Pickup Lines Best


Horse PickUp Lines

You may think like a crazy cowboy tonight and steal the heart of one pretty lady in this pub. Forget about stealing because this woman might even offer all her life to you if she happened to like you so much. How can you do that? Maybe try to be a little less scary and intimidating, show her your best normal smile in the word, and throw the giant elephant out of the room. I guess you should try one of these pick-up lines and perhaps you would both riding your black horse and fly into your own paradise.


Programming PickUp Lines

This conversation is like a code – you need to decipher it to comprehend what these two hearts really want for each other. You ain’t a programmer but you can read between the lines and see that this person wants to know more about you. You are certain because you can already see it through her kind smiles and twinkling eyes. Perhaps try these pick-up lines to ‘debug’ these situation, so you can finally crack this silly barrier and make her want you for tonight.


Nurse PickUp Lines

You thought that you saw an angel, but you realized that this lady was just wearing a clean white uniform in front of you. You consider now that this was your favorite memory: this beauty gave you a kind smile and took care of you for such a long time. You knew that you should grab your chance, so you took a deep breath and try to think something says anything other than your vitals, meals, and words of gratitude for her hard work. Maybe try these pick-up lines and there might be a chance that you could be the one who might take care of her for the rest of her beautiful life?


Ocean PickUp Lines

You are just chilling right here, sipping in your cold drink when suddenly you saw a real-life mermaid walking by. You really thought she was an angel who was wearing the most beautiful swimsuit that you have ever seen in your life. You want to take the risk, so you stood up and walked right into her direction. You felt that your hands were shaking like the waves and sweating like you might make the sea much saltier than it was before. You must do it, so why not try these pick-up lines and not end up like a crumpled seaweed like you always expect? You would dive again into this depth of love at all costs, or wouldn’t you?


Irish PickUp Lines

You might be wondering if you are in the right place at the right time. This pub is too jampacked, while you can hear lots of laughter and thick accents everywhere. At first, you felt like this place was a lonely place until you saw a woman in the corner and she gave you one of her lovely kind smiles. You raised your glass and walked in her direction. Why not try one of these pick-up lines and maybe you might probably have someone to dance with on a St. Patty’s day?


Cow PickUp Lines

You looked glamorous, but you felt empty right in this counter. But you can be the wistful man at this moment while you think of dancing with this beautiful someone. You bet that this woman, who is now smiling at you, might be the one that you always looking for. You must be much excited, but you should be careful as you might end up being an awkward creature at the end of this party. You should possibly think about your pick-up lines or the way you can break the chilly barrier for tonight. You should try few of these lines so that you would have the confidence to make your lover smile not only for the night but the rest of their lives!


Guitar PickUp Lines

The music is blaring right now in this pub, but you slowly felt that your heart is beating much louder. You caught these beautiful eyes and suddenly you felt that the angels went down from heaven and began to serenade with their angelic voices. You also felt her lovely smile seemed like a melody in your life. You want to take a risk, so perhaps you can try these pick-up lines and capture the heart of this beautiful maiden, as you know she will listen to the music of your love.


Vampire PickUp Lines

This is not Halloween, but the people seem to like dressing up for that occasion. You felt out of place with your suit and tie when you suddenly saw an angel in front of your eyes. You hoped she will not fear you, so you started to fix your appearance while wishing you won’t look like any monster in the 80’s. You gave her a smile, hoping that you won’t look like you have fangs and a snake-like tongue. Why not try these pick-up lines, so you would probably have a chance for a night of sucking anything other than blood?


Marching Band PickUp Lines

You knew that this blaring sound was not from the band but from the louder beat of your heart. This was so sudden that when you caught the eye of the most beautiful woman in this world, you felt that this was the love that you were looking for in your life. You want to take the risk, so you gave her your best smile. Perhaps you can try these pick-up lines, so you can finally take her to the great dance with the song of the lovely band in the stage.


Hurricane PickUp Lines

You thought that this was like a natural calamity, as it nearly destroyed your sanity and calmness. Ever since you met this beautiful creature, you always thought that you would want to see a lovely sight every time you would wake up. You would want to share every possible silly thought and every sip of your chamomile tea. You would take the risk, so you decide to approach the person in this pub. How about you use these pick-up lines so that you would have someone to share the scene of every calamity in your lives?