.

I want to search the world with the beauty of this love and the great theories of the world.

My curiousness for your beauty and your life might probably be accounted to psychology.


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I might be busted of being in love with you by the psychology of my gestures and gazes.

Let me fall in love with the psychology of your beauty of love and your lovely perspectives.

Let me take over the night where we can apply the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

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I think you are the missing piece on the top of my pyramid as proposed by Abraham Maslow.

I am in love with how you liked psychology and how you talk about it every single time.

Let me fall in love with your beautiful mind and how it lingers in the tiny corner of my brain.

I want to sing all of my troubles while we should dive into our own hidden paradise in the sea.

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Let me wish for anything, as I want to grow as a beautiful person with lovelier mind and soul.

I want to wish for unconditional love, but I should never regret anything that came from you.

You can keep me inside your pocket while I thought of any theories about love and sacrifices.

I might be starting to be hypnotized by your wonderful beauty and the simplicity in everything.

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I might be smiling right now, but I always get nervous whenever you move and talk to me.

I am grateful that I am like a dog conditioned to fall in love with the sound of the bell.

I love how you can make my world go upside down with every single little thing that you do.


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We might probably amaze with the power of psychology and it would actually blow our minds.

You might want to conquer the world with the piece of your beautiful mind and lovely soul.

I want to serenade the world just for you, while I just want to show you how much I loved you.

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I believe in the power of psychology and how it could help us to fall in love with the right one.

I want to wish for another world where we can call as our own and fall deeper in love forever.

You can call for anything that I need, even if you might want to walk away from all this chaos.

You might be using psychology now, but you already captivated me with your pretty eyes.

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Let me head to the end of this road where we can beg for anything like a beautiful paradise.

I want to sing my heart out with this dazzling light of your halo and your beautiful little mind.

I want to become a psychologist, so I can understand what goes inside your beautiful mind.

We can travel the world while we wait for our turn to swing it as to see if it will go our way.


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I might turn this around and wait for my chance of you falling in love with my heart beats.

I am actually a little bit of curious how we can use psychology to fall in love with each other.

I might sing all of my heart out, hoping the rhythm of the wind might send all my love to you.

I want to list the troubles and the mistakes that might break our hearts in this lovely paradise.

You can never be so sure how this love can last longer than we might possibly ever imagine.

I hope this psychology can show us what is really going on inside our little pretty minds.

I want to beg for anything that can lurk right here, including your beautiful mind and soul.

We should never stop wishing for anything that we want, and we should always be happy.

I would not wish for anything that just lurks and stays in the corner of our beautiful minds.

Maybe we can never hide our fears and dreams inside our heads, and it will show like that.

My own psychology is defined as your beauty, happiness, contentment, and satisfaction.

I should wish for scrapping my own vanity and instead beg the heavens for your pretty mind.

I want to make sure that I will protect your beautiful mind from your dark fears and worries.

You should use your psychology to know if I am in love with you through this awkwardness.

Maybe you should just trust your own judgment and wish for everything that you want now.

You should find out if you are the beauty of your own world and in your beautiful little mind.

I want to sing my heart with the sound of your beautiful soul and rhythm of your pretty mind.

I think that you are really uninterested to my allurement, but my psychology says otherwise.

Let me travel the world with you inside my pocket where I can protect your mind and soul.

I just want to stroll with you in the park, with my psychology to blow your mind in my pocket.

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I am apologetic that I am easily captivated and hypnotized with the charm of your pretty eyes.

I hope I can hypnotize you with the beauty of my kindness and the amazing allurement in me.

I want to use my psychology, so I can attract your beauty with my own methods and theories.

I can never imagine this simple psychology can bring our hearts into one beautiful thing.

I want us to dive together into the ocean where all of the uncertainties and melancholy lurk.

I should not wish for pretty things, but my heart keeps beating and my mind is always blown.

I want to make this anarchy to finally end and capture the goodness of the mankind for you.

Maybe I will use all of my knowledge in psychology to make sure you will fall in love with me.

I want to make the world become wonderful for you, while we gaze among the stars in the sky.

Maybe we should travel the world and turn it around, so we can see its own beautiful mind.

Let me use the power of psychology, so I can captivate your lovely heart and beautiful soul.

I want to capture the exquisiteness and gracefulness of this love that we can call as our own.

Maybe someday you would see that our beautiful minds are connected like cool spider webs.

I think you knew a lot of psychology because you already invaded my pretty mind and my soul.

We might be having a telepathy since we both knew that we wanted to be in our birthday suits.

I think we both belong for each other, like a troubled patient who really needs a psychologist.

I don’t think this is strange that we are both thinking of psychology for the dearly loved ones.

I am still astounded with the power of psychology as to captivate the heart of a troubled mind.

You might never wish for anything cooler than being fall in love with the most beautiful mind.

I bet you knew that I am pretending to be uninterested when I wanted to touch you right now.

Let me be the psychology that will bring you happiness and will keep your beautiful soul safe.

You should tell me how I could stop being captivated by your dazzling pair of gorgeous eyes.

I was wondering whether I could finally be hypnotized by the power of your beauty and love.

I want to travel with you to the moon and discuss the psychology of my love for you.

Maybe we can just sing with the chirping birds as we watch the documentary about Freud.

I think you are either the magnificent iceberg in the theory of Freud or in the Titanic movie.

Someday, I just want to talk about the psychology of my love for you while we sat together.

I want to become the lady of the night and become the feminist in your own wonderful world.

I want to dance along with the psychology and the wonderful beauty of your soul inside you.

We should just dance with the striking moonlight and the glowing fireflies in the midnight sky.

I wonder how we can fall in love with every single theory from this piece of scientific content.

You should use your own power of psychology, but then you already captivated me forever.

You should know this hypnosis that you do right now actually makes me down on my knees.

I bet I can live forever with the psychology of our own love and the paradise that we built.

The way you call my name is like a hypnosis and an amazing grace in this wondrous world.

Let me call about this psychology and listen to the beauty of the world that you built for us.

I do think I am a Pavlov’s dog who has been captivated by the sound of your angelic voice.

I wonder how your psychology can actually take me away into a new beautiful little paradise.

You should just sing and let the world be faithful with every serenade of the past and history.

I want to fall in love with the most beautiful mind and the loveliest thing that has ever existed.

Let me call your name which lingers inside my lonely heart and my empty innocent mind.

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