PickUp Lines

Life gives you situations when you suddenly meet someone, you don’t know where, who, in which conditions but hey! This doesn’t mean you have to lose those golden moments.  Here are some of the freshly built up, coolest pick up lines for the moments that can turn up into investments.  All the best!

Are you a power bank, because you just got me charged.

You look expensive babe, is there any EMI offer to take you out?


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Your Instagram page looks way cooler than real life but it’s okay I’ll manage.

You and vodka have something in common, Once with you, life goes awesome.

You look exactly like my ex girlfriend, it’s just that she didn’t knew she was mine but you will.

I just WhatsApped your pic to my mom, she agreed to our marriage.

You look hungry, how about a dinner tonight?

You just got lucky, let’s date.


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I think I am going to die of diabetes, damn girl you are so sweet.

7 people died when I saw you on the beach yesterday, because when I see you my heart shoots out.

I think, me and you will last long and not like my previous 12 relationships.

Are you an astrologer ‘coz I can see my future in you.

I can see, you like ice cream, marry me & we can share my refrigerator.

Hey! My granny wanted me to marry you and have her grandchildren.


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Mom told me I am old enough to date women, you interested?

Funny pickup lines

I see the moon, I see you, I close my eyes, I see you. It seems your tanning cream just worked fine.

Damn girl your hair is so Black, can this Dark night take you out?

Girl you are so hot, you just burnt my coffee black.

I can die for you if you’ll be my after death fairy.

Just met Donald Trump, he says if I date you , he’ll withdraw from presidential election.

I just did my graduation, are you my degree because I have been waiting for you so long.

Mom said she wanted a new daughter, you interested to be her new daughter… in law?

Just look me in the eyes and say NO, she says NO. You still listen to me, I told you we had a connection.

Seeing you single kills me but I have a girlfriend, but that’s okay, if you could adjust.

Are you Single? [I have a boyfriend..] It’s okay I’ll manage.

Are you Single? [ if she says yes] Let’s mingle.

People around you must be dying. Why? Because you are killing hot.

My cellphone shows your name as “myFutureEx”. Let’s not cheat it..

Hey Girl! Cute puppies, are they single as well?

Are you booking a flight? Because you make me occupied.

Are you made of caffeine? Because you keep me up all night.

I’m so sorry but you and me, I don’t think it will work out, but we can give it a try.

Is it Toosday because you look too hot girl.

Am I high or are we still just having a conversation?

Don’t think of friendzoning me sweety, I already texted a heart to you.

My heart is like Sahara and you are a raindrop, let’s prove our fate wrong, how about dating?

Is the bar on fire or is it just you being smoking hot?

Is it just the phone or you are all smart yourself?

Have you ever Googled about being a live Madonna?

My GPS shows “destination reached” when I come to you.

Could you turn on your hotspot?, I need to connect.

Our connection is like a LAN, it’s spontaneous but sometimes I change the service provider.

I would love to be your ex, let’s go out? Because I can see some sparks.

Is your father a terrorist? Because you just look like a bomb.

Do you like baseball?  Because girl we are a real match.

I know you wanna ask me out, just go for it already.

Hey bartender! Cancel my order, I think I am already high.

My dad is a salesman but I can bet ,he wouldn’t have seen a beauty product like you.

Could you add me on Facebook? Because you are the one I would love to follow.

My love for you is like an everlasting star, accept it or it’s gonna turn…. turn into the black hole.

Are you working in the forest department? Because when I see you, I go wild.

Would you like a Lollipop? Because my android just got upgraded.

Would you need a beer or am I enough?

I see that you like that MacPro, at this budget how about MacDo? (McDonald’s)

(Pointing to her ring finger) Isn’t it a ring missing from there? [whatever she says] let’s just say, it’s for the best.

3 words, me, you, and lifetime commitment.

Today is my day, but still I’ll let you speak, we can be like this all our life.

My mother used to be the most beautiful lady I knew until I met you.

It’s your call, either you want a life with me or you choose the one regretting that you could have me.

Me, you & our relationship, it can end up into infinity, if you let it to.

Today is my birthday and you are my only wish.

We can keep it simple; me, you, love, kids, and there on. Or we can spend the next 5 years finding a better match and then end up again with each other, because I can’t see a better option than the first one.

Is your name Rose? Because you really are way too attractive like a red Rose.

People can vote us to be the best couple tonight, if you agree.

Is it the first time we are meeting? Because I have just started to believe in “Love at first sight”.

It’s just been a minute and I am already in love with you.

Shall we leave? It’s getting crowded in here .

Don’t look at me, I am already falling for you.

If you would be a crossword, I would love to solve you.

You are a mistake I would love to commit every day.

You are the ERROR 404 of my I.E. No matter how much I want to avoid you, you’ll stay with me.

You are like a rose to me and I’ll love to hold you even with the thorns attached.

Here’s an opportunity of a lifetime, wanna dance?

If you would be a poison, I’d commit suicide right now.

Hasn’t the government started collecting tax on being so hot?

I wanted to meet my “special someone” tonight. [ whatever she replies ] Hi!

My Facebook status says single but you are welcome to change that.

You set a fire on me. You are sizzling hot.

Me and you, a perfect match.

Date me and I promise to be your last.

I can’t explain it [Whatever she says], my love for you.

So, where are we planning for next date? [She says something]

You make me feel High.

I arrived here alone, so you can completely ask me out tonight.

It’s been a while and I am already falling for you.

Alone in a bar, makes no sense, Should I join you ?

I am so loyal that if we get committed I can even share my Facebook Password with you.

I have a history of heart breaks, wanna be another reason?

If I had, I could even bet my Ferrari for your looks.

Thanks for being here, I’ll be your escort tonight.

We never met, did we? [ She replies ] Because if we did, I’m sure we would already be dating.

I like you smile, would love to assure a lifetime of it.

Are you single? Or I is it just my instinct that drags me to you.

Did you call me? Or is it just your beauty ?

[Look her in the eyes for a while and say] Those beautiful eyes, may I know the host they belong to?

Were you at the party [name Some random party] yesterday? I’m sorry couldn’t resist, you looked astonishing.

My friends tell me you like being admired; damn you are so sexy.

How about leaving formalities and getting married?

Every night I dream of you, how did you know where to find me tonight?

My life has been like an apple, but now I need some oranges.

I am newton and you are my apple, how about a fall?

How about falling for me, we could discover gravity again.

You are like the Big Bang to my silent heart.

Are you an angel? Because I can see my dreams in you.

I may look desperate, but believe me it’s only for you.

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, into my heart I wanna make you fall.

[In case she walks into the bar & you notice her] Hey! Did you go through the security check? [She replies] because girl you are killing me.

Best 20 PickUp Lines Ever With Funniest Images

funny pickup lines
pick up lines

Did you like the [name anything she had been having]? [Anything she replies] wanted you to know there’s one more dish on the menu[She asks which one], Me ?

Is your father a gambler? Because this deal [pointing to her] is way expensive.

Thank God I met you tonight, I just had a breakup.

What kind of guy would you date? [* she says something] Try me.

You know there are 15 million available options to me but, I choose you tonight.

You look like a present I had always wanted for myself.

How’s it gonna workout if you don’t admit, you love me too.

Is it rainy today or I just want a reason to drive you home?

It was a beautiful night, and the best part is when I saw you.

You and me together. What else can you wish for ?

I could have [some famous Celebrity/Heroine] but see I am here talking to you, see how much you mean to me.

Thank God I met you tonight, otherwise I would have to date someone ugly over tinder.

Are you one of my favorite things in the world? Because I want to make you mine.

Are you a spinach? Because like Popeye the sailor man, you make me strong.

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