Programming PickUp Lines

This conversation is like a code – you need to decipher it to comprehend what these two hearts really want for each other.
You ain’t a programmer but you can read between the lines and see that this person wants to know more about you.
You are certain because you can already see it through her kind smiles and twinkling eyes.
Perhaps try these pick-up lines to ‘debug’ these situation, so you can finally crack this silly barrier and make her want you for tonight.

I will take a programming course, so I can finally decipher your heart and win your love.

I want to jump into the unknown world of the Internet and discover our own paradise there.

Maybe we can find our clones on the World Wide Web and dance with them until the dawn.


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I can write a code for you telling everyone in the universe that I really loved you so much.

How about I do a little programming for the way you look at me and decipher that twinkle?

Like the virtual world of the Internet, my love can expand to all corners in its own universe.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You might want to dance with the children and the twinkling stars giving us a coded message.

You may want to do programming as I am shy to say that I want to dance with you tonight.

Let me sing my woes while we let the glowing fireflies dance along with me in Morse code.

I want to keep smiling for the rest of the night while we can fill our minds with Python codes.

Airport PickUp Lines

If you talk with me, you must program my mind to stop being stunned in your striking beauty.

Someday I will dive into your world where our digital clones will fall in love with each other.

I think you did some programming in my heart as it keeps beating fast ever since I met you.

I hope you can fly with these beautiful feelings and lurk into the magnificent digital world.

Angel PickUp Lines

I think we have met sometime in the digital world where we already got married to each other.

I want to enter your heart and debug all your fears, so you can finally accept my sincere love.

I think your lovely smile did some programming in my heart and now it keeps beating for you.


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You should never be afraid to jump with me into the digital world and be royalties forever.

This beauty in my smile just makes me want to dive into the wonderful digital world with you.

Can I face this world with a one-half smile, wondering every time if you are a digital clone?

Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

Do your programming of love now and I might be ready to wear my birthday suit until dawn.

I want to seek for this digital love of us that can lift our spirits up and fly us away to the moon.

You should never be afraid to make me feel in love with one of your beautiful digital smiles.

I want to fly across the world and tell the school of fish about love programming just for you.

Halo PickUp Lines

I might do some programming, so I can later open your heart and blow your pretty little mind.

I want to decode our bright conversations filled up of the constellations and the rocket ships.

Let me walk over there with a handkerchief in my hand and little Python code inside my mind.

We should waltz with the digital clones of our hearts in the middle of the dance floor tonight.


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I hope that we can sing along with the rhythm of the keyboard and the buzz of the monitor.

I might do a programming in your mind, but you did it first with your amazing beautiful smile.

I want to have a lovely dance with you and digital firefly clones underneath this huge oak tree.

Let me go to this digital world where we can face the troubles and sing the lullabies forever.

We can talk about seasons of the sun and the fight with the bears doing some programming.

I want to open your heart and see how we can live like our digital clones in the other world.

I don’t want to manipulate your mind as I just want to accept for what I am and who I am.

We can run away from this world with programming for the wounds and agony of the past.

You might want to feel the beauty of my soul if you decode your heart and debug your mind.

I will sing the lullabies of the past and give it all to you while we will debug all your wounds.

I want to see your story where we can finally decode your feelings and emotions in your mind.

I want to face the programming and listen to the sound of your loud heartbeat like a monitor.

You can count on me like you can count all those binary numbers in this simple written code.

Let us fly into the night sky where the number of stars can be counted by the binary numbers.

I don’t think that you need to wait for my love since the loading stage is already getting faster.

Can you do some programming in my heart because it keeps calling for your pretty name?

I think my mind just got lagged and stuck staring into your beautiful pair of ocean blue eyes.

Let me swim into you like the magical blue screen and forget the rest of this wonderful life.

I think that I am willing to be a software program and you as my command prompt forever.

Let me walk away from here and come back to the programming of our dearest love forever.

Amazing Programming Pick up Lines with Pictures








You take away my breath like every time I see a blue screen and forget to save all my files.

If I want to marry a programmer, I am willing to risk all my life to be debugged and lagged.

You should join me in this programming world where we can fix everything including love.

I am a programmer, but I can never decode your secret smiles and debug all of your agonies.

Will you have a drink with me and listen to programming that I can do on this dance floor?

I want to face the world with my exhausted hands, but I still want to dance with you forever.

I hope that I am allowed to do some programming in my gazes, so I can win your lovely heart.

Let me walk to this hallway where we can do the decrypting dance steps for our locked minds.

You can either face the trouble or win this digital game with every bit of a smile in your eyes.

You can feel my digital heartbeat tonight in the bottom of my programmed and debugged soul.

You should do some a little programming in my heart where we can see the face of the truth.

I want to win your love where we can feel the song that can muster our digital heartbeats.

You may want to dance tonight with a cool soul like me who is a digital clone all throughout.

You can start this digital universe and travel with me on our rocket ship that we built before.

We should see the horizon end in this digital world and hope our love would not be like that.

I want to give you my world like I will allow you to do the programming and own me as yours.

Can I forever stare in your eyes like I am waiting to debug this love between the two of us?

You should see how my smile can be decoded with a kiss and the warmth of your embrace.

I think it takes a simple programming to turn my world upside down and fall in love with you.

We can fall back in line and listen to the wonderful songs of the past in this digital universe.

We can dance right now while we decode our feelings inside our hearts and our little minds.

I will let you do this programming of my body that can take to our beautiful hidden paradise.

You should not be scared to say that you don’t know how to do the digital dance of the clones.

Let me wander the world and I will create the new programming system for our lovely hearts.

I think that I want to smile under the digital sunlight and look at your beauty in the laser light.

You might want to some programming in your brilliant mind and let me in your little world.

You can hope for the best where we can fall in love with each other in this digital universe.

We can see for ourselves if we can jump into this cliff of insanity and debugged programs.

I can never wish for anything now other than allowing to do some programming in our love.

I want to be there when you achieve your dreams and finally debugged your miserable life.

I want to fall in love with you in such a way the complex programming can never fix my heart.

You should not forget to take my hand and we would decode the feelings inside our hearts.

I would celebrate this love forever when we finally decoded all of these feelings and emotions.

You should not be afraid to do some programming as I would forever accept you as you are.

I bet your wonderful smiles can do a complex programming with my heart, brain, and soul.

I want to run with you and face the feeling when we finally win all this programming of love.

We should dance with the fireflies and talk to them using these computers and walkie-talkies.

I want to dive with you into the ocean where the programming and love exist at the same time.

We can dance with the programming folks with their coffee pots, neck pillows, and silly grins.

You can fly with me into these clouds if we happen to decode this message inside our minds.

I hope that you can decode my feelings the way that I want you forever.

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