Nerdy Pickup Lines

Sometimes we want to say something else but end up like a fool by placing wrong words at a wrong place.
We have heard so many disaster lines or may listen many more in the upcoming time which can ruin your personality in front of your dear one.
To help you with this we are listing some of the Nerdy Pick-up lines you should never try to speak in front of anyone, if you have such a line in your mind avoid using it.

You are my chair, I am your stool, just be with me together we rule.

You are soft as snow but sometimes I afraid if you get melt.


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You are like sunshine too bright that I have to wear sunglasses to see you.

It’s really hot here or is it your effect?

Roses are not red, Violets are also dead, the box of sugar is empty so as your head.

Are you made up of magnet? if not why I am getting attracted to you.

Someone save me. I am drown in her eyes and don’t know how to swim.

60 Best Pickup Lines

You are like cache memory adding speed to my activities.

You are like fire, I am cool as ice just be with me, together we look nice.


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If you are a music, I want to be your singer. Just give me a hint, I am also single.

You are a doll, I am your teddy. Let’s get married our couple is ready.

Good Pick Up Lines

I think I have seen you somewhere, Maybe we have a past life connection.

My heart is a library and you have full rights to read it.

You are like black money want to hide you forever from the world.

Best nerdy pickup lines

You are hot as lava, cool as ice. I think you are the one send by God to compete with science.


I should call the police, I think she is a thief. She just stolen my heart.

Say ‘YES’ to my proposal and you can win the tag of most unique girl in the world.


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I am a face reader and your face is telling me that right now you urgently need my company.

I can get you a diamond ring if you are willing to say yes to me.

Our couple is perfect my dear. You are my Barbie doll and I am your teddy bear.

Smooth Pick Up Lines

You are like an ocean and I am very thirsty.

If I can date you for one day I can die in peace.

After seeing you, my dreams are filled up with colors. Want to be a part of my dreams?

It’s my birthday today, Can you gift me a hug?

PickUp Lines

Me without you is like a pen without an ink.

If you don’t want to date me, just ask your friend if she is single too.

Please find a way out, so that I can get fit into your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend frame.

My coffee is tasteless, Can you take a sip of it and make it tasty?

I heard you are a doctor. I have a heart disease which only you can treat.

Whenever you look at me my heart gets hurt.

You are like the kind of hangover, I never want to get rid of from.

I want my lovers to live long, so I am not killing anyone with my looks.

Either kill me or be with me. Choose any one?

Take my heart or break it, but don’t play with it with your mixed signals.

You are innocent as rabbit and clever as fox. I think the phrase Beauty with Brains is made for you.

You are my toothpaste, I am your cap. On our wedding, when we will be exchanging rings everyone will clap.

I am writing a book on love. Will you be my inspiration for that book?

The fever of your love is getting higher day by day and I am unable to find any medicine to get rid of it.

My love is expensive, you are not able to get it.

Without you I am like an ocean without water and a glass without a quarter.

My eyes are like a camera, it can detect the hot thing automatically, as it detected you.

You are a flower, I am your stem. You are my baby and I am your man.

I can tattoo your name but for that you have to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.

You look similar to my mother. I guess your mother and mine are sisters.

Do you believe in rebirths? I think you are my girlfriend/boyfriend from my past life.

You are like oxygen without you it’s difficult to breath.

I always listen to my heart and right now he is telling me to hug you.

If you are a pilot, I want to be a passenger of your airplane.

If you were a gun, I would love to die with your shot.

My heart is a little foolish. It just stuck at you.

You are like orange juice. I heard its good for health. Can I drink you?

I am like a 2g connection without you.

Without you I am like a computer without internet/WiFi.

Your face is like a football, want to kick it with mine.

I heard you were born in a farm, I always wanted to be a farmer.

Don’t you get an empty feeling in your head.

You can compete with the race track, you got better curves than the race tracks.

If people used to give you a score of 9 then be with me you will get your perfect 10.

I used to laugh like a fool from the day I saw you.

So when you are going back in heaven?

You are right, you and me are very different but I learnt in school that opposites attract.

Doctors used to marry doctors, dancers used to marry dancers. People say I am a fool, so I think I should marry you.

Who said first love is unforgettable, after meeting you I just forgot about my first one.

Your gold bracelet is shining too much, I find difficult to see your pretty face.

You are as hot as my pancakes and as cool as my vanilla ice cream.

How I can forget you? I did not cram you, my concept was clear.

You are like iPhone, too expensive and unable to connect with other connections.

You are like fire and my one and only desire.

Be with me, I can get you everything you need and can dream of.

I am like a BMW and your are like an Audi. Marry me baby, on our wedding this place will get crowdie.

I have heard that money can buy anything in this world. So how much you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

I am an original piece and you are like fake currency. I think we can fall for each other as I have heard opposite attracts.

You can find better than me but not me as I am a limited edition available for limited time. Don’t take a chance to lose me.

I can bring stars from the sky for you, if you will finance me to buy a rocket.

I am very hungry for your love and trust me I have never been this hungry in my entire life.

I am your pen you are my ink, without you my eye won’t end blink.

I always wanted to add you in my card but you are always out of stock.

You are like astrologer, I start seeing my future when I saw you.

You are like baby lotion cream to soft, want to apply you on me.

You looks like a sewing machine, Can you stitch my heart as well?

You are like Lamborghini, no one can has the guts to avoid you.

I have heard that you like seafood, I bought crabs for you.

Can’t you just be like an ATM machine, available 24*7.

You are as beautiful as the cover book of a drawing book.

When I look into your eyes it feels like I am driving a car.

Go home dear, you can get arrested. Looking that hot is not legal here.

Are you talking to me? If no, then please start.

My feeling for you are not like calendar which keeps on changing every month. My feeling for you is like a book it will remain same as it is now.

I am like MS word, you are like Excel, we can date we have similar characters.

If you were a hard disk, I will attach you with my computer forever.

You role in my life is just like a Ram in a Computer, very important.

Scientific Nerdy Pickup Lines with Pictures

You are like a router in my life, always boost up my energy.

Be the gateway of my life and show me my destination.

You are like C program, easy to run but difficult to get the expected results.

I just hurt my knee when I was falling for you.

You looks like a blanket, Can you wrap up me in your arms?

You in my life is as important as petrol in bike.

You are like candy everyone wants to taste you.

I wish you were a jacket, at least I would be able to wear you daily.

I am a king and you are Rose, touch me once and I will be yours.

My dreams are very higher and I am as hot as fire, trust me girl you are my one and only desire.

If am a mobile phone then I love to have a charger like you.

Are you made up of cocaine?, because whenever I saw you it feels like I have taken drugs.

I think your father is a scientist, if not how he manage to bring you from heaven.

If you were a bed, we would have the best relationship in the world.

Whenever I saw you, I feel bubbles in my stomach and I am unable to figure out it’s your effect or I have a digestive problem.

So the list end here, read the list and never try these line to speak in front of your special one as it may comes up with the worst results. If you are not a poet kind of person then I suggest not to try jumbling words by your own ever as you can’t say whether your try will be successful or end up adding another line in the list of Nerdy Pick up lines.

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