Pokemon Pickup Lines

Pokemon is one of the all-time favorite cartoon show of people all over the world to the point that it even got a game.
Catching a pokemon is a hard task but nevertheless it is very enjoyable.
If you are planning on securing your spot into her heart by using pick-up lines then using Pokemon themed ones are going to earn you a lot of points for sure so might as well try them out.
Here are some pokemon pickup lines that might just be able to get your way to her heart.

When I look at you all I can think about is Pokemon and you are my Pikachu as I am Ash.

You look like a Pikachu to me because no matter how I look at you, you electrocute me.


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I may not know where your Pokestop is but I promise I will try my best to tap at you, girl.

There are a lot of fish in the sea such as a Magicarp but honestly you are the one I want.

You are truly a good catch and there is nothing less of a master ball that can work on you.

I am going to be so grounded right now because you are a diglett and I want to be inside.

If you want to battle with me just tell me so I can have all my pokeballs ready at my disposal.

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Go ahead and train with me, fight with me, show me that you are great with your balls, dear.

Love, you are my charmander in the world full of squirtles, you ignite the fire in my heart.

You are like a jigglypuff you are just so cute and I want to keep hugging you all day long.

You must be the Misty to my Ash together we will catch everything out there with pokeballs.

Good Pick Up Lines

Like a Bulbasaur I promise that I will keep you hydrated, I will keep you feeling loved.

I may not be as angsty as Meowth but hey I promise I will somehow work it out, my dear.


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I sure am going to be a milk tank just so I can try my best to practically attract you love.

Can you give me my number so I can register you to an awesome gadget called the PokeNav?

Hilarious Pick Up Lines

You could be a horsesea so I can ride you or it can just be the other way around, baby.

Are you into catching everything in between because I can promise to give you a great time.

I do not even need to use my Poke-dex because I swear I am going to find you by sightseeing.

You must be Misty because I swear I am going to be Rock to catch you when you fall, girl.

I am in love with every shape that you take, you are an amazing girl and I love you for it.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

My master balls are totally impossible to escape and I will show you why later tonight.

You want me to try out what Charmander can bring you, let me set you on fire, my dear.

Should you want to see what is inside my ball bag, I am more than willing to share it to you.

I will definitely use an Onyx to bind you on that bed if you dare try to tell me you don’t like it.

Great PickUp Lines

You must be a so called rare candy because you really do level me up in ways only you can.

I must be going crazy because you looked like a Gyrados just a while ago, big enough to ride.

Will you welcome me with open arms and show me where you keep your secret base in, babe?


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I am going to go and make a super rod and I will surely make you tightly hooked up, darling.

What can I say, I am just a trainer trying to find his own way to show his worth, that I am.

Indeed catching those pokemons with all those pokeball will be hard but it will be worth it all.

I am going to get a master ball and defeat the rarest of them all and then ask your hand after.

Will you marry me if I promise to get you all the colors of the series from gray to gold, dear?

Believe me that squirtle is not the only one who can use that watergun power of his, babe.

If you know Aipom you know he is good with his hands but I will show you that I am as well.

You have a Cloyster that I am dying to see, I wonder if you are more than willing to show me.

I can be that Mismagius for you and I will show you your wildest dreams, make them reality.

Don’t make me use all these watergun like Tortoise can have, I will make sure you suffer on it.

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I am just a Machamp and you should know what I mean by that if you take me seriously at all.

Maybe you can go on and press Rest so that we can finally take some time off together, girl.

Meowth maybe mischievous but then so am I and I will show you what that really means.

The team rocket is on their way to spill darkness all over the place, I will be here for you.

No matter what happens now, believe me when I say I tried my best to catch everyone out.

You are going to matter to me and I know that, I can see it right now and it is just amazing.

You surely but the bone in the animal cubone because I am so dried out right now coz of you.

Will you make sure to actually see that I belong to someone because it is hard without a girl.

A trainer is someone who keeps his pets in check and so I will make sure of that for you.

Charmander is red because he is always on fire just like how I am always for you, my dear.

We would make a great team, you and I believe me on that, so let us keep searching, girl.

Those grasses are filled with mysterious pokemons we have yet to figure out my dear girl.

You may want to check out for yourself and see if my pokeballs are really legendary, baby.

I have got the hots for you like charmander has fire on his tail, that is how I feel my dear.

There is nothing more in the world I would like than to keep you inside a master ball.

If I catch you inside my pokeball, I swear I am never going to let you out at all, believe me.

Team Rocket will always be to your rescue and I swear that you are going to be the same.

If I can just get a pokeball, I would throw it straight into your heart and catch you out, girl.

I wish I can just show you were my secret hideout is and then we can travel the world, lady.

Let me show you what it means when I say that I am going to train with you together, baby.

You are my love and I would slowly try to be your very best trainer for you, my pokegirl, dear.

If you are going to be a Pokemon, you are going to be a Charizard coz baby you are so hot.

Should you be a Pokemon, I promise you that I will choose you over and over again, girl.

Let us go and catch Pokemon together, would you care to join me on doing just that, baby?

In a Pokemon competition you will definitely win a place in the beauty category of the game.

Should I ever be a legendary Pokemon, do you want to see just how awesome my balls are?

I think you must be a Pokemon and maybe a Squirtle because you sure can make me so wet.

I am a great pokemon trainer, that I can assure you so will you let me catch your heart, girl?

Love is going to be easy between the two of us because we are both Pokemon trainers, lady.

Let us go hunt some pokemon tonight because I want get a glimpse of you, my dear baby girl.

You make me want to sing to you like the Pokemon, Jigglypuff, I shall put you to sleep baby.

I am going to get some of my pokemon balls and promise to catch your heart somehow dear.

Hey girl, are you a pokemon, because you are just the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

You’d make a decent pokemon with the way you are looking at me like you are about to eat.

Of all the pokemon out there in the world, I promise you that you are the one I would pick.

There are many pokemon moves and I swear I am going to try out everything to you tonight.

If you are the only pokemon left in the rare edition, I would take all the time just to have you.

If I were a pokemon, I will show you how hard it is to catch me in one of your balls, baby.

You got me thinking about pokemon and believe me when I say that is a good thing for you.

There is no foreplay I would rather do than to have you act like a pokemon and me a trainer.

You must be a pokemon since you are more than willing for me to train you the way I want.

Be ready, you pokemon girl because I am going to show you what it means to train under me.

I am going to make sure that you become the best pokemon of all, for I am a good trainer.

Girl, pokemon is one of the best games ever invented, should I show you the game tonight?

Pokemon has a way of reaching people and one of its claws found its way to both of us.

I shall teach you a secret if you promise to keep it, I just love catching pokemon, baby.

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