Physics PickUp Lines

Physics is a hard subject but with perseverance and willingness to learn, you might just get the hang of it and probably excel in that subject.
There are perks in excelling in physics especially if you are in the same class with someone you’ve got your eyes on.
Here are some of the pick-up lines you can use to wow them with how well you know physics to be able to put them into a one-liner pick up line.
Enjoy reading!

You got me thinking hard like only physics can.

Baby, you are like a physics problem I can’t solve.


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Darling, you are like one hell of a physics problem to me; you are a mystery.

I could solve all the physics problems in the world but I can’t seem to figure out your beauty.

Dear, I am free falling for you.

Can I touch you? Because I’d like to test the existence of friction between us.

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There are two things in this world I believe in, first physics, then you.

I could live on this world without physics but I can’t live without you.

When I start falling for you, I can’t stop myself that is the second law of motion baby.

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When I start loving you, I can’t stop myself that is the second law of motion baby.

I studied all the concepts of physics but I still couldn’t figure out how I fell in love with you.

I want to speed up the day until the day I get to see you.

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Apparently, there is no physics concept that could explain how I feel for you.

I don’t know how but by being in this close proximity with you energizes me.

There are two forms of energy but with you I always like to keep moving forward.


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I am willing to wait for you because baby, you and I, we have got potential to last forever.

I would do all the work for the both us if that means being with you like this forever.

Tired? Don’t worry baby I’ve got enough kinetic energy to get us through this night.

There are two forms of energy, which is a fact; you and I that is also another fact.

Baby, I am willing to be all the forms of potential energy for you, waiting to be used.

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Are you ready for tonight? Because I am going to change all this potential energy into kinetic.

Baby, I will do all the work for the both of us in order for this relationship to work out.

Tonight, you can be the potential energy and I’ll be the kinetic. Whatever works for you baby.

Physics is hard but you’re making this twice harder because I can’t stop looking at you.

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I heard you are good in physics, can you be my tutor for tonight?

You awaken all this energy stored up in me, and make me want to use the kinetic with you.

Are you human? Because all this entropy in this world doesn’t seem to affect your beauty.

You are the calm in this entropic world.

All this effort leads to entropy but I am willing to risk all if I can be in this chaos with you.

Entropy is bad but it can be good if I am with you the rest of my life.


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I don’t know why but after seeing you I can see myself falling in love with my physics partner.

Life is good with physics but my life is better with you on it.

I could be in Asia, and you could be anywhere is Europe but I’ll still feel attracted to you.

It’s crazy how I feel so attracted to you like the north side of magnet to its south side.

Are you the north magnet? Because I am the south side and I feel myself being pulled to you.

Baby do you feel the attractive force between us?

Oh the attractive force between us is so strong I cannot go against it!

I can choose to resist this attractive force that is between us but I won’t because I like you.

Baby you don’t need force to make me come to you because I’d willingly do it for you.

Force is a concept in physics you don’t need to apply with me because baby I’m willing.

When I am with you, I feel like I have no mass because I don’t mind accelerating this thing.

Accelerate or decelerate? I really don’t mind and I won’t resist because it is with you.

I always feel like I’m on the moon when I am with you, I feel lighter and weightless.

I always feel like I’m on the moon when I am with you, I feel lighter and this feels just right.

Physics is the only thing I am looking forward in school aside from you.

I like challenge that is why I like physics, in the same way I like you.

Physics makes me see and understand the world a lot better and that includes you.

Physics they say is needed every day, I say nay because I just need one thing and that’s you.

What is your mass? Because you matter in my heart way more than that number.

I don’t believe your matter can be measured because for me you matter infinitely.

Can I be your physics lab partner to save you in this semester and beyond?

I promise I will not drag you in this thing if I am not going to go through this with you.

Are you feeling cold baby? Don’t worry because I will give you the heat all you need tonight.

If you ask me if I like you I’ll say yes faster than 3.0 X 108 m/s.

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I am falling for you way, way faster than the acceleration due to gravity at the earth’s surface.

All these physics formulae but I still couldn’t figure out how to get to you.

All these physics formulae but I still couldn’t figure out this attraction I have for you.

All these physics formulae but I still couldn’t figure out why I fell in love with you.

Baby for you I am willing to formulate an equation that can change your world forever.

My love for you is not like a quantum system that changes with time.

My love for you is like a quantum system that changes with time but only because it increases.

I don’t have the brightest mind like Einstein but I know this, I love you as simple as that.

Hey, you and I we have something in common, we are both acted upon by gravity.

I can’t propose something like the Theory of Relativity but I will propose to you in the future.

Baby I am energy itself because I can make both of us work.

Hey baby! Wan to change position with me?

There is an invisible force that always makes me want to go talk with you.

I was about to walk away but there is this force that made me want to fight for us again.

I was about to walk away but I can’t resist this force which drives me to you again and again.

Let us let the gravity drive us towards the centre of the earth and stay there forever.

Baby are you free tonight? Because I want to create friction with you ‘til the morning comes.

The greater the distance, the lesser the attraction but I know we’re the exception for this rule.

I’ll go the fastest I could do in space so that I could be with you right here at a slower time.

I’ll go the fastest I could do in space so that I could indulge myself in your presence longer.

Baby your eyes are like black holes, I could be lost in them and be gone forever.

Baby your presence is enough evidence of black holes because I want to be lost with you.

I promise I will save us from the idea that as the time increases, disorder increases as well.

Baby I think we’re opposites because I can feel myself attracted to you.

Baby even if we’re the same, and same charges repel I’ll still find a way to get to you.

If there is a multiverse out there, I am willing myself right now to always choose you.

Baby are you busy tonight? Because I would like us to explore the beauty of universe.

For you, baby, my energy is always conserved ready to be used whenever you needed.

Do you want to see what is inside the Schrödinger’s box? Meet me tonight baby.

Baby you give me direction like no other human being could do.

Physics? It sucks but I can endure it when I’m looking at you from across the room.

I want to be close to you as close as the particles in a solid state.

I don’t like Physics but because you’re good at it, I want to be good at it too.

Physics matters in everyday life but you matter more.

Are you ready for all the mass times acceleration you are getting tonight?

I will gladly endure all the Hertz with you if this means being with you.

I will keep trying to figure you out like the scientists try to figure out Higgs Boson.

You make all the electrons flow in my body just by looking at you.

Baby I want to have a covalent bonding with you because I like to share everything with you.

Because I want to be significant to you always, I’ll keep my performance rate between 1-9.

Maybe right now I am like the leading zeros, never signicant but one day I will be with you.

For me, you are like the captive zeros, baby you are always significant.

Physics is sometimes an uncertain science but with you I am always certain.

I don’t care if our love is against physics or any science, I love you and I’ll risk with you.

Physics experiments are fun but they are more fun when done with you.

You are like a strange phenomena I’d like to uncover and explain.

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