Police Pickup Lines

Came across some cute police officer and tempted to flirt with him? Or are you a police and want to pass some time by flirting your way? Below are some of pick-up lines you can choose from to capture his/her heart.

I do not mind being caught by a police if that is you.

Boy you look hot in your police uniform.

I want to get caught doing a crime if you are going to be the police who will interview me.


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Baby you’ve got to stop looking that good because I am tempted to do bad with you right here.

Mister police if liking someone at first sight is a crime I will be guilty as charged right now.

I thought you are a police but how come you managed to stole my heart.

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Are you a police? Because you have handcuffed my heart and owned it immediately.

I am willing to be handcuffed if you are going to be the police who will be doing that.

You look way better than fine in your police uniform.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

Want to do something nice tonight with your police uniform.

Sirens are used by cop for going after criminals like you because you have stolen my heart.

Darling I am a police. Want to do an undercover work with me?

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Do you have a police partner already? Because I would like to apply.

Forgive me but I am thinking about taking off your police uniform right here, right now.

Do you have time Mister Police? Care to fill me in on the you are working over coffee?


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I would be so willing to call you Sir even outside this four-cornered room.

You look great in that police uniform but you will look even greater when you are with me.

As a police even a bulletproof vest would not work against your charm.

Girl do you mind if you step out of that car and walk with me towards the end of forever?

I promise I am a good police but if you want me to be a bad one I can be a bad one.

Nerdy Pickup Lines

I am your police for tonight. Want me to read your rights to you?

Boy I think you misplaced your baton in front of your pants.

If I am a police I will be enforcing the law of attraction on us for as long as we want.

You being a police and in uniform is always a plus.

Great PickUp Lines

I bet you are using your job as a police to get girls like me.

I am arresting you for stealing my heart without prior notice.

Damn, you are the hottest police I have ever known.

Want to play something like cop and a robber for tonight?

I do not mind chasing you all night just as long as you are the price.


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I do not mind running this far if you are going to be the one impressed by this.

I am not trying to get into your pants by saying I am a police but if that works that’d be good.

You do not have to interrogate me because I’d be willing to give you all the answers you need

I heard the police are good in processing papers. Are you also good in processing feelings?

I want to ride your police car if you are going to be the driver.

I promise I would make the police car sound its siren every time I see your beautiful face.

You are good at catching bad people but how come you managed to caught my eye too?

I rarely fall for a police but forgive me because I think I fell for you.

You do not need to be teased by a teaser because you are stunning enough.

I am a cop. Want to check all my paraphernalia all over my body?

You are a professional robber! Because you stole my heart and I do not even know it.

Are you the cop in the movie? Because you and him look so damn fine.

My dream is to date a police like you and play some games with him.

I heard you are a good cop but I can make you go bad even just for tonight I promise.

I think I need a backup because I cannot handle all of you beautiful girls in one place.

I do not think I would mind of you want to play with me and my handcuffs tonight.

Will you keep me if I gone mad over your cop skills tonight?

I do not think I have seen such a fine man like you until tonight.

Even if you are a cop or not I would be so willing to spend my lifetime with you.

You save everyone. Do you want me to save you even just for tonight?

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Want me to relieve all your stress for being a police tonight?

I want to ride your cop motor all the way to your house.

I am willing to learn how to use a gun so that you and I can bond over it.

Girl I would be willing to teach you how to use a gun so that I can get close to you.

I like the idea of you planting something on me tonight.

Even without you telling me I will drop on my knees and surrender to you.

Boy, I do not mind surrendering everything to you.

I do not mind if I surrender everything tonight for you.

For you I will file no charges if you play with my baton.

Baby I have overcome a lot of stress in my work, but I am willing to take more for you.

I am not comfortable without my gun, but my life is a lot less complete without you on it.

You set everything in my body on fire with you looking fine in that uniform.

I trained a lot just to get this position so expect me to sacrifice a lot just to get you.

I will persevere just to get to your heart just like I persevered to be a cop.

For you I can take a 100 push-ups, if that will amaze you.

If I was stopped by you I will not hesitate to stop my whole life, for you.

Bring all your cop stuff tonight at my house because baby I’ll help you release your tension.

Oh boy you made me fall in love faster than your cop car chasing criminals.

I am pretty sure you are not a criminal, but I would still like to chase you.

You ambushed my heart but I am thankful for that.

I am so lost but you found me like a good cop you are.

I don’t mind getting caught doing something bad with you.

Oh boy you kidnapped my heart completely by just doing your smile like that.

I do not think I have seen someone as hot as you in a cop uniform.

Oh no! You have drive a bullet straight to my heart. Now I can’t love someone other than you.

I will take a dozen or even a hundred bullet for you.

I would every speeding ticket I could get if that means having a chat with you.

Even all the cops in the world told me to stop pursuing you I would still stand by my decision.

If I could I will give you all the speeding tickets I have just to talk to you.

Darling you committed a perfect crime by completely making me fall for you.

Girl you are on my list of most wanted and with that you have to go home with me.

I cannot stop my urge to follow you until you get home and invite me in.

You are a gangster, I am a cop, but I really do not mind that fact.

Girl you really look so damn lovely in your mugshot photo. Care to take a selfie with me?

Darling you look like a good girl and you need a bad cop in your life and with that I volunteer

I am afraid of cops that is until I met you.

Baby I know you love this strong built I have but are you willing to love the inside as well?

I’m willing to run with you while you do your job if that means spending more time with you.

Congratulations! You made it to my most wanted list. Only a few people made it to this list.

I do not mind you taking a bullet directly to my heart as long as you take one too.

Dear I will always be willing to take a bullet for you.

Gun or no gun I would always be brave for you.

Girl I will protect you from the bad guys and situation no matter what happens.

Like my working partner, you always have my back.

Would you mind stepping out of that vehicle so that you have the chance to look closely at me.

My thrill lover heart loves the trouble maker in you.

I should be putting myself away from trouble ‘cause I am a cop but damn I’d like to have you.

Night shifts at the office are always more fun when you are with me partner.

I am a cop but I would be more than willing to be a prisoner of our love.

I am giving you a license to drive me insane every day and every night I spend with you.

Honey do not try to speak because anything you tell me will be the things I would believe in.

I can handle your crazy, I promise I do not need a back-up.

My favorite busting operation is when your face is the one I see behind the door.

Honey I am warning you that all I am is everything but gentle.

I am usually fair in all my dealings but damn how could I be when you’re looking hot like that

I do not care how fast we are going just as long as we finish our business before my shift.

Dear you deserve a speeding ticket because you make me fall in love faster than the light.

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