Pirate PickUp Lines

Feeling a little naughthy and you find yourself dressed as like Johnny Depp in his famous movie and you finally found someone you would like to strike a conversation with? And your desperate for something, anything to start your conversation with her? Then here are some of the pick-up lines you could definitely use to get to know her better.
Enjoy searching for the right pick-up line and good luck to your adventure, Captain!

I am feeling lucky today because I finally found my treasure and that is you, darling.

When I look at you all I can think about is how much I wanted you to be my treasure.

You look like a treasure to me because no matter what angle all I can say is you are precious.


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I may not know where your real treasure is but I am contented because I found you.

There are a lot of treasures out there but honestly after I found you, you are my only one.

You are truly my precious treasure because I could not ask for more about your entirety.

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As a pirate, I would go to war and battles just so I could defend you now and forever.

Go ahead and go to wars for me so that I know how fine of a pirate you are.

Love, upon seeing you ignite the fire in my heart and I know immediately you are my treasure.

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Darling, want to go on adventures with me as a pirate? It will be fun, you, me, and the world.

I bet you and I can be a good team of pirate and we’ll found every treasure on this earth.

Baby, I will take care of you and shower you with all the treasures I find as a pirate.

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I may have anger issues because this hunting is draining but I would not take it out on you.

I heard you are attracted to pirates. Want to go out sometime and check me if I am legit?

I promise I can give you a great time in between all there hunting of treasures.


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I do not need a map just to get to you because I swear I can feel our connection.

Girl even if you look like you’re tired from all this hunting you still look beautiful as ever.

Do you want to go back to my home port and so something more fun than this?

Do you mind if my pet watches what we are doing?

My charm is impossible to escape from, that’s part of being a pirate dear.

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Want to feel my cannon near your body or inside your body or both? Choose wisely dear.

I want to set your body and your heart on fire dear with this cannon tonight. Do you mind?

Should you want to see what is inside my chest I am more than willing to share it with you.

Girl I can be gentle or rough that is in my nature as a pirate. So choose wisely.

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Girl I am already a crazy pirate but you made me turn into a crazier one, crazier for you.

Need a ride? Then come aboard in my lovely home darling where you’ll stay forever.

Will you welcome me with open arms and show me where you keep all your treasures?

I can make you hooked up with my entirety if you just give me enough time baby.

What can I say darling, I’m just a pirate trying to find his own way to show his worth to you.


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Indeed finding all these treasures will be hard but having you here with me makes it worth it.

I’m going to find this last treasure, then ask your hand after so we can start building home.

Will you marry me if I promise to get you all these treasures on this map, darling?

I’m good at steering this wheel but that is not the only thing my hands are good at.

You have that treasure that I’m dying to see, I am wondering if you are willing to give me.

You are my wildest dreams which came to life and I will not ever let you go.

I promise I will protect you from all the other pirates because you are my favorite treasure.

I’m a pirate but I’ll prove to you that I am serious with you more than I am in finding treasure.

Dear, my men will take care of our ride so we could finally spend time together.

I can be naughty that’s just my nature as a pirate but I can make you feel good because of that.

Upon seeing you, my mind automatically drew an X mark on you.

The other pirates may want you as their treasure but I promise I will be here protecting you.

I promise, I’m a loyal pirate I’m no longer interested in other girls because you are enough.

You are going to be so important to me more than all my treasures combined I can feel that.

It is hard being a pirate and for once I want to be treated like a treasure too for you.

A pirate takes care of all his treasures so I will take care of you in this lifetime and beyond.

I feel like my energy is higher and I can be the best pirate because I got you here with me.

Ohh this is not a hornpipe darling. I am just so ecstatic to see you looking all hot like that.

Darling are you ready to board my ship? I promise I will take you to heaven or cloud nine.

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Dear, I think my timbers need some loving. Would you mind giving me that tonight?

I sailed and sailed and sailed just so I could finally find you and be with you lovely.

Girl after searching this world I think I have finally laid eyes on the most beautiful girl.

You have the best butt I have seen after sailing the several seas and oceans.

Do you mind if I take a peak on those lovely treasure chests of yours?

Will you runaway with me darling? Across the seas and beyond the skies?

I promise running away with me will be worth it because you can spend time with me.

I do not think I will still search for treasure chests because you’ve the most beautiful pair on.

Do you like my skull and crossbones darling? I’ll give them to you if you continue to be loyal.

We would make a great team, you and I believe me on that, so let us keep searching, girl.

The world is full of treasures we have yet to find so be patient with me okay? We got this.

Do you want to check if what you have in your hand is a real treasure baby? Then taste it.

I have got the hots for you like a pirate have got the hots for his ship.

Girl I value you more than I value this ship and I’m willing to trade my ship for you.

There is nothing more in the world I would like than to keep you right here, safe and loved.

Once you step in my secret hiding place, you cannot go back and you are mine forever.

Just yell my name if you are in trouble and I will come running to rescue you princess.

Girl I am willing to show you the world just tell me yes.

Girl I do not mind you feeling at home in my humble home because this is going to be yours.

Let me show you what it means to be taken care of like a real treasure.

You are my love and I would slowly try to be your best keeper.

Do you mind if I put my anchor somewhere on your body darling? I promise you’ll enjoy.

I’ll choose you over and over again, girl over all the other treasures I have. That’s a promise.

Let us go and search the earth for treasures. Would you go with me, love?

You will always have a special place in my heart, my favorite treasure.

Do you want to see the balls of the greatest pirate on earth, darling? My place, tonight?

Just by knowing that you are a pirate makes me so damn wet.

I am a great pirate. I promise I will treasure your heart so would you give it to me right now?

Love is going to be easy between the two of us because we both want treasures.

Let us go hunt some treasure tonight because I want spend time with you, baby girl.

I am going to get all the maps in the world and read them just so I can get to you somehow.

Hey girl, believe me you are just the most amazing treasure I have ever seen.

You make me more in love with you with the way you are looking at me like I am a treasure.

Of all the treasures out there in the world, I promise you that you’re the one I’d always keep.

Girl I know many pirate tricks I can do so that I can give you pleasure tonight.

If you are a treasure I would do everything in my power just so I can have you immediately.

If you were really a pirate, I’ll show you how hard it is to find a treasure like me, baby.

You got me curious about pirates and believe me when I say that that is a plus for you.

My kind of foreplay is you and I acting like two pirates in love.

You are an amazing treasure hunter already since you’re more than willing to learn.

Pirate girl, are you ready? Because I am going to show you what it means to train under me.

I am going to make sure that you become the best pirate of all just spend your time with me.

Being a pirate is my passion and I love it even more because this is what bond us.

I shall teach you a secret in how to be a pirate if you promise to spend your lifetime with me.

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