Olympics PickUp Lines

This competition is held every after four years, maybe this time you would also find the one you have been waiting for.
So, better equip yourself with all these pick-up lines to swept her/him off her/him feet.
Read on and choose wisely to make him or her happy!

You are driving me crazy more than these Olympics games is driving me crazy right now.

I heard you are a potential Olympics player. I guess you have got great coordination, right?

You make me feel a lot of emotion like I’m in the venue of Olympic games, watching.


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Like the way players set their eyes on Olympics, I will set my eyes on you to make you fall.

If being a fan of Olympic games would make you finally see me then I would be, darling.

I don’t think you need to know all the names of all players because I love you already.

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I think you are far more perfect than those Olympic players, boy.

If I am an Olympics player, I would rather win a gold for your heart than the actual games.

No matter how many times you fall, you will always be my favorite Olympics player.

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Those figure of yours are lovelier than the figures of those Olympics players.

The only person I would like to pin down tonight is you, darling.

I am more than ready than an Olympics players. The venue is ready too. Game?

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Even if our bets did not win the medals I promise I would make our trip worthwhile, dear.

Girl I play majority of the sports in Olympics. Want to go out with me?

I marvel about how your body works with all the sports you are playing.


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Do you want to be swept off your feet by an Olympics player darling? Because I would.

I aspire to be an Olympics player so want my autograph before it is too late?

You are like an Olympics. You do not come very often so I would not let you go. I promise.

Because of your beauty, I can’t think of an Olympics pick up line to woo you right now.

Your body and your coordination is far more perfect than those players, boy.

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My heart is beating too fast like I am competing just because you walked into the room.

I cannot stop thinking about how the games went. Do you mind making me forget for awhile?

Want to ditch these games and explore this lovely country instead?

Want to come with me and have a little more fun than watching these games?

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Your knowledge in Olympics is amazing, I want to know more. Want to have dinner with me.

Your love for Olympics is almost the same love as mine. Want to bond over that same love?

You are interesting because you know so much about Olympics. Want to have a drink?

I have got a collection of medals but right now my favorite one is your eyes, darling.

I think I know what I want right now, definitely not those medals but your yes, babe.


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Do you want to be on top? Like Canada is on top of the Olympics games, darling?

If you need me, I can be as fast as the gold medalist on running in Olympics. Just call me.

I would not let us drift apart just because we are supporting different countries, babe.

The minute you said the word Olympics is the same minute you have my heart, dear.

I would monitor and take care of you more than I would monitor these games. I promise.

You make my heart beat faster than when I am witnessing a crucial game in Olympics.

You certainly deserve my attention more than these Olympic games I am watching.

There are two things I find satisfaction in: you and watching Olympics games.

I can hit pretty hard, darling as long as I know my target and right now my target is you.

I can hit hard, you will not even know I have stolen your heart, dear.

I may not be on that television but I think I am famous because you make me feel special.

I think you are 100 times attractive than those players girl.

Yes, I yearn to gain recognition but I would love to be recognized by you more.

My priorities? Watching these games with you and loving you of course.

The moment you walked into the room I knew I have to put my attention on you.

I may appear to love these Olympic games more than I love you, that is not the truth babe.

If you are the prize, of course! I would play the hardest I could.

Are you curious of how I play a game? Then, let us play a game tonight. You and I.

I do not care if you are not as good as them just as long as you are doing your best.

I think if I were them, the prize I would want is a smile from you, the genuine smile of yours.

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Of course! I would pick you up when you fall. No matter how many times is that.

I care about you more than I care about the countries competing in the Olympic games.

Do you want to see my collection of things related to these competitions? Come home with me?

I would love to learn a sport with you so that I could share this same passion with you.

You already know that I got a great aim and right now I am aiming for your guarded heart.

For you, I am willing to bend a thousand rules not like in that competition.

How did you manage to win over my heart in a matter of minutes? Are you an Olympian?

These games are a lot more boring compared to what I have in mind for us to do.

Want to try those tricks with me, my Olympian?

I might not be the greatest player in the world but I would be the greatest in your life.

This competition is not my religion but rather how to love you better.

Are you not tired? Because you have been skating on my mind for days ever since I saw you.

I worship this competition, yes but I would love to worship you right now.

I will not let you down like the Olympians of the country-Canada. I promise.

I’m sorry for staring but I have found my soul mate in you because you love Olympics too.

You will not get bored with me I promise. I will keep this exciting like those Olympics games.

The only record I want to make right now is to be the first person who can make you feel, dear

Do you want to be part of my record, darling?

We are rooting for the same country. Don’t you think that is enough sign that we should date?

Want to play a game wherein you could lay down the rules?

I will not let you fall on something hard tonight but if you like I do not really mind, babe.

I will not let you fall on ice if you ever try figure skating, darling.

I want to be treasured like that trophy the player’s holding. Can you?

This is not an addiction because I know that I am only addicted to you, girl.

You deserve all the medals in the world for being such a wonderful person. I’m sure of that.

All I can think about right now is how good that player hit that ball similar to the way you do.

I love it when you really get excited about this Olympics games. You are adorable.

Want to do something different like fly away and watch Olympics games together?

I heard you want an Olympic-sized pool. Then, want to go home with me? I got them.

Want to see another thing that is Olympic-sized too? Then, go out with me.

I heard you are interested in Olympics then want to see my Olympic-sized thing?

It is Olympics season once again. Want to go watch those games with me?

If ever I have gotten possession of your heart I promise I will not let go of that.

I cannot wait to have the possession of your heart so that we could do exciting things, babe.

If ever you will be an Olympian, I promise I will still consider you as my number one fan.

I will knock you out with the huge amount of love I am about to give you, baby girl.

If ever I became an Olympian I would want you to still be my training partner.

This game with you is always better than the Olympics game I have ever seen in the last years.

I would like you to love me the same way you love these Olympics games.

I want to get you excited the same way you get excited over these games on television.

If I fall I promise I would try again for you like those great Olympians I know.

I do not think I need to find another motivation because you are more than enough babe.

I love that you know a lot about swimming but I love your breasts…strokes more.

Can you show me how to swim and those breast strokes of yours?

I would perform tricks after tricks just so would feel special.

I suck at sports but I am good at Olympics related pick up lines? Is that enough?

If you are a gymnast I would give you a 10 for just your smile darling.

If you make it to the Olympics games, remember that you are my Olympian not theirs.

I love your competitive spirit. Are you this competitive in bed too? Prove that to me?

I’m competitive in everything. Want to see if you can fall with me faster than I, with you?

Competition? I love competition but I loathe it when it comes with you.

Want to kick some balls with me tonight, darling? If you know what I mean.

Want to witness me kicking some balls? I would love to especially those looking at you now.

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