Nurse PickUp Lines

You thought that you saw an angel, but you realized that this lady was just wearing a clean white uniform in front of you.
You consider now that this was your favorite memory: this beauty gave you a kind smile and took care of you for such a long time.
You knew that you should grab your chance, so you took a deep breath and try to think something says anything other than your vitals, meals, and words of gratitude for her hard work.
Maybe try these pick-up lines and there might be a chance that you could be the one who might take care of her for the rest of her beautiful life?

You might be the nurse who might take care of me from now on and for the rest of our lives.

There is a chance that I would touch your white uniform and dance along with you until dawn.

I think that your heart-warming smile made me feel better than all of these medications here.


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You should go into the west coast and let the world drown with your kind and delicate hands.

Someday I can take care of your heart like a nurse and protect it like a soldier in his country.

You should go into the field where we can look for the cure for the pain that we share today.

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I really want to make a more beautiful and wonderful world for the rest of your beloved life.

You should go as a nurse and look for my wounds where you can just kiss all my pain away.

Maybe someday I will go as the wonderful woman who might talk as the healer of the world.

You should never regret anything than taking your medications about this passionate love.

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I think we can feel this love as the cure and the remedy for the dark secrets in this world.

You will be the nurse and I will be the doctor who will maybe cure the world amid this chaos.

I hope that you will be the healer and the protector of my poor lonely heart and my little soul.

I want to fly across the mountains and fall behind the chaos where you can heal me forever.

Angel PickUp Lines

You should never forget the world who might possibly listen to the warning of the healer.

I want to be forever healed and cared with your heart-warming love and beautiful serenity.

Can you be a nurse who will wear her gown and take care of me for the rest of our lives?


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You might want to take care of pretty little mind and my lovely heart inside my beautiful soul.

You should never be afraid to take the risk and wear your white uniform while we fly away.

I am glad that you are the nurse who can finally cure the wounds of my heart and lonely soul.

St. Patty’s PickUp Lines

Can you possibly heal this loneliness and the fear with your most beautiful smile in the world?

I can never be so sure how you can lift my spirits and cure my wounds with your kind gaze.

I want to see how you can be the nurse who can heal these wounds inside my beautiful soul.

This drink can make you happy, cure your dizziness, and make me you think of red bean dress.

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I hope that you would feel the utmost desire with these precious healing hands of mine.

You can dance along with the syringes and make this stretcher to be your favorite dance floor.

I hope you would not go yet and fetch your duties by 12 midnight, my dear Cinderella nurse.

You might walk away with your beautiful caring smile, but I will always adore you forever.


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You might leave right now with a peaceful goodbye, but I will remember you, my dear nurse.

If you let me, not only I would happily help you but also I would follow you to cure our world.

I would risk all my sleep and my resting time just to help you function for the greater good.

Let’s dance with me tonight in this hospital bed along with the peaceful music of the crickets.

You can go into the magical hole where you can also assist with the sick people out of love.

You might not only cure my hangover but also healed all the wounds inside my poor heart.

I hope you would not be afraid to help me heal these weird stitches and let me fly to the world.

You can go this evening, feel the beat inside my veins, and heal a painful sin back in the past.

You may wear your best white uniform, but I think you need to wear a birthday suit tonight.

I wonder if you are a cigarette or a nurse who can help me cure all these anxious thoughts.

You might wander around these hospital hallways, but just know I will follow you forever.

I want to raise my hands, dance with this white pillow while you gazed with my caring eyes.

You should give us today another one of your heart-warming smiles, our dear beautiful nurse.

You might want to look this hospital and gaze the sunset as beautiful as your wonderful face.

I want to kiss your beautiful feet and cheer for more energy down the hallway, my dear nurse.

Never be afraid to look for the new wonderful world in this hospital bed, my beloved nurse.

I will look again for the wondrous smile that makes this painful feeling go away all the time.

You should dance with the sound of my heartbeat from the monitor, my dear beautiful nurse.

I want to hear your voice again while you gave me your beautiful smile as the cure of the day.

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I will look for those puns again, the cure for the wounds inside my heart, my beloved nurse.

You might run and get busy in one of these days, but just know I will wait in this hospital bed.

I want to sing the wonderful song about the nurse who is beautiful and caring for her patients.

I am always happy to see your caring smile shining all these hospital beds and cute syringes.

I would never forget your angelic face who made me found the cure in your beautiful soul.

I would love to have another dance with you in this empty hospital bed, my dear lovely nurse.

You might dance with the feelings and the sound of vital sign monitor all through the night.

You might want to sing the secret song of my virtue and my faint heartbeat, my dear nurse.

I will take your heart and sing my troubles out of the hospital while we run away from here.

You should never forget the time when you checked my very heartbeat for you, my dear nurse.

You might want to face the evenings with the beautiful smile and the real tiredness from work.

I want to see you next time not in your best immaculate uniform but in your wedding dress.

You might want to capture my booming heartbeat with your delicate and caring tiny hands.

I want to be crazy and dance in my hospital bed like a happy chirping bird in the little fiasco.

You might want to abandon your duty, but I will always wait for you right in this hospital bed.

You cannot resist the temptation to heal my wounds all the way to forever, my dear nurse.

I think you are the future nurse for me who will heal all my old wounds and scars in my heart.

You may never be wrong when you think all the sudden time when we dance in this hospital.

I guess that it is better you left the stars and the heaven sky and become the nurse for all of us.

You might think of another duty, but I will always remember your beautiful and caring smile.

I love how you can be both the wonderful nurse in this town and also my hero inside my heart.

You may want to gaze at the glow of the moon and how it shines for you in this hospital bed.

I want to nurse you to health so that you can finally give your pretty sunshine smiles forever.

I think that I am also in love with you and with your awesome pair of white shoes and clothes.

You should leave your white clothes in this hospital bed and dance with the moonlight beam.

Just dance with the sound of this vital sign monitor and make it our little disco ball tonight.

You may want to hear the wonderful sound of this healing music from the ears of the globe.

I want to walk here as a nurse and lay on your hospital bed as your beautiful lover tonight.

I will bring you what you need for tonight: medications, prescriptions, and my caring smiles.

I want to see the beautiful soul of the nurse is like the sole beat of music galore of the world.

Maybe I want to captivate the soul in this bottle and drink it as the cure for all my wounds.

You may want to crawl into this hospital room and whisper my name into the cool breeze.

I want to dance with the stars tonight and face all my monsters underneath my hospital bed.

You should not forget the time when we can now dance tonight without all of my rubber tubes.

Think about singing for nurses like you and how you are both tired but extremely happy now.

I just want to dance at the corner of this hospital room and feel the lonely breeze in our faces.

I want to look at the constellations that look like cool nurses who are caring for their patients.

I want to write a song about the lovely lady who can heal my wounds with just a little smile.

You should never be afraid to stand up and care for all of us with your smile, my dear nurse.

I might want to beg you a dance from you and heal my poor broken soul like a caring nurse.

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