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Pirate PickUp Lines

You wear your dark eye patch and go inside the place where the blaring music can drown you more than the ocean waves. You are enjoying yourself when suddenly you start to see the wonderful beauty of the lady. She seems like the gorgeous mermaid in the animated movies, as you observed in your seat. You get the urge of approaching her, so you listened to your wishes and made your way to her direction. Maybe these pick-up lines might help you sail the conversation, make you own the anchor, and let the ship become real for the best times.


Lawyer PickUp Lines

You must be summoned in the court for that specific deed which you know that it is not your own fault. It is the most frequent case for everyone: making someone fall in love with you. But the verdict is always the same and that is the fact you are guilty of it. We are the judge of our lives, so it is up to our decisions what do we want to do in the future. If you wish to get to know each other further, you can use these pick-up lines so that you fulfill your wishes in the future.


Wrestling PickUp Lines

You might start to think that you are Dwayne Johnson or Andrew Clark. With these huge muscles, you are sure to think that all the girls might start falling for you. It might be effective to some girls, but in other cases they won’t even bat an eyelid for you. They are likely to fall for someone with a muscle brain or someone who can hurt their stomach for too much laughing at the punch lines and the jokes. To spice up any conversation, you should try these pick-up lines so that you would not wrestle your way out of the ring without any lovely companion for tonight.


Electrician PickUp Lines

This thing may be the real like you have been waiting for this feeling in a very long time. Finally, a sweet and beautiful spark! You felt it now, and it is unforgettable how this beautiful person looks in your direction. You do not want to miss this fantastic timing and opportunity, so you get up and walk over her seat with the most beautiful smile that you can offer. You would ask if this person would a drink, but you are starting to get nervous because you have no idea how you can get the conversation as smooth as this paper walls. Why not try this set of pick-up lines and perhaps you could bring the spark to the most raging fire in the history?


Wine PickUp Lines

Sometimes we can see love like the aging of wine since as the time goes by. When they nurture it and took care, the love becomes deeper and more mature than before. The sweet and bitter mixture of the taste is like made of those happy and sad memories. In this party, you can drink all the contents of the bottle, but you can never forget the beautiful face of this woman in front of you. Why don’t you try to win her heart with these pick-up lines and taste the tannins of this love?


The Office PickUp Lines

You always remember that quote, which tells about the forbidden love between an employer and an employee. But that’s inevitable, especially if your superior is the most beautiful person that you have ever seen in your life. Love is much more dangerous since you always see each other every day of your lives unless one of you finally resigned or retired in the time being. Would you bother be breaking the unspoken law for a special office romance or would like to stay as colleagues like the one in the American sitcom? Maybe it’s up to you or even when you try to use one of these pick-up lines that will make your work much less boring than ever.


Gamer PickUp Lines

This moment is not a simulation because of I undoubtedly sure that this is the real moment for the both of us. We should dance once again and feel this jazz music in our beautiful souls. You won’t ever play games anymore because this love is going to be real tonight. You must risk all of this for the happiness that you want in life. Why not try these pick-up lines so that you can finally win the heart of this beautiful girl in front of you?


Architecture PickUp Lines

We may walk around the corner and the edge of the road, but we already know that our love lingers among the two of us. You may also feel the peculiarity – the sudden feeling which is unfamiliar to us. Like a rising skyscraper, it grows into something beautiful in front of eyes. We can gaze right now and see a beautiful construction made from our awkwardness, eagerness, and passionate love. You should try few of these pick-up lines, so we can now nurture this feeling into something that we can never forget for the rest of our lives.


Heart PickUp Lines

You already know that you have found the love of your life in the darkest corner of this pub. You may call this fate, as you made your way through the crowd because you never recognize this feeling before. Right now, this person made the massive muscle inside your chest start to beat like a crazy eagle. This feeling may be ridiculous, but this is the real thing. You must now decide if you should give yourself a shot tonight and try to win the heart of this beautiful angel. Why not try some of these pick-up lines so you can finally have someone to tuck inside your ribcage?


College PickUp Lines

School is the best place for honing our knowledge, talents and skills. It is also a good venue of meeting new friends, new opportunities or new love. College is far different from high school and elementary. It is the time when you have to be more carrier oriented and less play. It is where you mold your future and the first step in fulfilling your dreams. The journey in college is not easy but with the help of the following quotes, they will surely make your college years durable and amazing.