Political PickUp Lines

There are some things that you need to know in order to crack a joke, but a pickup line is even harder than that especially when it is about politics or anything political related.
To impress the person that you want to make a move on, here are some political pickup lines that will rescue you from your doom especially if you cannot think of what to say to impress that person you are hitting on that you should do.

Baby, we can go to political talks as much as you want, and I promise not to ever get bored.

If you are free tonight, maybe we can go to a party and get to know each other better, baby.

I have got this stimulus just waiting to be used up in my pants, do you want to try it out, dear?


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I am telling you it is not only the national debt that seems to be rising up, my thing as well.

My thing only rise up for beautiful girls and it seems to be on its peak right now, my darling.

Baby, if you were a president, I bet everyone would listen to you and stare in awe, they would.

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If you listen to my political view of things, you will realize you really want me to be yours.

I would love to have a discussion with you about serious and private matters, my dear love.

Can I get your opinion because I have this poll that I would like you to take a good look at.

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You have a lot of curves and I can see them now, even more than the party lines out there.

You would look good as a politician, now I can see it, you have really great look, my dear.

Darling, you make me feel hot when you talk about political things, let me kiss you so badly.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I have got a ten-year plan and it seems you are there with me but one night would work too.

Should we get into some role play action? You get to be the cave and I would get inside you.

Let us make this work and maybe we can somehow find peace with each other, my darling.


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There are moments when I listen to your political view and I know you are the one for me.

I can give you a thousand reasons why you should run for president but I won’t, you’re mine.

I just want you to be mine, to be beside me right now, forget everything else, I tell you, dear.

I motion that we should have some private time together on my room, at this very moment.

I want to play a war where I just lay down and you would blow me out, what do you think?

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How come political talks are so sensitive nowadays, when it must mean something to all?

I bet you can blow some nice words into me, I would really appreciate that, my dear love.

I want to remove every barrier between us until we are but in our bare self, let’s do this.

I think the inflation is rising, my inflation at that because I would love to inflate you now.

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When a political view comes out of your mouth, I want to devour you so badly, my honey bee.

I want you to carry my babies for they will be president one day soon, would you want that?

I have this knowledge of the future and I see you as the one carrying my love, how about it?

The best thing is knowing that you want me too just like how much I want you right now, dear.

You may not be the very first lady in my house but you will surely be the very last one, love.


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I can ask air force one here in my pants to give you a ride, are you willing to do it all out?

You got me all tied up and you locked me down when you gave your political view of today.

Like a war I never thought that you would be as long as I expected you to be, now I’m scared.

Communism means having the same thing with everyone else, but I do not want to share you.

You are surely the bomb baby, just looking at you and I know that you are that, you silly girl.

There is something so amusing about you that makes me just want to keep talks all political.

I love it when you laugh silly and you seem like you are having so much fun, that’s the truth.

If I could, I would fly you up in the sky and show you how good I can ride on, my darling.

You seem like you are doing your best to keep this country beautiful, let’s make more of you.

The state needs more of you and so let us keep on increasing your number, beautiful girl.

And in the end, it all comes down to whether or not we are going to make things happen.

Moments will come when you will think of your political stand and so you’ll think of me, love.

I want you a lot, I want you so bad and I will use everything in my power just to have you.

I seem to have fallen for you and I want to be with you so badly, that’s the truth of it, dear.

You look like a Greek to me, are you really not? I want you to be my goddess for the time.

Hold on tight to me and imagine how amazing life would be if I were president of the country.

My love, my political view surely is in you, you are all that I want to view, that’s the truth.

The state will be glad to have a beauty like you so show them all that you have got, my baby.

Let us make more babies so that we can have the state flogging up with your beauty, my dear.

In this world of politics, what we can do best is to keep our hands to each other, that’s it.

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Can you see that I am trying my best to win your heart by getting the people’s demand, girl?

Darling, you are my political view because you are the best thing that has ever happened.

They say I shouldn’t join any party this election but I would love to spend a party wasted.

Maybe the truth is that your political approach has me hooked and I just love that so much.

You must be glad that good looks are not taxed because you will be paying a high price.

You seem like a national good, with the way you look so beautiful, I bet you are a treasure.

Maybe we can discuss the terms of this union we are about to be having, how about it, dear?

One day, you will see that I was the one who was there for you when you were running hard.

It is okay if you lose, I will make sure to reward you in my room just the same, no matter what.

The problem is that the political view of things is the best thing there ever is and so are you.

Do not mind losing, the important thing is that you try your best and so will I this evening.

I wouldn’t mind being with you all the time, if I win, I’ll make a day for just the two of us.

In the middle of this crazy world, I have found someone who would support me in my journey.

Every female president needs a first gentleman to keep her on the ground, I will be that, dear.

I love you as much as I value every person’s political view, my darling, that is the truth.

Let me be the person to keep you sedated so that you will always be just calm and confident.

No more talking about politics tonight, it is just you and me, let us talk about the two of us.

Maybe if you listen to me more, we would be a whole lot better like before, that I think so.

Let us celebrate the joy that we have in this moment, to just keep each other on a leash, babe.

May you always remember that I am your number one fan, I will be with you through it all.

No matter what your political points are, you are still going to be the best thing there ever is.

My middle name is seduction and I will show you how to forget all about politics this night.

Maybe you should give in to temptation every now and then, you cannot be as perfect, baby.

Go for the things that makes you happy and I just hope I am someone who will make you that.

For you are the only person in this world that understands my political approach, baby girl.

How about we go to my place and then let us discuss my political view on things, darling?

My dear every political word that comes out of your mouth is just so delightful, that it is.

And when nothing political seems to go right, I will be here for you, just waiting for you.

There is only a small difference between people’s political points and I am glad you see mine.

In the middle of my life, political options are just that, you my baby are my top priority, really.

Maybe you are incline to a political party but babe, I don’t care if you just lean on me now.

Baby you are all that I need, I don’t care what political party you are with, I just need you.

Let me show you that political manners do not matter to me, only you matter to me, babe.

If you cannot handle my political thoughts, forget it, I still want you so bad right now.

Let me be the one to give you honest thoughts on political issues, let me show you now.

What do I think about political characters and what do I want? The answer is you, babe.

Honey, let’s forget about political figures at this moment, let’s just love each other, okay?

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