Pirate PickUp Lines

You wear your dark eye patch and go inside the place where the blaring music can drown you more than the ocean waves.
You are enjoying yourself when suddenly you start to see the wonderful beauty of the lady.
She seems like the gorgeous mermaid in the animated movies, as you observed in your seat.
You get the urge of approaching her, so you listened to your wishes and made your way to her direction.
Maybe these pick-up lines might help you sail the conversation, make you own the anchor, and let the ship become real for the best times.

I will sail with my ship in the world and search for your great love across the ocean waves.

Let me take the anchor and lead us to the most beautiful paradise where we can live forever.

Let us ride the ocean current and take us away from the world made of conflict and troubles.


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I want to sail the ocean and search for our happiness down the trenches of the Pacific Ocean.

I would willingly go to the Bermuda Triangle with you and get lost with our love forevermore.

I am the pirate of the west and fight for our own love against the vicious monsters of the sea.

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Let me dance with the sea waves and sing all my awes for your wonderful beauty and spirit.

I would fight all the sea monsters and the flying beasts just to protect all your lovely smiles.

I can be the pirate of your life who will let our ship sail to the loveliest paradise in the world.

We can feel our love when we start to sail the ocean waves and face the cruelty of the world.

Pirate PickUp Lines

I want to swim the depths of the ocean, so I can find your lost smiles and your forgotten life.

I am an adventurer of the sea who takes a long journey just to find our treasure called love.

We should dance with the stars and sing the cradlesongs of the pirates beneath the moonlight.

Let me hear the sound of the guitar and sing my love along with the sound of the ocean waves.

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I am a vicious pirate who will protect your heart and soul from the evil monsters of the ocean.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you in sailing the world and finding our own paradise.

We should dance together tonight along with the whisper of the sea and the sound of music.


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Are you one of the bandits of the seven seas who just stole my innocent little heart tonight?

I think I am a pirate because I want to find the treasure underneath your wonderful smiles.

I want to feel this wonderful love again like I have been drowning in our happiness forever.

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Your beauty is like the tranquility of the ocean waves and the sparkling sand in the beach.

Let me dance with you now while we swim with the sharks and protect our own fragile hearts.

Take me to the journey that never ends and feels the beauty in this magnificent boat with you.

I want to play as a pirate and fight the sea monsters while I will forever protect your soul.

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Forget the world and let us dance tonight with our bodies and hearts closer than the ocean.

I am the most handsome pirate in the world who will offer my heart as a good trade for yours.

Let me conquer these islands, so I can give it all to you and build our own glorious kingdom.

Your beauty is so admirable and subtle that I bet all the bandits are going to steal your heart.


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I am the pirate who wants to fight anyone and anything just to protect your innocent heart.

Let me take you to a dance above this ocean floor and beneath the most beautiful starry night.

I might be busy sailing the ocean, but I will definitely have the time to find our love treasures.

Your superb beauty and love are the most significant treasures that I have witnessed in life.

You are the loveliest treasure that I have managed to find in this long journey in my own life.

You are as magnificent as the sound of the ocean waves and swift movement of the jellyfishes.

Your gorgeous smiles make my heart flutter and make me feel drowned in my feelings for you.

I am the handsome pirate who would like to make you very happy for the rest of your life.

Let me call your beautiful name now while you call me as your captain in this gorgeous boat.

I want to become the pirate who will conquer the king of the world and make you my queen.

We should just invade the massive ocean like I want to make your world be mine for tonight.

Let me take you to the disco and do the waltz dance like the way a ship sails in the ocean.

Maybe we can go on a cruise tonight like a bunch of pirates searching for their own paradise.

I want to sing the lullaby with you like the sound of the waves inside the large Nautilus shell.

I want to dance with you as we start to feel get drown in our love and the song in our hearts.

I am the pirate who will do anything for you and I might be even your prisoner forevermore.

I think you are the pirate in your past life because I have become your captive in your heart.

You might have stolen my heart like the famous bandit in the sea, but I knew I liked it much.

I want to keep dancing with you in the beautiful scenery of the starry night and dark oceans.

Ahoy, I want to fall in love with you and your blue ocean eyes that linger into my old soul.

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If you will ask me if I am deeply amazed at your beautiful, I will say ‘aye’ again and again.

Aye, aye, I am the pirate who will follow all your orders and I will love with all of my heart.

I am the sea rover who would wish to capture your beautiful gazes and smiles inside my mind.

I have been riding this pirate ship when I found you right here, my dearest prize and treasure.

Let me love you and savvy that I will love every bit of yourself for the rest of my miserable life.

I am the pirate right here, but you are the one who took it as the captive inside your old soul.

Shiver me timbers, I cannot expect that there is someone as lovely as you are all the night.

I am willing to walk the plank as long as I can finally see your gorgeous smiles and gazes.

Let me conquer the islands and sail the pirate ships with you as we give our love to the world.

Feel my love tonight so that we can make you my prisoner in my mind acting like a sea rover.

This is a sweet trade where I will give my heart to you so that I can have your heart back.

I can be your lovely pirate who is willing to cook for you and make French braids just for you.

Your gorgeous sexy lips are like the bright sunset that glows up the dark ocean in the horizon.

Let’s weigh the anchor and feel our wonderful love linger inside our minds and our hearts.

Yo-ho-ho, I love to see your beautiful smile once again and light my small world up forever.

I am neither a pirate nor a cool lad, but I know I am the man who will spend my life with you.

I don’t want to be your matey tonight, as I want us to reach another level of our relationship.

You can be the pirate who might get my heart as the most valuable prize in this relationship.

I am mostly jolly roger, but I am much happier with you whenever we talk and walk right now.

I am your pirate of the ship who can make us sail around the world just to protect our love.

I would say ‘avast’ to you so that I can confess all this passionate love and emotions for you.

Maybe we could just go and offer a sweet trade of our beautiful innocent hearts and souls.

I just don’t want to become the bucko as I want to dance this waltz with you all night long.

I never thought I can encounter any pirate in my life for you have stolen my heart in my chest.

Let me dance with you through the night with the beauty and the whisper of the ocean waves.

I am the pirate who will invade your heart and make it our kingdom for the rest of our lives.

There is a booty here, where you can see where I put your heart along with the gemstones.

Aye, aye, captain, I’ll keep falling in love with you given that we are permitted by the heavens.

I am the pirate who will fall in love with every sparkle in your eye and name it as my treasure.

I am deeply amazed at your beauty and how you can make any ship sink with your tiny smiles.

I am your pirate who can be your prisoner inside your heart and who will love you forever.

I am your pirate who will spend the rest of my life with you in the sailing ships over the sea.

Let me take part in this robbery because I am the mischief pirate that will steal your heart.

You might be the most beautiful pirate with the most gorgeous smile and adorable tiny gazes.

I hope that I can laugh like a famous bandit in the sea who have discovered a grand treasure.

Let me walk the plank because I am the only pirate who risks all my life just for your safety.

I am the pirate who can kiss you and at the same time, let the world get burned with our love.

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