Prom PickUp Lines

Here it is, the moment that you are waiting for in your entire life.
You are wearing the most beautiful dress or the well-tailored suit in this lovely prom evening, along with the beautiful corsage and your favorite scent of cologne or perfume.
You can already hear your heartbeat louder than the blaring music of the Arctic Monkeys or the old pop song from your Dad’s radio.
While you walk on your way, you see the love of your life over there and laughing with your other friends.
You can never forget that captivating smile, the one that can leave you breathless in an instant.
You want to dance with the person that you honestly liked tonight and feel like the king and queen of this party.
So why not try to make it memorable and grab the opportunity with some of these pick-up lines and let the two of you smile like there is no tomorrow?

I want to dance with you in this junior-senior prom like the bunch of roses blooming in the fields.

Let us forget all these people and feel this wonderful evening unfolding underneath the skies.

You are my dancing queen with the loveliest smile and the most magnificent twinkle in your eyes.


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This is not just a prom, but this is the greatest moment in my life where we can dance all evening.

I don’t want to forget this moment, and I will forever cherish your smile and this lovely dance.

I want to see how we can slow dance to the beautiful song of number one party anthem of AM.

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Let me take you away from this world where we can just sing and have the time of our lives.

This prom is one of the best moments in my life along with the first time I saw your smile.

I don’t want to forget how you look so beautiful tonight like you are young Donna Sheridan.

I feel like this moment is a school party where we are high schoolers who dance all evening.

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Just always remember that you are my dancing queen in my heart and the depths of my soul.

I want to keep dancing with you in this prom where we can just look like a married couple now.

Let me take care of the music and feel the night like it is the last time we can ever dance together.

Let this wonderful waltz not be the final dance of our lives while we held each other’s hands.

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This may be the last prom, but I want to remember that this dance is forever my favorite memory.

I want to feel like the luckiest man in this world full of roses and dancing our waltz with you.

Let us dance together tonight like there is no tomorrow and feel the love all throughout our lives.


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This prom is the beautiful paradise where we can go out as the king and queen of the hearts.

This is the night where we can feel the fantasy of dancing with the stars and the moon in the sky.

Let us go on the journey where we can dance with the music of our love on the holy ground.

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Your beauty is comparable to the smile of a lovely prom queen in her magnificent white dress.

You should know that you looked like a wonderful dancing queen with her loving friends tonight.

I wish that I can get lost in your arms like we can discover a new paradise in this dance floor.

Let me dream like a prom king and dance with your loving eyes forever in our holy ground.

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We should dance like Johnny Castle and Frances Houseman in the middle of the dance floor.

I remember how we can get lost to this dance and drift away to the beautiful world of our own.

Take me to church or face me this evening with these dance moves that can make me go weak.

I want to take you to a place where prom nights and the unlimited supply of food are forever.


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I want to take you to a slow dance along with the sound of our heartbeats like the jazz music.

Let me take you to a dance where we can feel it in our skin and bones all throughout the night.

This is the majestic prom where we can be a few crazy people and get lost in reality.

We should go out and feel the music lurking in the atmosphere while we dance with the music.

Let me feel like the wonderful couple with you on the disco while we get drown in our happiness.

I want to dance like a prom king on its special night with the beautiful soul in her ruby crown.

Let us dream like we can be star-crossed lovers and just dance like there is no tomorrow for us.

I want to drown in our world and let it become like the wonderful dance of the prom party.

I want to dream and feel the best moment of this dance when we finally get lost from the reality.

Let me dance like a wonderful ballerina and twist around like we can change our lives tonight.

Your beauty is like a prom queen with her glamorous smile and her comfortable dancing shoes.

I want to take your hand and lift you to the heavenly sky with a slow dance to an old pop song.

The song of ‘Hungry Eyes’ makes me want to teach you like Johnny will do to Baby in their time.

Just know that I am your prom king now who wants to dance with you like there is no tomorrow.

This is the fantasy world where we can try the slow dance to every song in the Dirty Dancing.

I want to more fall in love with the beautiful smile of yours which dances to the colorful lights.

This is the best dance in the century that we can feel it much in our pulsing veins and our hearts.

We want to go to the prom party where we can fly like eagles and pelicans in the starry night.

I love the way that we can dance to the beat of the drums and the lovely tune of the piano keys.

You should notice the way that I look at you like I just saw you in a beautiful prom dress tonight.

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I want to take your hand and let our dancing souls fly out of the window with our hearts.

We should go out of here and feel the dance tonight like there is no tomorrow for the both of us.

You must know that I am your prom king who would like to take your dance this song with you.

We are hoping to become the wonderful dancers of the pretty night and for the rest of our lives.

We should slow dance to this wonderful song like we are the prom king and queen of the night.

Let us feel the love like we can take away to the world where we can dance together forever.

Your smile is like a magnificent prom dress and the beautiful corsage that suits your pretty face.

I want to dance like a beautiful prom queen on the holy ground beneath the starry night sky.

Let me feel like a beautiful statue and a lovely corsage in the middle of a party of the century.

You should know that your eyes are like the glamorous prom queen that ever existed in this life.

I want to keep dancing to the beat of the drums and feel our love like our guide to happiness.

The world is a huge dance floor, so we should remember that we must dance through the night.

Let us feel like this evening is the best prom night in the century with your lovely dance moves.

You must let my breath take away to the place where rejections and left feet dance do not exist.

Let us never forget how we can dance like we are the winners of the dancing craze in this party.

You have a gorgeous smile like you always won the queen title in every prom night in your life.

We should dance like we have been the top song of the year and a favorite couple of the night.

I want to take your hand and perform the dance that can take the breath of everyone in the room.

Let me take you to this prom night and feel the air of happiness when we start this dance now.

Let us dance to the music of our heartbeats and feel the warm air with the magic of our love.

I want to feel this beautiful serenade and let our hearts take away with this graceful music.

I want to spin your heart like a majestic, beautiful prom queen in the middle of the dance floor.

I want to take you away to the night and spend our life here dancing to our tiny heartbeats.

We should dance through the night and feel our love like the sunflowers blooming in the field.

I want to become the prom king in your heart and the beautiful living dream in the morning.

I want to face these afternoons with you and see the entire world in their magnificent dancing.

I want to keep dancing in this prom night and let us face the jazz music with our heartbeats.

Let me dance like a prom queen while you can be the king of my heart for the rest of my life.

Let us dance our bodies like we can soar across the night sky and fly to the edge of the galaxy.

I want to dance across this prom night with you and spend my remaining life with your eyes.

We should keep dancing to every possible turn of the events and forget everything with music.

Your beauty is the music of my love and the art of dancing the waltz all through the night.

This is the magical moment where we can soar away with our feelings while dancing together.

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